Name: An Unexpected Love For An Unexpected Journey

Summary: Thorin Oakenshield Bilbo Baggins slash fluff cuteness

Disclaimer: I do not own the hobbit.

When Thorin first saw Bilbo he thought to himself, he is perfection. His dark green eyes shimmered in the firelight as he came into the hobbit hole. The pale orange hair was perfectly messed and his patchwork pajamas hid his slender waist. His big feet stepped lightly and silently, padding through the house that the king longed for. Thorin wanted a home and someone to share it with so when he saw what Bilbo had he resented him. Who would ever wish to leave this warm cozy home for the dangers of a perilous adventure? Thorin resented Bilbo for being so lucky to have a nice home and a lazy living and a well stocked pantry and still leaving it. Thorin resented Bilbo for making him feel things he had pushed out of his life for years. Love had been discarded like trash for it only brought trouble. Bilbo watched Thorin curiously and he only glared in response. Kili was the only one in the company that knew their king was gay. He may have blabbed to his brother, Fili, but Thorin trusted him not to. He had vowed to keep it secret from the others until his leader was ready. He knew Kili noticed the way he looked at Bilbo. The young king knew his archer had seen the glances between the two of them but he ignored the grins Kili shot his way. On their journey he kept a close eye on his little hobbit and made sure nothing happened to him. When he fell off the giant's leg Thorin risked his own life to save him. When he thought Bilbo had went back to Rivendell he was happy the hobbit had returned to safety but sad that he was not with him reveling in that safety. The hobbit did not belong with them; dwarves did not fit in with other races. He had also said that Bilbo didn't belong with them out of resentment and jealousy for Bilbo's home. Thorin was convinced Kili was insane when he told his king Bilbo had been looking at Thorin the same way the young king had been watching Bilbo. Why on earth would a handsome, respectable hobbit look at Thorin with lust? Thorin was dark and damaged, he had nothing to offer, and he was nothing to look at. He had grown silver hair in the years he spent worrying for his home. He had scars and the most prevalent lay across his broken heart. He had been a broken man since his father died at the hands of the pale orc. Thorin was damaged goods and who would want that? He had been convinced his archer was crazy until Bilbo risked his life to save Thorin's. Thorin was angry at the hobbit at first; the stupid hobbit had risked his important life for Thorin's worthless one. Thorin had the entire flight to think about how Bilbo was stupid and he was preparing a very good lecture until he heard his company call his name worriedly. He knew he had to stay awake for his men and for Bilbo. The eagle put his body down on a hard surface. He felt his eyes flutter open and he nearly shut them again because of the light pounding into his skill. He kept his eyes cracked open and waited unable to move as Gandalf came into his vision. The wizard checked his friend to make sure he was alive and was pleased to inform the others that their leader was indeed living. Then he felt Bilbo at his side with bated breath and worry flooding his face. Thorin managed to pull himself up and he felt the anger flooding back to him. He flared in fury and Bilbo cowered back. The tentative hobbit watched as Thorin gathered the strength to speak.

"You!" He snarled. Bilbo stared at him aghast. He had saved the king's life and now the king was responding by lashing out in a very undignified manner. "What were you doing? You nearly got yourself killed!" He continued. Thorin would have gladly died for the hobbit but if Bilbo died for the young king it would have killed him. Thorin would have killed himself if anything happened to Bilbo because of him. He watched as Bilbo backed up slowly, moving away from Thorin's advancing anger. "Did I not say that you would be a burden, that you would not survive in the wild and that you have no place among us?" Thorin kicked himself internally for each. Bilbo was not a burden, quite the opposite; he had saved their lives more than once. Bilbo could survive in the wild and he proved that when they lost him in the goblin mountains. Bilbo had gained more than simply a place among them; he had burrowed a place into Thorin's heart. Bilbo was more one of them then even Gandalf. "I've never been so wrong in all my life." Thorin said with a long waited for smile as he pulled Bilbo into a hug. Bilbo was stiff at first, afraid that it was a trick or that Thorin meant to hurt him but then he relaxed and the warmth that was the young Dwarf king seeped into his bones and even into his very soul.
"I will never hurt you. I will never let anyone or anything hurt you. I will love you till the sands of time stop running. Will you be mine Bilbo Baggins?" Thorin whispered into Bilbo's ear. He felt the pointed ear twitch under his warm breath and then a smile crossed Bilbo's face.

"I thought you'd never ask. Of course. I love you more than anyone I've ever met Thorin. I love you." Bilbo whispered back.

"Well then master Baggins, Kili, I believe it is time." Thorin said with a warm smile plastered across his face. The company fluttered with stifled gasps and cheers from Kili who ran over and hugged them both.

"Time for what sir?" Balin asked looking between the three with awe and wonder. The smile that split Kili's face almost hurt to look at. Thorin and Bilbo both shared warm smiled and also interlocked fingers as their hands joined. No one noticed but Gandalf because everyone was busy staring at the smile on Thorin's face.

"Time for me to tell you all something I have kept secret." Thorin responded. They all looked at him carefully; waiting for an explanation and hoping it came before Kili's head ripped in half from the ever growing smile. "I am only interested in Bilbo now." Thorin said carefully. The dwarves smiled at their king, dwarves were known to be faithful lovers. Dwarves, bisexual creatures, loved hard and Thorin would love harder than all.

"You two're happy?" Oin asked bluntly. He had never been one for fancy words, when blunt one fit just fine. Thorin nodded tensely, hoping that his men would understand. That's when they all noticed Bilbo and Thorin's interlock hands and another ripple of gasps shook the group except Gandalf who was standing there looking sufficiently pleased, as if he had been the one who got the two together. The smile on Gandalf's face made Kili's anger rise.

"It was me that got the two together." Kili shot, glaring at Gandalf who simply smiled back.

"Thank you Kili." Thorin said patting the archer on the shoulder. Kili stood up straighter and grinned at the praise. That night Thorin had Kili stay up watch. Bilbo sat on the edge of their company looking off into the distance. He was on the edge of the cliff with one knee hugged up to his chest and the other dangling off the edge. The cliff they had been dropped off on by the eagles was where they decided to make camp for the night. It was a clear sky with a splatter of stars splashed across it. The moon was round and lit up their company as they slept.

"Having trouble sleeping?" Thorin asked sitting down next to Bilbo and letting his legs dangle off the edge.

"Yes." Bilbo confessed sheepishly looking up at Thorin's cloudy eyes warmly.

"Because of the battle or the cold?" Thorin asked putting an arm around Bilbo's slender shoulders.

"The battle, the cold, the snoring, take your pick." Bilbo said huffing and moving closer to Thorin. The dwarf was like a personal furnace and Bilbo enjoyed the warmth seeping into his bones from his side that was pressed against Thorin's.

"I supposed that would make it a bit challenging to sleep for a hobbit." Thorin said with a low chuckle.

"Not because I'm a hobbit! Any normal person would have trouble sleeping in these conditions!" Bilbo said getting up and walking away from Thorin. Thorin sighed and cursed himself for insulting Bilbo yet again. He got up and trailed after the little hobbit as he silently padded through the clumps of sleeping dwarves. Bilbo got to the other side of the cliff and flopped down next to Kili. Thorin tried not to growl and tried not to push Kili over the edge of the cliff. He sat down and pretended to sleep.

"Love troubles?" Kili asks with a sly smile.

"You could hear?" Bilbo asked sheepishly.

"These aren't just for decoration." Kili said flicking one of his pointed ears.

"Thorin can be so..." Bilbo sighed, "Difficult." He finished as he kicked a pebble off the side of the cliff. The two watched it as it fell.

"He means well. He just hasn't been in a relationship before. He's new at this and he just needs a little time to get used to things." Kili said soberly. "He hasn't had a crush in a long while." He said with his usual smile.

"He seems so angry on the outside. He's always frowning and glaring and yelling and when he's not yelling he's sulking. It's so sad to see someone so handsome be so unhappy." Bilbo said. Kili remained silent. "He has such a story behind him, he is such a hero. He's a great leader and a great person. He's so perfect at everything and then there's me. I'm not a good burglar or good with any weapons. I'm not tall or handsome or smart. I don't excel at anything particular so I don't understand why he likes me but I really like him back and I'm never going to do anything to hurt him." Bilbo said frustrated.

"He's damaged goods." Kili said darkly. "We all are."

"When you've experienced the things you all have its easy to feel that way. You're not, none of you. Each of you have your problems but each of you also have your benefits. Being sad you lost your home doesn't make you damaged." Bilbo said thoughtfully.

"That's not the only thing that makes him damaged. We all have our scars." Kili said frowning.

"But scars are what make life great. Scars show that we have lived life because life can hurt but scars show that we had the strength to get up and keep going through the pain. Scars make life and each individual who has really lived beautiful. That's why I love Thorin. His scars, his damage, his faults, they combine to make him who he is and I love that." Bilbo said thoughtfully. Thorin listened intently and hung on every word.

"I'm sure it would please him to hear this." Kili said smiling. The archer knew his king was listening and he was glad Thorin had gotten a chance to hear why the hobbit loved him. Bilbo was a very sweet and gently hobbit and Thorin was lucky to have him.

"I'm sure it would. That doesn't mean he's going to." Bilbo said chuckling darkly. Bilbo jumped and almost yelled when a heavy hand suddenly rested on his shoulder.

"Thank you Bilbo." Thorin said. Bilbo looked up at Thorin's dark eyes sheepishly.

"That wasn't for you to hear." Bilbo said shrugging Thorin's hand off his shoulder and turning back to the dark landscape.

"Kili." Thorin growled with meaning know. Only to the two understood and Kili got up and moved away. "I'm sorry Bilbo. I'm trying. I really am." Thorin said sighing and sitting down next to Bilbo.

"I know." Bilbo said not looking at Thorin.

"You need to sleep." Thorin said decisively. Bilbo turned to Thorin critically but the young king looked genuine so Bilbo consented. Kili was off sitting on the cliff edge off in the dark. Thorin led Bilbo to an empty spot on the rock and the hobbit curled up into a ball. Thorin sat down next to Bilbo on the cold hard rock. He noticed Bilbo begin shivering and turning to attempt to find a comfortable position. Thorin sighed and gathered the little hobbit up into his arms. Thorin had been sitting upright next to his love and he remained in the position as he scooted back to find a rock to lean his back against. He leaned back and plopped Bilbo down on his lap. Bilbo looked up at Thorin questioningly.

"It'll be warmer." He said gruffly. Bilbo smiled and curled up on Thorin's lap and chest. Thorin sighed and put an arm around his hobbit. "Better isn't it?" Thorin whispered.

"Mmhmmm." Bilbo purred in response. Thorin heard a slight snicker and he looked up to find Kili watching them. Thorin snarled and Kili jumped and turned away.

"Thorin." Bilbo chide "let him have his fun."

"He can have all the fun he wants. As long as it's not at my expense." Thorin responded.

"Your expense?" Bilbo asked looking up at Thorin warningly. Thorin sighed and looked down at his little hobbit apologetically. "Yes I know. You're sorry." Bilbo said with a small smile as he stretched up to kiss Thorin lightly. Thorin's eyes went wide at the simple gesture and he sat there stupidly as Bilbo stretched out on his lap and chest and with a great yawn fell asleep. He looked at Kili for help and answers but Kili was no longer paying attention. Thorin sighed and managed to push it off enough to fall asleep. Thorin was, unlike most dwarves, a silent sleeper. Thorin did not snore or fidget at all while he slept. Bilbo managed to turn over on occasion as he slept but was, for the most part, silent.