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Bilbo smiled as he looked down at Thorin. The hobbit was sitting on the king's shoulders as he walked back to the camp. Are you going to tell me why? Thorin thought at his mate. Bilbo smiled down at him and shook his head no. Thorin sighed but consented.

"There you are Uncle." Kili said gleefully as the new couple returned. Bilbo suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

"We found a cave." Fili said smiling. Bilbo felt more awkward as flashes of the brothers together ran though his head. He couldn't look at them the same. Kili noted his averted eyes and was going to ask later.

"Well then we will head for it with all haste." Thorin said with one of his rare smiles. He smiled for Bilbo, but he didn't like smiling in front of others. It was a gift usually reserved for Bilbo. The dwarves gathered their things and followed the brothers to the cave. As they arrived Kili and Fili offered to take watch. Thorin went off to collect wood for a fire before going to sleep. The hobbit found a spot to sleep and was just about to drift off to sleep when Kili flopped down next to him. Then Fili sat down on the other side of him. Bilbo sighed and sat up.

"You saw us." Fili said casually.

"Didn't you?" Kili asked moving closer to the hobbit.

"Yes." Bilbo said uncomfortably. "Tell me...how did it begin?" He asked. They looked amused.

"We were curious." Fili said inching closer.

"And we experimented." Kili said as his hand came to rest on Bilbo's thigh.

"And then I was stuck with him." Fili said smiling at Kili with a dazed expression. His hand came to rest on Bilbo's other thigh. Four eyes were suddenly on the hobbit. ThorinThorinThorinThorin Bilbo though urgently at his mate. He shut his eyes and thought it louder. Bilbo's eyes opened as he heard sticks hit the rock floor of the cave. Suddenly Kili and Fili were ripped away from the hobbit. Thorin turned around so his back was to Bilbo, one of his nephews captured in each hand.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't skin you." Thorin snarled.

"We meant no harm." Fili said. Thorin tightened his hold on the blond dwarf so he shut his mouth.

"It was my plan." Kili said. Thorin's eyes fell on Kili with such fierce rage Kili flinched back. "I was just going to ask him why he'd been acting strange. Then I...you two mated." He said earnestly trying to get Thorin to understand. "I knew you'd be faithful but he's a hobbit. I was just...testing him." Kili said.

"You had no right." Thorin snarled. Kili shivered in fear but before anything further could happen Bilbo was there. He slapped Kili as hard as he could across the face. Kili's hand went to his reddening cheek as he looked wide eyes at the usually gentle hobbit. Bilbo said nothing as he yanked the brothers out of Thorin's hands and shoved them away.

"Go make a fire." He said as he pushed Thorin down so he was sitting in Bilbo's spot. Then he flopped down on Thorin's lap. They had no right. Thorin growled putting his arms possessively around Bilbo and glaring at the brothers. They had no right. Bilbo agreed. However, they have been punished. He thought as he put his hands gently on Thorin's chest.

"Mine." Thorin snarled as he held Bilbo closer. Kili and Fili had come back. They got down on one knee each, in front of their uncle.

"We wished to apologize." Kili said.

"We meant no harm." Fili added.

"Leave now." Bilbo advised. "Before he loses his temper." He added looking at Thorin's face. It was twisted in rage, Bilbo longed for one of his gentle smiles. The boys nodded and went back to making a fire. The only sound was the raucous snoring of the sleeping dwarves echoing through the small cave. Bilbo turned back to Thorin, longing to smooth out the creases he'd gained from rage. He gently, carefully, put his hand on Thorin's cheek. Thorin's eyes flickered to Bilbo and his face softened for a moment before returning to the brothers. Bilbo gently began smoothing out his features, gently touching his face. "Thorin." Bilbo whispered. Thorin's eyes flicked to his mate. Without all the angry lines filling his face he looked sadder, hurt, betrayed, than angry.

"Yes?" Thorin asked. His voice was still angry, to make up for his face.

"I like it when you get jealous." Bilbo said grinning. The hobbit swooped in for a very passionate kiss. Thorin faltered, not knowing how to respond so Bilbo pulled back. "But now that you've had your jealous time for the day, can we just go to sleep?" Bilbo asked. Again Thorin was struck with a loss for words. "I'm very tired." And sore. Bilbo added as an afterthought.

"Yes." Thorin said at last. He loosened his hold on the hobbit who curled up and fell asleep against his chest. His hand grabbed tightly onto a bunch of Thorin's shirt and the King Under the Mountain smiled at his little mate before drifting off into sleep.