AN: Hey Psychos! I got the idea for this story when I had a really really bad day and I said to my friend "this day can't get any worse….can it?" And then, I came up with this idea. So basically this story is just an ultimate whump fest on Shawn, because I hated my English teacher and a whole lot of people…so enjoy my agony! Oh! And hey! I've had an idea for those of you who have read the stories with Just One Minute/Year Too Late: It has been heavily requested to do another sequel, so what do you think! If I get enough responses, I'll write another sequel…maybe! Anyway….Here we go…Shawn's terribly awful day begins….NOW!

Gus walked into the dark Psych office and blindly reached for a light switch. It had been raining for a whole day, and though it was 10 am, it was pitch black outside. He stepped forward, but immediately tripped over something big.

"Woah! Ew…" He yelled out as he grabbed onto the nearby desk, and felt something oddly wet on the corner of the desk. He groped about, and finally found a switch to turn the lights on. He squealed when he saw the wet stain on his hand was blood, and he looked down to see that the thing he tripped over was… "SHAWN!?" Indeed, his best friend was laying across the middle of the room on the floor, unmoving. There was a small, yet terrifying pool of blood near his head, and a small gash on his forehead. Gus dropped to his knees, fearing the worst, and pressed his finger into Shawn's neck. Thankfully, a small steady thumping rewarded him. He sighed, and shook Shawn, attempting to revive him. "Shawn! Wake up!"

Shawn gave a slight moan and his eyes fluttered open. "Gus?" He shakily raised his finger to his forehead and winced as he felt the sting on his head. "Aaoooww…what happened….?"

"Wait! Just stay put! Let me get some ice!" Gus pressed Shawn back, when he tried to sit up. He rose, went to the fridge, and placed some ice cubes in a nearby rag. He came back to Shawn and placed the cold rag on his head.

"Thanks buddy….ow…what time is it?" Shawn groaned as he felt the heavy weight of a headache pounding his skull.

"It's ten in the morning. Now what do you remember?" Gus pleaded, still panicking as to why he had found a bloodied Shawn lying on the floor. "I dropped you off here at 8 last night! You were supposed to grab something, and go home on your bike!"

"Yeah…I came in…got the file of your desk…oh…wait…then I came back for my phone….and then.." Shawn eyed the room cautiously. He pointed to the large array of magazines in front of his desk. "I guess I tripped on the slippery papers, fell, conked my head on that thing and passed out till now….and gosh my head hurts like heck! I feel like I have a hangover, but without the joy of having drunken that much….ow…."

"Here! Let me help…" Gus grabbed Shawn's arms and pulled him up.

"woah….jelly legs…" Shawn struggled to keep himself up. Gus grabbed Shawn's arm and pulled him over to the couch. Shawn promptly fell onto the couch and conked out…again..

One Half-Hour Later…..

"Come on Shawn! Wake up already! We're late for the Chief's debriefing on the hit-and-kidnap-then-drop-and-run case! Would you please just wake up!? I've got some pineapple from your fridge!" Juliet begged Shawn to wake up. Gus had called her a half hour before, when he had found Shawn and then Shawn had passed out. They were concerned, since he was not being responsive. The wound on his head was looking pretty ugly and his eyes looked odd.

"Jules?" Shawn slurred, slightly waking. "where? Wait…..did I pass out again?"

"Yeah…Shawn come on sit up and eat this…I found this pineapple yogurt stuff in your fridge…the label was missing…but it looks okay…" Juliet commanded in a caring tone.

"Yeah…I'm famished! I haven't eaten since Gus dropped me off yesterday…wait was it still yesterday? How long was I out?" Shawn wondered, while accepting the food offered him.

"Yeah….well you apparently fell last night at 8, were out all night; Gus woke you up at 10; you collapsed at 10:01 and I got here at 10:15. It is now 10: 30. So…we need to get to the department. The chief will be telling us about this new string of accidents that keep occurring. So these same big men in an unmarked, white van hit a vehichle….usually a small car or motorcycle. They stop, take the driver, and beat them up for as long as they please. Then, once all of the fun has gone out of it, they go back to the site of the crash, or to the victim's home, and dump them there, only in time for the victims to land in serious comas…or dead…."

"oh…wait…this is not yogurt…this is…..wait…did you find this on the bottom shelf…near the old salami sandwiches?" Shawn held back a gag.

"uh…yeah! It was down there and-" Juliet began.

Shawn gasped and staggered up. He quickly dove across the room, to the trash by his desk, and threw up. He whimpered and grasped his throat. "Jules…that….not….yogurt…quick…..gasp drink! Now!"

"Oh my gosh!" She frantically grabbed a glass off of his desk, and filled it with water from the tap. Juliet rushed over to him and helped him sip down the water.

He sat there gasping for a minute, then turned to her. "yeah…that was…let's just say an experiment that Gus and I were working on….don't ever eat anything in that fridge without asking! I wouldn't want to come in and find you dead. Not only would that be bad for business, but I would miss you! After all….I love you!" He grinned, goofily, and puckered his lips.

"yeah…" After one glimpse at his sick-looking face, she turned down the kiss. "Later…if you're up to it, let's get going. Vick needs us at the station, now."

"yeah fine…" Shawn shakily stood and trudged out of the office.

Outside, Shawn walked to the Blueberry were Gus was sitting in the driver's seat, attempting to get the car started. "It's not starting Shawn! The Blueberry isn't working! It's dead!" Gus wailed in agony, as his precious car sputtered and failed.

"Oh, come on…let me see!" Shawn went to the hood, and pulled it open. He began fiddling with a couple parts and hollered back to Gus. "ok! Try it again now!"

"Oh please! Like you could just twist a couple things and make it work again! You don't even own a car, Shawn!" Gus yelled back doubtfully.

"Gus!? I worked in an auto shop for like two months in Chicago! I know more about cars than you anyday! Just try it. Ok?"

"Fine…if you say so." Gus inserted his key and turned the ignition again.

The car sputtered and roared in a weird fashion, then the valve that Shawn had tampered with, burst and black oil gunk splattered on him. Then, the hood of the car fell down, right on Shawn's knuckles. "OOOWW! GUS! Open it! Open it! GUS!"

"Shawn!" Gus threw open his door and ran to the front. He pulled at the hood, but it wouldn't budge. "Juliet!"

"Gus!? What's the matter?" Juliet called over as she exited the Psych office. "Oh my gosh! Shawn! What happened!?"

"The blueberry wouldn't start, so he tried to fix it. It coughed up a bunch of oil, then the hood fell down! I can't get it up!" Gus wailed as he tried to pry open the hood.

"Hello! Sizzling hood pinning down my hand here!" Shawn yelped.

Juliet bent over the hood, but realized that Shawn's hand was stuck in the locking mechanism that kept the hood shut. The car was still acting oddly and the engine was heating up and steam was bursting from the hood. "Carlton!" Juliet ran back to the maroon police car waiting nearby. Inside, Lassiter, who had been asleep, woke up and stepped out, yawning.

"What is it? Why is Spencer yelling? I thought you were just going to wake him up and get going…" Lassiter stood and confronted his partner.

"Would you just shut up for a minute and let me explain!?" Juliet received a hurt glance from Lassiter. "I woke up Shawn, proceeded to feed him an apparently inedible breakfast…of something that was NOT yogurt, then when he came outside, the car wouldn't start. Shawn went to check it out, and the hood fell and jammed on his hand. Now they can't stop it from heating up and his hand is still stuck in the engine compartment! We can't get it open! Just come on and see if you can pry it open.

"fine…." Lassiter followed Juliet to the Blueberry and was taken aback by the startling image of the usually glowing Shawn. Shawn's head looked terrible with the deep gash, and his shirt was covered in blood and black oil. What was visible of his hand was covered in blood as well as the arm was turning red from strain. His face was weak and contorted with pain. He had a pleading look and there was a tear forming in his eye. "My gosh Spencer! Here move over." He pushed back Gus and Juliet. He grabbed the hood and tried yanking it up, but jerked his hand back. "Ow! That thing is like 100 degrees! Ugh…I can't get it open. Your fingers must be caught in the latch. I guess we have to call the fire department? They probably have something to rip it up…"

" No Lassie! They wont be here in time! I can't hold on that long! I'm gonna pass out! Gah….it hurts like heck! Can't you just shoot it or something!? If you had your hand on it for 5 seconds and couldn't take it, imagine having your hand smashed under it for 5 minutes! And then having to wait longer! Man! You got to do something!" Shawn begged Lassiter to help him.

Lassiter paused a moment and drew his weapon. "Fine, I'll try to hit the locking fixture, but there's a chance it could hit your hand…."

"WAIT! You're going to shoot my car!?" Gus pulled Lassiter's gun hand back.

Carlton shook off Gus. "Look! It's either that or let Spencer's hand burn off! Here goes nothing…" Gus cringed as Lassiter took aim. Shawn closed his eyes waiting. Lassiter pulled the trigger and sent a bullet speeding into the front of the hood. There was a loud snap, and the hood loosened. Carlton quickly grabbed the hood and finally swung it open. Gus promptly gagged and ran back to the office. Shawn's hand was crushed in an odd shape, and covered in blood. There were visible burns and scorched markings everywhere on the arm and the front of Gus's car was still steaming. Shawn gently pulled his bloodied hand into his chest, and gripped it tightly with his other hand. Juliet gasped, and ran back to their car to get a first aid kit. "ugh.. Spencer let me see it!" Shawn winced but held his hand out to Lassiter, to examine.

Shawn groaned in pain as Lassiter carefully groped his broken, burned, and bloody hand. "OW! Lassie! Be gentle! You're killing me!"

Carlton growled and rolled his eyes. "Oh man up Spencer! It might not even be broken!…Just scarred up a bit… O'Hara! Hurry up with that first aid kit!"

Juliet ran up to them, opening the red plastic box in her arms. She carefully pulled out a roll of bandages and gauze. She gently handed them to Lassiter, who wrapped Shawn's arm tightly with the reddening material. He tied the ends of the bandage together and wiped his hands with his handkerchief.

"Gus? You can come out now! It's all wrapped up!" Juliet called to the squeamish man. "That's pretty well wrapped up, but I think you should still go to the hospital to get it looked at. And I still think you should get your head looked at…"

"Yeah…nice try…I've been trying to get his head examined for the last 8 years…" Lassiter said sarcastically as he placed the kit back in the car.

"Carlton!" Juliet shot him an angry glance, to which he just shrugged. She gently placed a hand on Shawn's good arm. "If you don't want to go to the hospital, we'd better go to the station, the chief's been waiting for us, to debrief on the new case."

"Yeah…Let's just go…we can't keep Chief Vick waiting!" Shawn gave a half smile.

"My car still isn't working, so we'll have to ride with you…" Gus finally shut off his steaming car.

"NO! This baby is shiny new, from the shop! I am not having you come in and bleed all over everything!" Carlton protested, gesturing at Shawn's bloody shirt, head, and arm.

"That's fine, you take Gus, I'll take my bike," Shawn was already on his way towards his black cycle, and swinging his leg over it. He picked up his helmet, from the handlebars and put it on.

"Shawn! You're in no condition to be driving that thing!" Juliet called out, concerned for her boyfriend.

"NO! I'm fine! See!" Shawn kicked on the ignition and circled the parking lot. "I'm gonna beat you to the station!" He winked at Jules, pulled his visor down, and steered away, using only his good hand to control.

"wow…what an idiot…he's the only guy I know who can be injured severely twice in a morning, be such a crybaby about it, and then ride off laughing like nothing ever happened! Ugh..get in the car, Guster…" Carlton slid into his seat and rolled his eyes again at Shawn's crazy antics.

Juliet still watched Shawn ride off, with a worried look. She sighed. "I hope he's alright….."

AN: Hey guys! Hope you liked my first chapter! Nice and whumpy! NOTE: The medical descriptions in this chapter and in the chapters to come is purely guess work…I kind of doubt that you could injure your hand this bad, after just dropping the hood of your car on it…oh well…more coming…sometime…and FYI..Shawn's day is going to suck much more than it does right now ;) Hee hee…