Chapter 3

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Juliet couldn't believe the sounds she heard. Shawn had mumbled something about getting away, and she could tell that Shawn had put the phone in his pocket. The noise grew to loud, so she put the call on speaker, and placed the phone in her lap.

She listened in shock as the scene played over. The sounds of Shawn's quiet mutterings were faint, but she gathered from the loudness of the motors that he had lost the van and was slowing down. Through the revving, she distantly heard the sound of a child laughing, the shout of terrified parent, and a loud curse out of Shawn's mouth. His tires squealed and she could hear shouts of terror as he flew through the air, hit the wall of the roof, and slid down to the ground.

"NOO! SHAWN!? SHAWN!" She screamed into the phone, tears running down her face. Gus, who had his face smashed against the window dividing the back of the cruiser from the front, had heard everything, and gasped. "Shawn?" He whimpered, almost silently. He held back the tears that threatened to escape his eyes, and tried to hold onto the fact that Shawn was not dead. He hadn't hit the child, and he just wrecked his bike. He would be fine.

Lassiter's eyes grew wide as he heard the events play out. He let his mouth fall open in shock as the screaming coming from the phone, and his partner filled the car. He got over his shock, quickly, and turned to his partner and tried to giver her some solace and calm her down. He glanced back to the road, as he held out his hand and tried to steady her quivering shoulders.

"Listen, O'Hara, Spencer—Shawn's going to be fine! Your boyfriend always get's beat up, but he's always fine!" He had a bad way of getting his point across…. "Look, if I know one thing about Spencer is that he's persistent. He wont let things like a nasty blow to the head by a desk, being probably poisoned by you and that not-yogurt, getting his hand burned off, OR being chased by killers into an alley where he flies into a probably brick wall at full speed, trying to avoid some civi, get him down. He always makes it out alive…and he's always back to his annoying self that same day…..always…." Carlton ended that part narrowing his eyes, getting mad at Shawn's unwillingness to die and leave him alone. He smiled slightly when he heard that Juliet had stopped crying, thinking that he'd done a good job at talking her down, but when he looked to her, his heart jumped.

"CARLTON!?" She gaped at him in shock at his frankness in stating everything that had happened to Shawn that day. Promptly, the terror over took both Juliet and Gus, and they both began sobbing again.

"Oh No….." Lassiter rolled his eyes and looked back to the road. He never succeeded at calming women…..and that included Gus….he was more emotional than all women….he's disgusting…just like that idiot partner of his. Lassiter thought of his hate for the Psych duo and they're perpetual way of being scared of everything and running away from anything like little girls. Deep down, Carlton was slightly worried for the psychic, but he would rather die than let that show. He steeled himself and gripped the steering wheel in a new found rage…at well….everyone…


John ran to Shawn quickly. His wife, Joan, was standing in shock at the horrible wreck. The oldest of the kids, were the twins Jean and John Jr. John Jr. ran to assist his father, while Jean rounded up the three little ones, Jimmy, the boy who had run in the street, Joan Jr., the middle sibling, and baby Josh, who was sitting on the grass, playing with a red white and blue streamer.

The older Joan snapped out of her shock and ran after the two Johns. John Sr. reached Shawn and first gently pulled off his helmet, and set his head in his lap. He gasped at the sight of the blood stain trickling down his cheek from the bloody bandana, but could tell that this had been from a previous injury. He checked the rest of Shawn's body for broken bones.

John gently probed over Shawn's body and stopped at the sight of his bloody arm. Joan gagged at the sight of the bloody limb, and the bandages were already falling off from the overuse and movement that he had acted out. John cringed and his mind wandered off thinking about who this man was and why was he running away from who ever was in that van, and why was he so beat up? He snapped back to attention when a small groan escaped Shawn's lips.

"Hey, buddy? Are you alright? What's your name? Can you hear me?" John's shaky voice shouted out all the questions at once and Shawn groaned in response.

Shawn's eyes slid open slightly, seeing the scared people hovering above him. He personally assessed his injuries. Man….he felt like he had been run over by a truck! His body was sore all over and his head…..ugh…his head felt like it was being attacked by a hive of bees. A constant throbbing and buzz filled his head…ugh…concussion…those were never fun…He tried to shake off his sluggishness, but the movements only made him hurt worse. He faintly hear the voice from before telling him that he was hurt…duh…and that he needed to be still while he was checked out….okay. fine with me, Shawn thought, it hurts too much to move anyhow…

But, that's when John found the sore spot. His hand had moved up Shawn's already injured arm till it reached his shoulder, which was tilted at a suspicious angle. He rubbed his hand along the collarbone, and that's when he felt the definite break. Shawn was suddenly wide awake as white hot pain rippled through his body. He screamed in agony and arched his back as he writhed around in pain. "No! OW! Let…gasp go! Ow!" Shawn's screams subdued to a soft teary whimpering after a minute. The salty tears escaped his eyes, but he didn't care. He had a right to cry. So far, this morning had been awful. He had fallen and hit his head so hard that he had fallen unconscious, twice. Then, he had allowed Jules to feed him a breakfast of something that was NOT food. THEN, he had been attacked by the Blueberry and gotten his hand completely killed! AND a murderous gang was after him, and they had chased him down into a side street, where he had wrecked and flown onto a roof, then fallen onto concrete, breaking at least his collarbone, and worsening his concussion. UGH!


"Hey, there, sir? Can you tell me your name? Do we need an ambulance?" John poked at him again.

"Yeah…" Shawn squinted his eyes, blocking out the pain. "Um, I am Shawn Spencer, Head Psychic for the Santa Barbara Police Department, and the van you saw was a gang of murderers and they were chasing me. Oh…I did miss the little kid right? I'm sorry…."

"Yeah…It's alright, Jimmy, the boy there, is fine. He just get excited around shiny vehicles….i'm so so sorry that this happened to you…May I ask what your other injuries came from? Shawn.."

Shawn winced as he sat up, suddenly aware of his head in between the larger man's legs. "Um…let's just say that I've been having a really really bad day..You know…I really don't think the ambulance is necessary…but…" Shawn's quick eyes darted around the driveway, spotting a large pickup truck on hand. "I would appreciate a ride to the SBPD headquarters….i'm late for a briefing and we haven't gotten a lot of cases lately, so Gus says we're out of money…and Chief Vick is letting my dad rule over my case load again, so I need to make a good impression and I really need this case…" Shawn's concussion and grogginess caused him to babble on and on, until he forgot what he was saying and shook his head. "ANY WAY…sorry….can you give me and my bike a ride to the station?" John nodded and hurried off, with his son, to prepare the truck. "Wait.." Shawn heard muffled crying. "What is that…." He glanced down to see his pocket slightly glowing. "Oh! Jules! Hey! Don't cry! I'm ok! Jules?" Shawn retrieved the phone with his good arm and told her.

Back in the car, Juliet and Gus's sobs filled the silence that had previously filled the car. Suddenly, Carlton heard something softly from Juliet's cell phone, which had fallen to the floor.

"Spencer?" Lassiter glanced back and forth from the road to the phone, hearing Shawn's breathless mumblings in his own phone. He reached for the phone, but found it out of reach.

"Jules! Hey! Don't cry!" Shawn mumbled into the phone.

"O'Hara! He's on the phone! O'Hara! SHUT UP! Listen to me! Spencer's talking on your phone! He's talking to you!" Lassiter shoved her gently, trying to make her aware of her boyfriend's pleas.

"Shawn!?" She leaned over, as she wiped her tears, and picked up the phone, hearing him say,

"I'm ok! Jules?"

"SHAWN!? Are you really there! Are you ok!? What happened!?" Juliet sobbed into the phone.

"Hey! Jules, shhh…it's ok….I'm going to be fine…I was being chased by the van and I swerved down a street with a cul-de-sac, and I lost them, but there was a kid in the street, so I had to wreck away from him, not to hit him! My bike seem ok….but well…I…um….I kinda flew into a roof…and fell off of it..on to cement…but I'm ok! I think I broke a couple things…ow….but, I'll be fine Jules. I'm having this guy drive me too the station, and after we talk to Vick, I'll go get checked out, promise…Now Jules…STOP CRYING! Wait…Is that Gus? GUS!? Stop crying! Ugh…he's such a big baby…Um..Jules? I gotta go now, but I'll see ya in a few! Love ya! Bye!"

Shawn hung up his phone, sliding his finger sadly over his cracked iPhone screen. He slowly rose and hobbled to the waiting truck, in which his bike was placed. He gratefully hopped in and leaned back, enjoying the first peaceful moment so far that day.

Juliet commanded Gus to stop crying which he did…mostly…and they rode the rest of the way to the station in perfect silence.

Ah…Peace at last, Carlton thought as they sped to work. But oh how he was wrong. The peace was here for NOW, but really the 'terrors' of the morning were only a short cloudburst in comparison to the hurricane that was coming. This "peace" was only the calm before the storm.

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