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Chapter 8: A Dragon?!

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"So… Should we head back and explore the other path or call the other's here?" George asked.

But before Blaise could respond, they heard Teddy exclaim, Everyone! You all have to come see this!


Harry woke to the warm sun beaming down on him. He groggily realized he was still laying where he had fallen. He could feel the golden fire drake's tail lazily curled about his neck and the weight of the bronze fire drake on his side. Harry wondered absently where his company had vanished off to. Harry carefully shifted his position so he could see the golden drake. It appeared to be resting just fine. Harry wondered if he would be able to shift away the two drakes, so he could go find his family. He was about to attempt it when a bronze muzzle and a pair multi-faceted eyes were suddenly in his face.

Harry stared wide eyed at the face of the bronze fire drake. It calmly crooned at him then took to the air with one mighty downstroke of its wings. Harry watch transfixed as the little drake vanished into the skyline. It wasn't until the golden drake crooned at him that Harry's eyes left the sky. Harry turned to the golden drake. He realized as the little gold shifted that it was laying atop a nest of eggs almost completely buried under the sand. Harry slowly reached out his arm towards the drake.

The little golden drake stretched its neck out towards Harry and nuzzled against his hand briefly before resettling on top of its nest and curling its tail around the eggs. Harry, now free of the little drake, rose to his feet and looked about. He could see foot prints in the sand in various directions as well as something drawn on the sand. Harry wandered over to the drawing and smiled at his friends diagram. Though Harry was more inclined to remain here, he wasn't sure everyone else wouldn't want to try and find a way back to Earth.

Harry looked back on the fire drake to make sure it was sleeping, only to discover the bronze had returned with fish for the golden drake. Once it delivered its burden, it was off again. Harry speculated it was going to fish for its own meal. Harry smiled at the happily eating drake and turned towards the way he had originally come from.

Where are you guys? Harry called out. How long was I out?

Harry! Glad you're awake! Teddy exclaimed, You wouldn't believe what we've found! Follow my directions!

Next thing Harry knew, he had a mental image via Teddy of where to go and the image of a red door. Harry rose an eyebrow intrigued. He quickly followed the instructed path. It only took Harry ten minuted to arrive in a hallway filled with doors. He found the red door and entered only for his jaw to drop. There in front of him was his family and a massive screen. Harry stumbled over to the others while staring transfixed by the images playing.

The images playing showed a large space ship leaving Earth and flying away from a brown looking planet. A scene change showed the ships arrival on their current planet and the early colonization. As well as the discovery of the "Thread" threat. It showed the colonist designing and breeding dragons from the fire drakes to deal with the threat. Finally the video finished with the colonies council decision to move the entirety of the colonies to the northern continent, due to a massive eruption and discovering that numerous mountains they had turned or were turning into "holds" were still active volcanoes.

Once it had fully played, it restarted the video all over again. Harry felt the air woosh of his lungs. It was a shock to see both what had become of their once beautiful world and what the colonist had done in so few years on the planet. Harry wasn't sure what to think of the fact they were essentially alone on this continent or that they could very well be in an active volcano.

"Before you start freaking out Harry…" Blaise started, "Check this out." Blaise then pushed a few buttons on a massive keyboard that Harry previously had been oblivious to.

The screen seem to split, one side showing a before and after picture and the other a list of currently active volcanoes. The pictures were two satellites views of the planet, one right after the eruption and the other pulled from the satellite recently. There was a massive difference between the two. It was quite obvious they were some time apart. Also doubly fortunate, the only active volcanoes the list showed were apparently islands in the middle of the sea far from either continent.

"How are you able to pull up these images?" Harry asked. "Is there any way to communicate with the other continent?"

"As far as we can see there isn't a way to contact them." Draco replied. "We believe they may have cannibalized the tech to found the other colonies. As for the pictures and list, this computer is connected with the master computer on a ship we think was left floating in orbit.'

Blaise interrupted with, "According to what we pulled up on the schematics, at least what we could understand, there should be a master AI but it appears to not be connected or functioning."

"Is there anyway to zoom in on the images to check if there really is no one else here?" Harry asked.

Not that we can figure out. Teddy replied. We we're hoping maybe you could since we only know the very basics of muggle-tech unlike you, Harry.

"I can see, I guess, if there is anything I can do..." Harry replied. "But this looks so much more advanced then anything I've seen before. "How did you even manage what you did with it?"

Victor blushed brightly while the rest chuckled. "That would have been me..." He admitted sheepishly. "After Teddy and Draco managed to turn it on but couldn't get it to do anything… I may have got annoyed with it and hit it a few times…"

Harry burst out laughing. "And you just so happened to hit the right buttons to get this?"

"Yeah." Victor admitted. "After getting it to work the first time we kind of just repeated the process and tada..."

Harry chuckled again. "So anything else you discovered while I was out?"

Well… Teddy started, We managed to find a few more rooms with tech that no of us have ever seen before. Also a few hallways with empty rooms or filled with machines we think might be a type of excavator.

George grinned and added, "We also found a few empty rooms and a few bedrooms that still have furniture, even if its in disrepair. The rooms with furniture are connected to the rim-less balconies overlooking the basin."

"I found a bit more then that." Victor said with a wicked grin. "I managed to find another basin that will work perfectly for our heard and has a much closer water supply. Its currently filled with the beast we let in. Plus I found a dinning cavern and possible kitchen."

"Dinning cavern? Possible kitchen?" Harry asked.

Victor ginned as the rest of the crew pouted. Of course Harry would be more interested in that. He was after-all the best cook out of them all. Albeit that wasn't really saying much when you considered none of the others could cook. But really, Harry was amazing enough to work at a five star restaurant.

"Yes." Victor said smugly. "The dinning hall is a vast hall with massive stone banquet tables and wooden chairs. We may have to replace the chairs I'm not sure how sturdy they might be after possibly hundreds of years of disuse. As for the possible kitchen… Its another substantial hall, only connected to the dinning hall. It has what I think may be five large wood burning ovens and five mountainous fireplaces."

Harry grinned. "Well, it appears we'll be just fine if we intend to stay." Harry replied. "Give me a bit to play around with the computer here to see if I can't learn anything new or how to find and fix the AI. I think that will be of great help to us."

While you do that Harry, Teddy declared, the rest of us should probably see if we can't corral our new heard. Or at lease see if any of the beds and chairs are salvageable.

"Good idea Teddy," Harry replied distractedly as he fiddled with the keyboard. "If the wood chairs are bad, keep them. We can use it as firewood for the ovens for now."

The others grinned at Harry before leaving him alone. For a while Harry tapped away at the keyboard. While he was able to find how to zoom in slightly on the images, they didn't give enough detail to conclusively tell him much. He did have an area on the northern and eastern edge of the continent they might explore if they could work out a caravan that was safe to travel in. Harry was also able to pull up a list of editable naturally occurring vegetation and imported vegetation as well as safe creatures to eat. Harry was slightly disturbed to see both the fire drakes and a creature eerily similar to the genetically made dragons on that list.

After a while Harry was unable to do much else. He sighed but walked away from the computer. While the new information would be a gods' send, there just wasn't much to go on or at lease much he could access. Harry wandered out of the computer room and headed back towards the entrance. Rather then head back to the basin or call out to his family, Harry pushed open the main door and peered out at the valley. He could see in the distance the river that bisected the valley and the large tree he guessed held their ship.

The logs they had used for a bridge to cross the river were nowhere to be seen. Harry absently wondered if the "Thread" had destroyed the logs. Harry curiously peered at the vegetation. He could see signs of the "Thread" having damaged it but not to the levels he had expected. Harry wandered out into the valley and dug his hands into the dirt. Pulling it free, Harry let it shift between his finger. He was surprised to see small grubs mixed sparsely with the dirt. He could help but ponder if they were the reason for minimal damage. If so, it meant any farm lands they planted would be relatively safe from "Thread". If not, Harry was sure once they found a way to blow or create glass, they could make green houses to grow crops. After all they did have plenty of sand to work with.

Harry walked a little further out from the doors and looked about. While the trees were quite thick near the edges, Harry could tell by the light streaming through the branches it wasn't as bad as they originally believed. Harry was just about to head back inside when a large shadow fell over him. His eyes widen drastically and he looked. There in the sky, circling down towards him was a massive bronze dragon!

Harry stood frozen in place as the massive beast gracefully lofted down to land not far from him. Rather gracefully for such a large creature, Harry thought abstractedly. His eyes widen even further when a person hoped off the dragon. The man called out to Harry in a bizarre form of what Harry thought may have once been rooted in English. Harry backed away slightly causing the man to frown. The man in question quickly jumped forward and grabbed Harry's arm. Upon closer examination of the man, Harry was surprised to discover he was quite young looking. Harry tried to pull free of the mans grip, but found it to be like steel.

Harry began to panic slightly. Which was only made worse by the young man's now confused banter in the seemingly foreign language. Harry barely recognized one out of every twenty words. The man seemed to be both annoyed and confused by Harry's growing trepidation. His grip tightened even further and he tried to gesture towards his dragon as if to calm Harry but it was obviously not working.

Harry finally snapped out of his abject fear enough to call out towards his family. HELP! Harry exclaimed.

Oh! was the surprised response.

It definitely did not come from Harry's company. Harry turned wide eyes back onto the dragon. The dragon tilted his head towards Harry. Harry ignored his families telepathic calls to stare at the ginormous beast.

Don't be afraid, The dragon told Harry. F'lessan and I won't hurt you or yours, but you should really speak with him.

I can't!Harry proclaimed with slight panic,I don't speak his language.

Oh!The dragon replied,I'll tell him then.

Harry stared in awe as the giant beast turned to his rider and apparently had a private telepathic conversation. The rider then released Harry's arm and gave him an embarrassed smile. Just as he opened his mouth as if to apologize, Harry's family came stampeding out of the hold. Before they could do anything, like attack the rider, they were frozen in shock by a voice.

Hello! The dragon exclaimed. I am called Golanth and this is my rider F'lessan!


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