IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE PLEASE READ: this is my first RotBTD story, I do not own any of the characters, (except some minor OCs in later chapters) and all the pairings are cannon. I changed the time period in Burgess to fit the other three places better because I thought that it would be a bit more believable and I didn't want to mess with time streams or alternate universes or anything like that. Also, they all already know each other. I couldn't figure out how to start this that wasn't cliché or already done so… if enough people like the story I may make a prequel, but that's neither here not there right now. So without further ado…


Pain. That's all he knew anymore. The throbbing and aching of his beaten and abused body was the only thing that told him he was still living. But even that was beginning to fade. He was beginning to feel disembodied, he knew if this kept up he wasn't long for this world.

He felt some pride in the fact that he had not given in or begged for mercy. He was a Viking after all, tough. He pretty much believed that now. He had screamed and cried out from the pain, that was unavoidable, but he would not beg and he would not cave. He would die here, and take his secrets with him to his grave, he only hoped now that he died soon, he would rather face death than have the torture continue the way it was. He was glad he had been brought alone, at the threat of his own life, he could resist; at the threat of another's, he would have given in weeks ago.

Two weeks? Was that how long it had been? It felt longer, and he was starting to lose track. It didn't matter anyway, there was no way out. He had tried quite a few times, but his strength was gone. He could only hope now that when his tribe was attacked, they would be ready. There was nothing he could do for them anymore.