Let me ride
Let me ride
Just let me ride on his grace for awhile
Let me ride
Let me ride
Just let me ride on your grace for awhile

- PJ Harvey, "Teclo"

Ambrose sat on the unfolded futon and looked around his apartment - at the clothes strewn about, errant beer cans, the general state of disarray – and briefly entertained the thought of straightening up before Regal arrived. He quickly dismissed it – no sense in making things pretty for that uptight prick.

Getting Regal to agree to come here was almost too easy, Ambrose thought. He imagined it wouldn't be much harder get him bent over and moaning like some grizzled old whore, to slap him around and make him beg for it like his life depended on it. Ambrose's cock stirred a bit at the thought of it. Regal was so fucking transparent. He tried to play the conqueror, but really, underneath it all, he was so obviously fucking weak. He probably loved the humiliation, really, deep down. Why else would he seek Ambrose out after everything Ambrose had already done?

Ambrose heard a knock at the door and opened it to see Regal standing outside, still in the same suit he wore to TV, no tie. Ambrose nodded at him and gestured with his head for Regal to come inside. Regal complied, shutting the door behind him. So fucking easy, Ambrose thought. But before Ambrose could make his next move, he felt his back slam against the wall, Regal's hands pressing his shoulders hard against it, as Regal's mouth hotly engulfed his, fucking electric and suffocating. Ambrose struggled against Regal and kissed back roughly, trying to take back the breath Regal had stolen from his lungs, as Regal pushed back against him. Eventually, Regal broke the kiss and pulled back just far enough to look Ambrose straight in the eyes, as he kept Ambrose pressed hard against the wall all the while.

"I always wanted to do that," Regal said. "Since I saw you out there on your first day in FCW, calling out Seth like you did. So brash. I wanted to suck that wonderful arrogant little smirk of yours right off your lips."

Regal's words sent a charge through Ambrose – some kind of adrenaline spike. Ambrose used it to push Regal off him and throw Regal back-first onto the futon. Ambrose fell on top of Regal, holding Regal's wrists up next to his ears.

"Is that right?" Ambrose said. "Well, fucking bravo, you did it. Congratulations. But I don't think you understand. This is my fucking house. I make the fucking rules."

"So you're the king of this squalid little castle? I had no idea," Regal said.

Ambrose freed one of Regal's wrists just long enough to slap Regal hard across the face before he pinned Regal's wrist again. Regal laughed.

"What's so fucking funny?" Ambrose said. He grinded his hips into Regal's, making it obvious to both of them how hard they already were.

"Oh, I don't know," Regal said. "It's just, well. It's cute, really."

Ambrose slapped Regal again, harder this time. The sound of it seemed to echo for a moment. "Was that fucking cute?" Ambrose said. "Or do you just love being fucking smacked around? I bet you do."

"I wouldn't say I love it. But it's all part of the bloody game, isn't it? Necessary, really. And I do love this little game we're playing." Regal said.

"And exactly what kind of fucking game do you think we're playing here?" Ambrose said. "Because I don't think this is a fucking game. I'm not playing any fucking games. This shit is real."

"It's the game where you get out all of your, whatever this is, this bravado, and then we figure out what it is you really need from me," Regal said.

"Oh, I think I know that already," Ambrose said. "And I think we know what you fucking need from me."

"Enlighten me," Regal said.

"I think you need me to break this bloated fucking corpse you call a body into little pieces, until all you can fucking do is beg for me," Ambrose said. "I think I need to fuck your pathetic ass until you fucking scream, until I fucking destroy you with my fucking cock. Because I can do that. I will do that. I need to do that. And that's what you want, isn't it? It's not enough that I fucking defeated you – fucking destroyed your ass – in the ring. Oh no. You're not gonna be satisfied until I fucking break you completely, fucking humiliate you, every way it counts."

"Well, I'm sorry to say you're a bit too late for that," Regal said. "I'm already broken. Have been for quite some time. But I didn't have the luxury of having someone do it for me. I had to do it to myself. It's what happens to men like us. We all reach that point. We build our walls around our kingdoms, we don our armor, and we head out to conquer. It's what we were born to do. But inside there's something we're protecting, that soft little monster, that's why we are how we are, and every time it tries to claw its way out, we try to push it back, try to scare it back with our might. But it won't be stopped. And mine, I tried to ignore it so long that when it finally clawed its way out, it left me with the most ghastly scars, and I'll never be quite right again. I feel them everyday. It would have been much easier if I'd met someone who knew, someone who could let the fucking thing out, give it room."

"Look," Ambrose said. "I don't give a shit about your fucking sob story, whatever the fuck it is you're talking about. Alright? I'm getting what I fucking want, just like I always do."

"Suit yourself," Regal said.

Ambrose smirked and stared down at Regal for a bit. Once he was satisfied that Regal wouldn't make any sudden moves, he let go of Regal's wrists and went to remove Regal's jacket. Regal sat up enough to help Ambrose pull the jacket off and watched with a look of mild disgust as Ambrose unceremoniously tossed it on top of a pile of clothes on the floor. Ambrose then started to unbutton Regal's shirt. After he'd made it down a few buttons, revealing the undershirt beneath, Regal wrapped his legs around Ambrose's, grabbed Ambrose's arms, and flipped them both over hard, knocking some of the wind out of Ambrose in the process. Ambrose coughed.

"I'll take what I want if I have to, dear boy, but I'd really rather not," Regal said, pushing Ambrose's t-shirt up toward his chest. Regal then traced a line with his tongue slowly from just under the waistband of Ambrose's jeans to the center of his chest before he slipped Ambrose's t-shirt off him – Ambrose sat up slightly and lifted his arms as Regal did so. The whole thing made Ambrose tingle just as his scalp did the other night at the bar. And as Ambrose looked into Regal's eyes now, for the first time he could remember, he felt something deep inside himself desperate to fucking relax, desperate to surrender, and he remembered what Regal had just said moments ago. Somehow, it felt true now As soon as Ambrose realized this, Regal's eyes sparked with some sort of twisted recognition and he kissed Ambrose again – softly this time, smiling. When Regal broke the kiss, Ambrose felt himself moan quietly into Regal. There was no denying it now.

"Yes, that's it," Regal said as he unbuttoned Ambrose's jeans and started to pull them and Ambrose's underwear down over his hips. "You really need this, don't you?" Ambrose lifted his hips to help Regal along – much more than necessary, really. Regal smiled approvingly when he finally freed Ambrose's achingly hard cock.

"It really is so much better if you enjoy it," Regal said. "Now turn over for me. Put your feet on the floor."

Ambrose considered resisting for a moment – he was never one to do what he was told. But there was no point now. For whatever reason, he now trusted in whatever Regal was going to do. So, he did as Regal told him and found himself face down on the futon, feet on the floor, ass in the air – a position he never thought he'd be in, and certainly not for Regal of all people. The world works in mysterious ways.

Ambrose waited for what felt like an eternity, wondering exactly what Regal would do next. He was surprised to finally feel Regal's hands on his hips and Regal's tongue on his ass, gently grazing his entrance in a way that sent delicious shivers through him, drawing soft moans from deep inside him. Regal's tongue gradually grew more aggressive, bringing forth harder moans and drawing him open. Ambrose started to grind his ass against Regal's face. After a while, Regal stopped and Ambrose nearly whimpered. But Regal soon replaced his tongue with a lubed finger that he slowly plunged into Ambrose, which elicited a satisfied, shuddering gasp. One finger became two, and soon two fingers became three. Ambrose gritted his teeth as he stretched over them, but the slight pain soon gave way to unfamiliar pleasure. He felt himself relax into Regal's hand and it wasn't long before he felt his body begging for something more.

Regal withdrew his fingers and Ambrose soon heard Regal's belt buckle unfastening and the sound of shifting cloth. A few seconds passed before Ambrose heard the wet sound of Regal stroking his own lubed cock. Ambrose felt Regal's weight and the soft fabric of Regal's shirt against his back before he felt Regal's cock prodding his entrance.

"You've never done this before, have you?" Regal said.

"No," Ambrose said, barely louder than a whisper.

"I'll try to be kind then," Regal said.

With that, Regal began to slowly enter Ambrose. Ambrose heard Regal's slow, hissing breath in his ear as he felt himself stretch over Regal's cock, the initial pain once again quickly giving way to delicious pleasure. Once Regal had completely filled Ambrose, he stopped and held himself there. He grabbed Ambrose's hair gently and turned his head around until Ambrose could see Regal's face out of one eye and feel Regal's heavy breath against his cheek.

"Do you want this?" Regal asked.

"Yeah," Ambrose said.

"Tell me what you want." Regal said.

Ambrose paused. He swallowed hard. His face felt hot. His mouth felt dry. But he knew it was true. "I want you to fuck me," he said.

"Good," Regal said. He slowly pulled his cock nearly all the way out of Ambrose before slowly plunging it back in once again in a way that lit up every one of Ambrose's nerves. Regal continued with this slow pace for a while, drawing low, quiet moans from Ambrose all the while – it felt fucking exquisite until Ambrose's need grew, then it felt excruciatingly delicious. Regal wrapped his fist around Ambrose's begging cock and started to stroke it in time with his thrusts. To Ambrose, it all felt simultaneously like too much and not at all enough at the same time. Ambrose felt a little bit of a whine catch in his moans, and as soon as he did, Regal began to move faster and harder into him, slamming the gorgeous nerves inside him with more and more force, driving Ambrose to moan louder as he started bucking harder and harder against Regal.

Finally, Ambrose felt his whole body tighten, every bit of him grabbing desperately onto Regal's cock, for protection, for release. Soon, he felt all of that tension explode out of him with some otherworldly primal sound he hardly recognized as his own, shooting out all over Regal's fist before his body grew limp and felt wonderfully crushed under Regal's weight. It wasn't long before Ambrose felt Regal press hard against him, grunting, pulsing his release deep inside. Regal collapsed against Ambrose, breathing hard into his ear before slowly pulling himself out and rolling off to the side. After a few moments, they both caught their breath. Ambrose turned on his side to face Regal.

"Thank you," Ambrose said, reaching to touch Regal's forearm, his spent eyes full of reverence.

"It was my pleasure," Regal said, smiling into Ambrose's eyes. For once, they looked to be at peace.