As Jack walked through the forest, minding his own business, invisible in the day time, he came across what he could only describe as the most beautiful, enchanting young woman he had ever seen. Her long, blonde hair flowed down the tower in which she was encased within, her green eyes shone like emeralds in the early morning sun, her pale skin contrasting with the towers vast grey walls.

He gazed up at her, drinking in the beauty that possessed all of her delicate features.

"Hello," She called, much to the surprise and also delight of Jack.

"You," Jack struggled to get the correct words to leave his lips, "You can see me?!" He asked, bemusement etched on his face.

"Of course I can, silly!" The girl laughed, a beautiful sound to Jack's ears, "Come closer?"

"Closer?" Jack called back, a little breathlessly.

"Yes, I wish to gaze upon your face, dear Sir."