I hope you all did your homework! Because this is my Knight Rider and Transformer's Prime / Scrap crossover! I think I've written it in a way that even if you don't really know Knight Rider, you can still make sense of this story. Hopefully.

A few months ago now, I read 'When Cars Meet' by Peaceblossom26. It is a short but really good crossover between Knight Rider (The 2008 version) and Transformers Prime and I fell in love with the idea so had to try it with a certain 'Star' we all know and love.

It's told from Mike's side of the story but I hope you enjoy.

Also, it takes place AFTER the Alt ending to Scrap and as if Predacon Rising never happened. You'll see why.

A Knight with the Stars

Michael Knight let out a long deep sigh as he looked out the side window at the building he was currently parked across from. "KITT, what do we have?"

"The building is a large warehouse, rented out by one Talick Montran, a notorious arms dealer and street race organiser." Came a monotone yet logical voice from the blue and red ball on the dashboard. "The SCC believes he is involved in the murder of several FBI agents who were transporting a prototype weapon. The weapon has since disappeared."

"Is the weapon in the warehouse?"

The car paused, running scans on the building, bringing up blue prints and the results on his front windscreen. "It does not appear to be. However, there is a large truck at the far side of the building that my scanners cannot penetrate."

Another irritated sigh came from the young man as he watched the door. "So, any idea why he has been inviting every fast driver this side of Nevada here?"

"It is possible that Talick is intending to find a driver to use in the transport of the weapon." KITT said, showing a map of the nearby roads, highlighting the distance to an airport, a train station and even to the boarder. "However, there is the possibility that this is merely a cover for the real transport."

"Possible KITT." He rubbed his face, stretching it out before gripping the steering wheel. "Only one way to find out for sure."

The black mustang purred into life before crossing the road from the shadows where he had been hidden and over to the warehouse. Rolling down the window he looked at the guards who guarded it. "Hey, I was told to come here… something to do with a race?"

The man nodded past him to the doors which were then opened, allowing KITT inside. The room was quite small, despite its appearance from outside but it was clear that the walls around them were fake, set up to narrow down the cars. A couple of cars were ahead of them, sitting on a conveyer belt while ahead was a check point for both cars and people.

Mike's eyes drifted to the blue ball. "KITT, possum mode."

Without another word, all of KITT's uncharacteristic and unnatural features shut down, leaving him as dull as any other car. Just in time as a knock came on his window and he stepped out. Two men faced him, one armed, the other having a certain geeky look to him. The geek nodded as his eyes drifted over the car. "Cool car man."

"Thanks, one of a kind."

"Aren't they all?"

"Hey, specs." The guard said, nudging him in the back with the butt of his gun. "Just get your job done and stop drooling over the cars."

'Specs' frowned but only when the guard's attention was on Michael as he slipped into the car and took out a strange radio looking device and swept it over the interior. Satisfied, he popped the hood of the supercar.

Michael wasn't able to watch what he was doing as the guard had escorted him to a line of others. "Wait here." He ordered then went to continue the process.

Clearing his throat, Michael stuffed his hands into his jean pockets and looked around him, scanning for danger and trouble. There were about five armed men and seven technicians, each one checking over a car on the conveyer belt. But as the line moved forwards, something else caught his eye. He was queuing alongside the other cars, most of them normal, everyday modified vehicles. But as the track they were on went on, going through an archway in the wall, one arrived beside him and it was unlike anything he had ever seen before.

Blood red with white zigzag streaks down the sides and bright yellow high lights on the wheels, the design was modified beyond recognition and the windows tinted dark. Unlike KITT, who was dull and designed to go unnoticed, this car stood out more than anything else in the room.

"Sweet." He found himself whispering.

The person in front to him in the queue turned their head to the side and looked at the car as well. "You should see him in action."

Turning his attention from the car, Michael looked at the person before him. He hadn't even paid a seconds attention to them but now he gave them his full attention. It was a woman, younger than Mike, in her early twenties at the oldest with short, ear length dark red hair and dark green eyes, an interesting and slightly unnatural look to her. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans and long black and grey boots while having a black jacket that zipped up at the front. Pardon her hair and her eyes, she was almost invisible but now she was looking at him, her eyes clearly scanning him while he had been a little more subtle in his gaze.

"Umm…." He said, just wanting to break her judgement. "Do you know the driver?"

"I am the driver."

"You?" Michael gasped, hardly able to hold back his shock. The car and the driver were total opposites.

"And what do you mean by that?" She accused, turning around to fully face him. "Do you think a girl can't drive?"

"No, no no no, I know lots of girls who are great drivers! I just mean, you don't look like you drive… this car." He held both hands out towards the car, proving he was talking about the same car.

A smile replaced the frown the young woman had been holding. "Ah, well, that I can understand. I didn't exactly pick him, he picked me."

"Not telling me you believe that whole 'drivers doesn't pick the car, the car picks the driver' thing do you?"

She gave a creepy smile. "Sure worked for me."

"Oi, you."

Turning back, the red head realised she was at the front of the queue and stepped over, Mike behind her. A guard stopped him before he got too close but he was able to watch as the girl stood on a small platform and a man ran a metal detector over her body. It beeped twice, once on a necklace she removed and handed over for inspection while the other was over her ear.

Mike felt his heart leap. Was this girl an agent? Was she wearing an ear piece?

But the red head didn't appear bothered by the discovery and simply pulled up her hair and turned to look to the side, revealing a silver band that ran around the back of her head between both ears. "It's a hearing aid." She said, clearly and calmly, loud enough Mike was able to pick it up. "Without this, I'm deaf so if you want me to talk, you better allow me to keep it."

The guards shared a confused look before one held out his hand.

A little reluctant, the woman removed the band and held it out, waiting with her hand on her hip as they inspected it. Mike watched with interest as the guards spoke to her but her meanly responding with hand sign language.

Knowing a little himself from his army days, Mike could know she wasn't being very polite. He was finding it a little hard to believe that the same woman he had been speaking to a second ago was now indeed unable to hear anything at all.

It took a few seconds but the guards handed back the device and the woman replaced it where it had been, hiding it with her hair. Then she was given a card and sent on to the other side of the wall, her car rolling on to join her.

As she drove slowly off, it was Michael's turn. The metal detector set off at his gun which he did not deny but the guards informed him he was not allowed it and would be returned at the end of the meeting.

He didn't kick up a fuss. The gun was a plant anyway. He didn't want these people thinking he was softy. He needed them to think he was tough and able to look after himself.

And it worked.

KITT was rolled to him on the track and he climbed in, closing off the door and driving off himself. "KITT, online."

The car came back to life quickly, the small 'eye' part of the ball looking to Michael. "Michael, I have detected that a tracking device has been implanted in my engine. Shall I block its signal?"

"No KITT, they will want to know what I'm doing and where I'm going until this is over. Leave it be." As they moved to the main part of the warehouse, Mike scanned the cars, looking for the red head. "KITT, I want you to do a background scan on the woman I was talking to in the line." He looked out the door and frowned. "There's something off about her."

"In what way is she 'out of date'?"

Parked, Mike reached out for an ear wig and opened the car door. "Quit it wise guy." He mumbled while stepping out and scanned the area. There was about forty cars and drivers around, all of them men, pardon the young red haired woman who was walking over to him. Mike was a little off put by the fact she appeared to have searched him out. "Oh, hey."

The woman nodded with a smile. "Hey. I just wanted to say sorry about that." She threw her thumb towards the check point. "I get a little touchy about my driving."

"No sweats." He laughed and held out his hand. "I'm Mike."

"Copper." She said, shaking his hand. "So, what brings you here?"

"Ah, you know… racing."

Copper's smile grew a little. "I see." She blinked a few times but then her eyes grew wide and looked to the car beside her. "Wow."

Looking at KITT, Mike nodded. "Yeah… that's my ride."

"Sure you aren't his?"


"Nothing." She said, grinning while her hand reached out and touched the roof but then instantly she took her hand back, shaking it. "Oww."

Mike looked between the car and the girl as she looked at her hand. "You alright?"

Copper said nothing, just staring at her hand but then she smiled and looked at Mike. "Yeah. Just a bit of static, nothing to worry about."

Knowing that KITT was incapable of storing static, Mike looked at his super smart car and half held back a frown. "Yeah."

"Ah, I think the meeting is starting." She said, looking over to the truck KITT had been unable to scan as a platform rose before it, three men aboard it, one of them Mike's target, Talick Montran, wearing a high price three piece suit, hands out stretched to the applause he received form everyone in the room.

Everyone pardon Copper who just crossed her arms and frowned at him.

"Michael, this woman…"

"Not now KITT." Mike muttered as he clapped.

Talick patted the sound down until it came to an end. "Welcome everyone. Thank you all for coming on such short notice. Now, I know all of you as I'm sure you know me…."


Mike blinked as his head turned to look at the woman beside him who had spoken and saw her face was pure anger and hate.

Talick hadn't heard her mumble and was continuing with his long winded speech about the race they were going on. Leaning over, Mike nodded. "Hey, you alright?"

"I'll be fine." She muttered back.

"But what was with the…"

"Just keep out of it Mike, and keep out of my way." She said, already moving away, disappearing into the crowd.

Amazed that she could vanish so quickly, Mike turned back to KITT. "KITT, what you found?"



"I have found nothing on that woman. She does not exist."

"That's not possible." Came Zoe's voice over the wireless. "We have access to every single database in the world. She must be someone."

"I am afraid Zoe that I have checked several times and I have found nothing. That woman does not exist."

Mike was already scanning the crowds again. "That means only one thing. Someone has deleted her. So she must be someone important."

"KITT, did you get a scan on her car?"

"I did Sarah."

"Then cross reference it and the name 'Copper' with all known databases. It might not be here that's important but her car."

"Like Mike is to me?"

Mike snorted at the insult. "Gee, thanks."

KITT was silent as he did his work. "Sarah, I have done as you requested and I have discovered something."

"What is it KITT?"

"I have found that the car does not exist either."

Mike could just imagine the intelligent, puzzled look on his old friend's face as she tried to get into the puzzle. "Ok… break the car down into its parts and see what you find."

"You do not understand me Sarah. The car is made of materials that do not exist. I have even detected elements in its formation that are currently unavailable to humans."

The pause was thick and dropped like a ton of bricks. Back in the SCC, Zoe and Billy sat at their computers with their mouths open.

"You mean…" Said the Asian woman.

"That Copper is a… a…" Billy choked, unable to say it.

Sarah snorted. "Not from earth?"

Quickly KITT transferred a bio scan he had conducted on the woman to the screens at the SCC. "No Sarah, the woman who calls herself 'Copper' is human. However she is biologically deaf and should not be able to hear, even with a hearing aid."

"But she can talk." Mike stated, becoming aware that there may be something more serious going on. "I spoke to her. She can talk and hear."

"I know Michael. The device on her head is indeed a hearing aid but its design is unlike anything I have on record and is made up of the same elements as her car. And I would also like to state, that she also has an unusual form of radiation attached to her which I did not want in contact with my systems."

"So that's why you shocked her?"

"Yes Michael."

"Michael!" Alex Torres' authority powered voice came over the line. "Your mission is to retrieve the FBI prototype. Not investigate this woman."

"Agent Torres is correct Michael." KITT agreed. "And it would appear you have missed the briefing."

Mike turned from leaning on the mustang's side to look at the platform, noticing that everyone was making their way to their cars and Montran was nowhere in sight. Swearing, Mike climbed into his car and let out a breath. "Please tell me you got what he said?"

KITT took a moment as he began driving, filling out of by a side door with the other cars. "I'm afraid I did not Michael, I was too busy researching the car and woman."

"Mike!" Torres roared, his face popping up on the screen. "This may be our only chance to retrieve the weapon. We cannot let it fall into enemy hands. You have to get the details of that race."

Just as Mike was about to argue back, something that had never happened before, happened to KITT.

He dinged.

The driver blinked at the red dot that was pressed into a firm line.

"I did not know I could do that." He said eventually.

A new face joined Torres on the screen, the old fatherly image of Dr. Charles Graiman. "KITT, what was that?"

"I appear to have received an email."

Mike's eye brow quirked. "You?"

"It would appear so."

"You don't have an email address."

"I apparently do."

If Mike didn't know better, he would have said the car was flustered. Saving the situation, Charles took over. "KITT, scan the email, check for any viruses and harmful software."

"Scanning. The message is clean but it does contain an audio file."

Mike nodded once. "Open it."

The file took up the screen, the peaks and troths showing the sound waves. "Welcome everyone. Thank you all for coming on such short notice. Now, I know all of you as I'm sure you know me and you are no doubts interested in why you are here. I am sorry for keeping you in the dark for so long so allow me to enlighten you. You are all the best of the best…"

"KITT, pause play back." Mike said, leaning back in the seat, allowing the car to drive. "Who sent the email?"

"It appears to be a custom made email address but I have discovered a code in the user name."

"And that would be…"

The screen soon displayed a long line of numbers, seemingly random and pointless but KITT took them and separated them into relevant partners before transposing each set of numbers with a letter.

The email address was a message all on its own.

'You are welcome but don't follow me Decepticon .'

The human frowned at the last word. "D…cep…t…icon?"

"I do believe it is pronounced, 'Decepticon'."

"KITT?" The driver asked, amazed KITT knew what the strange word was.

"I can only access a small file on the word but the general information I am gathering is that the 'Decepticons' are a violent force that should be avoided at all cost."

Mike smiled. "Well, we might have hit the jack pot here. Torres, if I am dealing with one of these… Decepticons, I really don't want to go in blind. I need info."

"Zoe, get on it." He delegated before turning back to the screen. "You in the meantime need to listen to that recording and find out what is going on. Don't forget, Montran is our target. We cannot let that weapon reach enemy hands."

"Right." Mike said but his eyes were distant, wondering about the red head.


Mike was irritated. He had listened to the recording over and over, getting the details correct. Montran had arranged a group of eliminating tests and races over the next week to find his ultimate driver who would win a prize of over 70 grand. Small change for a man like Montran but big enough to wet the racers' appetites.

The first one was the next night. With the tracker in place, KITT was unable to return to base so at the appropriate time, Mike rolled up to the meeting point where the other forty racers were and climbed out, instantly scanning for the red car and saw it but its driver didn't appear to be walking about and with the windows tinted, it was impossible to tell if she was inside.

He wanted to go see if she was but instead he went to checking in to the race, handing over the card he had been given the day before then went to a refreshments table that had been set up for them.

"Michael." KITT said over his ear wig. "I have reason to believe the weapon is here."

"Where?" He said softly.

"There is a large mass I am unable to reach in the building to your left."

He looked over to the building and judged it. "So it's possible the race is a cover for the real transport?"

"I believe so Michael."

"Right, KITT, you're going to run the race while I go into the building and investigate."

"Very well Michael. Shall I inform agent Torres of your plan?"

"Nar, he'll only make me wait for back up." Mike moaned as he began pushing his way through the crowd and looking for a way into the building. He eventually found an open window that he pulled himself through, dropping silently to the floor but his eyes caught something strange near his feet. "KITT, can you see how many people are in this building?"

The car silently scanned the building and highlighted the heat sources. "There appear to be a number of armed guards, positioned around the room I cannot detect. However, there is another form moving in a peculiar fashion."

"Yeah, I thought so." Mike said, looking at the foot prints in the dust. "Did Torres find anything out about these Decepticons?"

"I am afraid not Michael."

"Great." The man sighed then began creeping in the dark. "I need tens on these guards and the package.

"The package is ten meters down the corridor on your left. There is a guard approaching your location. He will be on top of you in three seconds."

No sooner had KITT spoken than Mike found the guard and took him out with a swift punch to the throat, grabbing him before he fell to the floor. But as Mike held him in his arms, a loud siren sounded above them and lights blazed.

"KITT! What's going on?"

"Michael, it would appear that the guards are wearing heart monitors. If they are knocked out, then it sets off the alarm system."

Grabbing a weapon from the guard's belt, Mike began hurrying down the halls. "You could have told me that sooner!"

"I'm sorry Michael."

Too busy keeping himself alive, the man didn't bother scolding the car, shooting two guards down as they came towards him. "KITT, where's the girl?"

"The girl, Michael?"

"Copper. She's the other body."

"I have lost track of her."


"I do not know."

That took Mike by surprise but he just continued towards his target. Finally he found the door but it was open and the room was empty. "Dam it!"

"You said it."

He blinked and turned around and saw there was a woman stood in the doorway. It was the red head, Copper. "What are you doing here?"

"Could ask you the same thing." She sighed, looking around the room. "Dam it. It looks like they've been trying to get it to work."

Mike frowned as he turned around, watching at the door. "Hey, we need to get out of here, these guys are armed and…"



"They're gone." The woman said, still looking over at the wall. "There is no one left. When the alarm sounded they evacuate. With the device."

"Well don't you think we need to leave?"

Copper turned on him and rolled her shoulder. "Come on then Mike, let's go. What I'm looking for isn't here so no point staying." She walked over to him and calmly out the doorway, Mike behind her, weapon at the ready for danger but nothing happened. The building was indeed empty.

Copper even appeared to be heading for the front door, the woman looked over the road before jumping back and pressing Mike back with her arm. Just then a bullet embedded itself in the wood where her head had been.

Mike blinked. "How did you…."

"Knockout." She said, cutting him off and ignoring him while her finger pressed to her ear. "Knockout, come in. I need some help. We're pinned down by snipers." She blinked a few times then huffed loudly. "No I can't ground bridge! You know Jack said I can't."

Mike just stared at her, blank and confused. "Who are you…."

"Shut it Knight." She snapped, shooting his eyes at him. "Knockout, I mean it, you come pick me up right now! I don't care if you are winning the…" She stopped and let go of her ear. "Fine! Fine just stop complaining! Win your race! I'll deal with it." She looked over at Mike and rubbed her eyes. "Sorry Mike, we're on our own."

"Your partner's in the race?"

"You can say that." She chuckled then pushed him back a bit more avoiding another shot. "You do realise this is your entire fault."


"If you hadn't taken that man out, the alarms wouldn't have sounded and we would still have a chance at the prototype."

Mike looked at her again, his mind boggled even more. "So you're after the weapon too?"



"I developed it."


Copper sighed and looked at him. "Look, why don't we talk when this is over?" She nodded to his weapon. "Hey, can I have that please?"

Mike looked at the gun then passed it over to her and watched as she checked it over and clicked it into space. "Right…." She said, pressing her ear once more. "Let's get these boys. Mike, stay there." And with that she stepped out into the doorway and fired four times.

Then just stood in the doorway, silent.

Michael shook himself out of the shock then reached out to grab her arm. "Get… get out of there!"

"No point." She said, walking out into the open. "I got them."

Carefully, Mike stepped out following her and saw there were four dead bodies on the floor, each armed with sniper rifles. "Wow…." He said, stepping over to the nearest man and looked at the perfect deadly shot to the throat. "That is impossible." He said, judging the distance and the targets. He turned back on Copper as she looked down at the floor. "There is no way you should have been able to do that."

"You're not me." She said with a smile and stood, throwing him the gun. Then she looked up the road. "And here come our rides."

Mike turned as well to looked down the road and saw the two cars, the red and the black coming towards them. Both screeched to a stop a safe distance from the bodies and the drivers. The female moved to the red one and leant on the hood. "Mike, I think we need to talk. Meet me tomorrow at the Avalunch point. Sunrise."

With that, she stepped to the passenger seat and climbed in. Then the car shot off.

Mike turned to look at KITT. "Ok, you got anything?"

"Only what I already knew Michael. There is indeed something… 'off' about her."


Copper was sat on the boot of her car, swinging her legs under her as she waited, looking up the road until an unforgettable red headband on a black car came into view. She smiled at him as Michael got out. "You're late."

"This place is hard to find."

"Welcome to my world. So… now that we are out here, where no one will over hear us, we can actually talk."

"Yeah?" Mike said, crossing his arms. "What about?"

"Like why the hell you were looking for the device?" Her eyes narrowed on him as she slid off the car and stood almost eye to eye with him. "Who do you work for Michael Knight?"

Mike pointed at her suddenly. "How do you know my full name?"

She grinned and stepped back, shrugging calmly then ran her hand through her hair. "I hacked your car's communication wave length and got full access to the SCC's database. I have to admit, it was a bit of a challenge. You got some good firewalls in place."

"If you did, then you already know who I work for."

"Yeah. You work for the government." She said, leaning on the car and scanning him with her eyes. "I just can't find out if you work for the same area of the government as I did. But I'm beginning to think you don't have a clue what you are looking for."

"A prototype weapon stolen from the FBI."

"Wrong." She sang. "Wrong on all counts."

If there was one thing Michael didn't like, it was being given lacking or incorrect information. "Then what is it?"

"It isn't a prototype. It's an unfinished, unstable model. It's not a weapon, it's an energy source. And it wasn't stolen from the FBI. It was stolen by the FBI from me then someone stole it from them."

"So you… did create it?"

The woman nodded sadly. "But I never finished it. It was only an idea I had, something I toyed with in my spare time but I was never able to get it right. And then when I left, I made them destroy all my plans, models and designs but then I find out they went ahead and tried to create a full scale version of one of my prototypes?" She ran her hand back in her hair again. "Mike, this thing is unstable. If they try to power it up, even as small as it is, it will explode with a force equal to a 10 kiloton nuclear bomb."

Pale, Mike turned to his car. "KITT, get the Torres online, now!"

Copper stared past him to look at the car and saw a holographic image of a man appear. Torres looked at Mike who just frowned. "Why didn't you tell me this weapon is a bomb?!"

"What?! How did you…" His eyes drifted past her to the woman as she walked up behind Mike and looked at the display. "Ah, you must be Copper."

Copper crossed her arms. "You must be Agent Torres."

"Do you two know each other?"

"Only by name." She said softly. "He is the one who ordered my design to be created in full scale."

Torres looked very uncomfortable all of a sudden. "Wait… that means you're…"

"Scrap." She finished, leaning on the car's hood. "And you listen to me, Torres, I don't appreciate you stealing my work but what I hate even more is that you then sent this empty headed idiot in to retrieve it! I had everything under control until this frag head turned up."

Mike looked at her, wondering what a 'frag head' was. But then another voice came into life. "Scrap, you have no right to be there anyway."

Copper smiled as she stood upright. "Ah, I was wondering where you were. Those guys had a whole day to research me. Raf's getting sloppy if you only just found out."

A man walked into the camera shot, Agent Torres side stepping to allow him access. "Give me a break Scrap, I do have other things to deal with pardon your misdemeanours." It was a young man but age and command showed in his eyes and his posture, his hair jet black and neat while he wore a business suit with a 'visitor' tag on the pocket.

The new comer lifted his head and looked at Mike. "Mr Knight, my name is Jackson Darby and… I have to apologise for Copper." He said lifting his head, eyes looking at the green eyed woman. "She can be a little rash."

"Get your ass over here Darby and I'll show you how 'rash' I can be."

Mike groaned to clear his throat. "Look, sorry to break up the love fest but every second we stand here chatting, the bomb is getting further away."

"It's not a bomb!" The man and woman said, almost at the same time and they looked at each other over the cameras. Jack coughed. "It's not a bomb Mr Knight. It's a completely carbon neutral power source. First of its kind."

Copper nodded and looked at KITT before nodding. Suddenly a hologram appeared on the front showing a round, donut like shape with something glowing in the middle. "I was working on creating way of transposing energon into electricity by using this containment field. With just a little bit of the raw material, it would create enough electricity to put out more energy than it actually needs to start up as well as small enough to be portable. It would basically wipe out the need for fossil fuels."

"A device like that would be invaluable to some destinations." KITT said out loud. "However it would also be valuable to many oil based business, just to keep it off the market."

"Yes but money was never my aim. I had… other reasons." She said, looking downwards. "However when the Army found out about the… 'problems' I was having with it, they wanted to turn it into a weapon." Copper continued. "You see, this is the problem." She pointed to part of the design near the middle. "Energon is naturally powerful source, even in its raw state but when it hits a certain temperature, it sort of… explodes. I haven't yet been able to find a material strong enough to contain the shear amount of heat it produces and stop the explosions without destroying the whole device and anything around it."

"Have you considered a poloyitratie coating on entranomatic steel?"

Copper froze, her eyes blinking and moving from side to side before she smiled and jumped up and down. "KITT you are amazing! I have got to try that when I get back to my lab."

"Wait a second!" Michael yelled. "How do you know his name?"

The girl turned to look at him then back to the video screen. "Jack, you haven't told them yet?"

Jack shrugged. "I… haven't got around to it yet."

"And they made you the boss. Fine. I guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way." She turned around and looked at the red car which had just been idly sitting where she left it. "Knockout, stop watching car adverts and show yourself."

Back at the SCC, Jack leant forwards. "This ought to be good."

Out on the hill, Mike looked at the car and it was still for a moment but then it rolled backwards and turned to face the pair. Then began moving.

Not moving forwards or acting like a car. Parts of it broke apart at seems and joints. For a nano second Mike thought it was like KITT, changing to a different mode. But this didn't. It went further. It became more and bigger.

Joints and features became apparent and it moved to stand up.

It took a couple of seconds but what now stood before him was what could only be called a very big sleek robot with the same red and white designs. The former car stretched himself from side to side at the waist. "Ah that's better." He said with a voice that matched his appearance perfectly; arrogant, powerful and lustrous. Opening his eyes, Mike saw they were a strange powerful red colour but then they narrowed in a very irritated expression. "You know, I should cut you up where you stand for messing up our mission, fleshy." He said before his right hand retracted into itself and became a buzz saw.

Without a second's hesitation, KITT instantly shot a laser towards the device and Knockout stepped back looking over his finish. Then he turned on the black car. "Watch it Mustang, I won't go easy on you next time."

"You cheated." KITT resorted.

"Will you two chill it?" Came a female voice with eyes matching the robot. "Honestly, the lot of you are like children!" She pointed at the robot who looked ready to speak. "Knockout, I mean it."

Mike held up both hands to the woman. "Ok, what the hell is going on here?"

She smiled and looked at Jack on the screen who nodded. "Michael, meet Knockout. He's a Cybertonian or a transformer, as some call them."

"Living breathing robots from another planet." Copper came in with. "And, I might add, a large contributor in the development of KITT. I do believe Charles got the idea from seeing images of the transformers."

"So… I'm like them?" KITT asked, scanning Knockout.

The woman shook her head. "A lot of your identity and software is based on them KITT, but you're nothing like them."

The band went from side to side but said nothing.

Knockout sighed and he knelt almost to eye level of Copper and Mike. "Look, I hate to state the obvious but don't we all have the same goal? Why don't we just work together?"

"I would have to agree with Knockout." Said the black Mustang. "Combining our resources would be the best way of achieving our shared goal. And the pair of you are both still in the race."

The woman pulled a face. "Knockout, if we work with them, you know the doc will get involved."

Mike was amazed but the robot shivered. "Ehh." He said but then looked back at her. "We need the help, we're out of our deep now. So come on, let's do this. We can't let this thing get out."

Looking to the ground, Copper thought then sighed. "What do you say Mike? Want to work together?"

Mike looked between the large alien robot, the girl and his own car. Then he just shrugged. "Why not?" He said, holding out his hand. "I'm in."

Copper beamed from ear to ear as she shook his hand. "Great, then let's go get a drink. After seeing Knockout, I think you need one."

Mike didn't argue. KITT was one thing. Knockout was something different all together.


A week had gone by since KITT and Mike had met the real Knockout and his partner and now saw how the two interacted at each of the races, how the girl was so protective of the robot and yet Knockout always behaved himself around others.

Each race, the pair were always in the top two, KITT being the only one to ever beating them but often only by a second. Mike almost envied them. They had a living relation, with emotions and sentiment while his best friend was with a computer, only able to analyse and diagnose 'feelings' but never experience them.

There was something Mike was beginning to get a little confusing at and that was her name. Torres and Jack called her 'Copper', Knockout always referred to her as 'Scrap' and KITT said her name was 'Eleanor'.

One day, before the last race, Mike asked her about it.

"Copper is a name I picked after leaving the Decepticons and joining Unit E." She explained while lying on her back under Knockout with a strange tool in hand. "You see to a cybertronian, scrap is a curse word so it wasn't really a good name to have in an establishment like Unit E. However, Knockout has known me for so long; he just can't get his processor around calling me anything but Scrap. And I left Eleanor behind me when I ran away from home. In a way each name is connected to part of my life."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Eleanor was when I was weak, deaf and homeless. Scrap was when I was growing, learning who I am and learning my place." She grunted then climbed out from under the car, using Mike's hand to pull herself up to her feet. "And Copper… Copper is me realising who I am." She looked sideways at him. "Surely you know how a new name can change a person, Traceur."

Fortunately, Mike was use to her strange way of knowing things by now so just nodded. "So… what do I call you?"

"I guess you can call me Scrap. I normally only let my close friends call me that."

"You think of me as a friend?" He said, moving his hand towards hers.

Just then the car they were leaning on rolled backwards a few feet, sending both to the dirt. Scrap stood up first and brushed herself down. "Knockout what the frag was that for?"

Knockout didn't say anything. But he was saved by Talick Montran arriving and beginning the brief of the race. This race was going to be across the day, heading across high ways with a stop off point in the middle. Last three to the check point and the end were to be kicked out.

Scrap was already checking the route, looking for anything that might be dangerous. "It's just a race." She said at last. "There is nothing that could be a target anywhere on that route."

"Right." Mike replied as he climbed into KITT and opened the connection between the two cars. "Scrap, you there?"

"Of course." She said over the link and smiled. "So, what's the plan?"

"KITT, scan all the cars in the race. Is there any sign of the device?"

Flicking scans of each car on his screen, KITT discarded each. "There is no sign of the energy source here."

Scrap nodded in the screen. "KITT, run that program I gave you to search for energon."

A new program suddenly ran up on KITT's screens. "I have not detected any signs of energon or energon residue."

"So it's not here."

"In that case…" Came Knockout's voice. "We will see you two at the half way point."

That was when Michael noticed the race was beginning and the red car was already zipping through the other cars. The contact had been broken between them and Mike had no intention of talking while racing.

Taking manual control of KITT, he went zipping on around the other racers, eyes narrow in the thrill of the race. All the time he kept an eye out for his temporary partner. But Scrap and her cybertronian partner were miles ahead.

As time went on and the race progressed, the racers thinned out and he was left almost alone. "KITT, how many racers are ahead of us?"

"Three Michael and Scrap appears to be in first position. However the traffic is beginning to grow heavy. She will be required to slow down, reducing her advantage."

"Get her on the line."

The red haired woman suddenly appeared. "What do you want Mike?"

"The traffic ahead of you is thick. You need to slow down."

Copper narrowed her eyes with a childish grin but then cut the link.

"KITT, get her back!"

"I am afraid she is jamming all communications."

"That little… frag head." He said, beginning to see why she liked the expression. "KITT, switch to attack mode. We have to catch up with her."

"Switching to attack mode."

The transformation was swift and smooth, KITT's spoiler went up, his fins extended and three vents came out of his roof. Generally he became sleeker and perfectly slipstreamed. The speedo went up suddenly to well over 200mph, rocketing them along the road. Miles passed in minutes, the day beginning as they arrived in the thicker traffic and KITT changed back to avoid getting too much attention. Mike looked over the room. "KITT, where are they?"

"My sensors detect they are on the other side of the traffic city and already near the half-way point."

Mike blinked. "What?! How?! This traffic is near standstill!"

"The other racers have also detected the traffic and are taking routes to avoid it. At this rate, we will be in last place in ten minutes."

A picture appeared suddenly on the screen. "You need a hand?" Scrap said with a proud smile on it.

Mike shrugged, looking at the traffic. "Scrap, if I don't get out of here soon, I'm going to be out of the race."

"So you want some help?"

Mike leant back in the seat and frowned. "How? How did you get around this traffic?"

It took a moment before the girl nodded. "I'm sending you some coordinates. Give me a bell when you get there." And then she cut it off again.


A map appeared, locking on the location. "She appears to be directing us to a parking lot."

"Anyway it will lead us around the traffic?"

"It would appear that it does not."

"Then what good is it?"

KITT's speech wave was silent.

Mike guessed he just didn't want to admit he had no idea. But if the woman could find his way around the traffic, so could he. He decided to follow it. Taking a small slip road, he left the highway and into a city.

It seemed stupid to be leaving the highway but he did as he was told until KITT stopped. "We have arrived at the coordinates." They were stood in the middle of a deserted top floor of a 10 story high parking lot.

"KITT, get Scrap."

The red head came into view, appearing to be stood outside her car. "So you made it?"

"Scrap, I don't see how this is going to help me win the race."

The young woman smiled. "Drive forwards. As fast as you can."

"What?" Mike wondered, looking at the end of the roof. "You can't be serious."

"Do you want to win or not?"


"In 20 seconds, drive forwards as fast as you can. And I mean exactly 20 seconds, not a second later." And again she went off.

Mike took a deep breath and looked ahead of him. "KITT, what are the chances of us… surviving the fall?"

"Probability of surviving a fall from this height without serious injury is 7.64%"

"And of us…"

"Michael, the time limit is almost over. Are we following her request or not?"

Mike thought for a second. "I trust her. Do it!"

Tyres screeched as KITT went into a mad spin for grip but then fired them towards the edge of the roof. Gripping the steering wheel tightly, Mike grit his teeth tightly. "Scrap!"

At the last second, when KITT was about to hit the walls and Mike was about to hit the break there was a crack and a swirling mass of green and white light emerged right ahead of them.

Unable to avoid it, the black car speed into it.

Feeling as if he was being thrown through a catapult on a roller-coaster, Mike felt his lunch come up into his mouth but before he could throw up, it stopped and he was able to open his eyes. Before him was Scrap and Knockout, stood out of a forest road. "KITT… what the hell just happened?"

"We moved."

KITT's driver door opened and Copper leant on the roof. "Congrats Mike, you just completed you first ground bridge."

"Ground bridge?"

"Cybertronian short range teleport." She said with a smile. "KITT, how you feeling? I was more worried about you than Mike."

"I do not feel Scrap. However, all my systems are operative."

"Thank goodness. I've never transported an AI before. I was a little worried."

"I appreciate your concern."

She looked at Mike then nodded. "You just jumped about five K. The two of us are now ahead of everyone in the race but it won't stay that way for long if we stay here so let's keep this short."

"Scrap, they are tracking us!"

"Oh please, surely you know me better than that." Scrap huffed, pushing back her hair. "I blocked it. According to their systems, we are taking several long side roads, having never gotten stuck in the traffic in the first place. Now, we have two minutes before the signals are on top of us and we have to move."

"What are we going to do then?"

She looked over at her car. "Knockout."

Knockout transformed quickly and looked at the trio. "You are a real idiot Mustang."

"I do not understand."

"The halfway point." He said, hand on his hip. "It's on top of an energon deposit. I knew I recognised that place. It's a class three too."


"It's big and wide." Copper said with a nod. "If the device over loads there… it will wipe out half the state."

"Ok… that is not good."

"No. It's not."

"So you think they are going to set the bomb… I mean… device off at the half way point?"

"Yeah. But I don't get it. Talick Montran is an arms dealer, not a terrorist. And he would have to have knowledge on what energon is to plan it like this." She sighed. "Someone else is pulling the shots here… someone who knows the cybertonians and how they…" She stopped and looked at Knockout.

The bot looked at her with the same look. "You don't think…."

"Has to be. Other than you, me and Unit E, only they know."

Mike huffed. "Who are they?"

Scrap swallowed and closed her hand into a fist. "MECH."


"MECH." KITT announced. "An organization that seek to create a 'newer world order' through the application of cutting-edge technology. MECH gathered their technology by stealing it and leave death and destruction in their wake. However, according to Jackson Darby's files, the leader, Leland Bishop, also known as Silas, is dead."

Copper chuckled. "Oh, yeah, he is dead alright. I saw to his body myself. However, the head may have been cut off, but MECH still lives." She let out a breath and pushed off the car. "Right, we need to move. We still have the element of surprise but we don't yet know if it is MECH. So… let's get there and see for ourselves. Knockout."

The car soon transformed back to his other form, allowing Scrap to climb in. "Race you to the line KITT!" Knockout called.

Mike smiled and gripped the wheel. "KITT."

Sticking close behind the red car, the two super cars chased each other around bends and turns, sometimes Knockout up front, sometimes KITT. Both were really impressed by how the other handled their cars.

"Hey KITT."

"Yes Michael?"

The man smiled at the car currently alongside him. "How old was Scrap when she joined the Decepticons?"

"According to her file; eighteen."

Looking over her again, he smiled. "Well, that's younger than I expected. What was an eighteen year old doing with an alien army?"

"That information is missing from her file."

Michael hummed then saw the small bar by the side of the road and skidded KITT to the side, kicking up the dust while Knockout did the same. When it finally settled, the two drivers climbed out and looked over to see four men walking towards them from inside the building.

Talick Montran clapped his hands slowly as he stood before the two. "Well, well, well, this is unexpected. Two racers at once."

Copper shrugged. "Last time I checked, your rules said nothing about us working in teams."

"That I did. I guess you two are going to split the cash?"

"That was the plan." Mike said, leaning on KITT's hood. "35 each."

"But who knows." The woman said as she shrugged. "This is only the halfway point; I may yet lose him and take the whole thing for myself."

Talick chuckled at her, pointing his finger at her. "I like you kid. But this is as far as you are going."


"This race isn't for little girls. I need a driver who can handle himself. You handle your car… I don't think you could handle what I need."

Copper choked back a gasp. "So you mean I'm out… because I'm a girl?"

"No." the man said. "You're out because I need someone who can take care of themselves."

"And you think I can't?" She laughed and stepped off the car. "I can look after myself."

"Look kid…"

"Why don't you try me?"

The man looked between the second driver and then at his guards. "Don't be too rough on her."

"Michael." KITT said into Michael's ear. "These men are ex-army, dishonourable discharge and highly trained."

Michael listened but for some reason, he wasn't worried. He had a feeling this girl could handle them.

And she did.

The two men stepped forward and went either side of the girl who just stood, waiting, her eyes watching them equally. When they made a move, she stepped out of their way, turning and kicked one in the gut before backing it up with a few well-aimed punches to the nose and throat. The men tried to get back up but she elbowed each in the neck and swept her leg under them, twisting one of their arms behind them and kicking them in the spine.

Talick stepped back as he looked at the girl as she stood by their unconscious bodies, sweeping her hair back into place. "Want to see how I am with a gun as well?" she said, holding up the handgun she'd managed to pinch during the short fight.

"No, I think… I think I've seen what I needed to see. You're in."

"I always was."

"Now, since the two of you are here, I might as well tell you that the race does indeed end here for the day. There is a hotel down the road, the first five get a room. The others; go home."

"Why did you tell us the race was twice as long?"

Talick smiled. "I wanted to ensure that those who win, wanted to win every point. I wanted those with a killer instinct."

"If the race is indeed over here…" Copper said, looking at her hand. "Then I need to go clean up. These guys are all… sticky."

The race runner nodded and held out his hand. "There is a bathroom around back."

Copper grinned then stepped over the men and towards where the man stated the bathroom was. Talick grinned as he looked over her back. "Yikes."

"Hey, eyes off!"

The man blinked and looked around blindly. "Who said that?!"

Mike coughed loudly, clearing his throat. "Sorry, frog in my throat. But really, eyes off mate."

Talick looked over the man and sighed. "Ah, she's your girl?"

Eyes drifting to Knockout, Mike gave a shy smile. "You… could say that."

"Well then, I will arrange for you to share a room at the hotel." As he walked away, Mike quickly ran over in front of Knockout, stopping him from charging after the human.

"Oi, cool it red eyes." He hissed. "Don't blow it yet."

The red sports car grumbled but didn't say anything. It wasn't too long before the fiery red head came back, wiping her hands on the side of her jacket, a look of disgust on her face. "Uh, no towels." She complained then saw how Mike was standing in front of Knockout and her lips curled while her eyes drifted to the car. "Knockout, what did you do?"

"He spoke to Talick." Mike hissed when he was close to her. "If I hadn't been here…."

"Relax Mike." Copper said, patting his shoulder. "Let's just head to the hotel and get cleaned up."

"Ah yeah, about that…."


"So…."Mike said as he leant back on the double bed. "What's the story with you and Knockout?"

Copper was sat by a mirror, running a comb through her hair. "What are you talking about?"

"Well it's just… he's very… weird about you. When Talick was looking at you… he told him to keep his eyes off."

The woman laughed. "Wow. I'm amazed that's all he did."

"What do you mean?"

"Men who pay me too much attention… often go missing."

Mike's eyes widened at that thought. "You mean like… missing or… bottom of a lake missing?"

She shrugged a shoulder, busy checking herself in the mirror. "I don't know. I mean there was this one guy once who was hitting on me at this bar once… and he wasn't getting the hint. Then he went to bathroom and… I never saw again. But Knockout had moved outside."

"So… are the two of you… a thing?"

Scrap turned sharply to face him, her face twisted in disgust. "Eww! No! Primus no! For a start, we different species." She shuddered a little. "Ah I can't believe you actually asked that!"

Holding his hands up in defence, Mike jumped from the bed. "Ok, I'm sorry! I didn't… it's not like I know anything about these things. I've never met a… alien before. It's just… he is really protective of you."

The woman sighed softly while leaning on the wall as she messed with something in her hand. "I guess he is. But Knockout looks on me like I'm his sparkling."


"A young cybertronian. Basically he looks on me like I'm his daughter. He just wants to keep me safe."

"But you can fight. You don't need him to look after you."

She shrugged at the compliment. "Maybe. Airachnid and Dreadwing taught me very well… but that doesn't mean I'm unbeatable. I can look after myself yet always know Knockout has my back."

Mike frowned. "Who are… Dreadwing and Airachnid?"

"Other Decepticons. Dreadwing is with the AllSpark now and Airachnid was banished to the moon of Cybertron." She sighed sadly before beginning to put her boots on. "I'll never see either of them again."

Sensing things were going to move, Mike began putting his own shoes and jacket on. "So there are more of them?"

"Hundreds but Knockout and Ratchet are the only two still on earth."

"And who's Ratchet?"

"The Autobot medic. Bit grumpy but you get use to him." She gave another loud long sigh. "I miss them sometimes, they had a way of just… cheering me up."

"What happened?"

She grunted, stretching her arms out. "The war ended. Megatron, our leader, was killed and the cons abandoned ship. And they left me behind to the mercy of the Autobots. And it was mercy. After all I have done, I should have been killed, or at least locked up. But Optimus Prime thought I dissevered a second chance and recommended me for Unit E."

"Why did you leave?"

The woman grinned as she attached a strange gun to her side. "Too many rules." She said then nodded. "Right, shall we go? If the device is here, night would be the time to set it up."

Sticking a normal hand gun in his back belt, Mike nodded. "After you."

Pulling a dark hood up over her hair and nodded to the door. Knockout and KITT were only across the road from them but the two humans didn't go near the two, instead snuck around the back of the hotel and into the forest.

In pitch black, Mike had to allow time for his eyes to readjust but Scrap was already making easy progress.

"Scrap." He hissed, making her stop. "Slow down, I can't see."

The woman grunted before reaching out and taking hold of his arm, pulling him to her side. Then she reached into her jacket pocket and placed something over his ears, looping around the back. "There. Better?"

Mike couldn't help but stand there, blinking as he looked forwards. His vision was all of a sudden perfect night vision, staring at the woman before him. Even stranger was that there were lines of text appearing before him, telling him what each small animal and heat signature was. "Ok… what the hell is this?"

"It's the new version of my headset." She said, already walking again. "It's not finished but it will allow you to see and will alert you to movements."

Following, Mike moved his head from side to side. "Do you always see like this?"

"I can turn it off."

"So how does this thing work?"

Scrap sighed, stopping again, looking around the forest they were in. "Quick version? It takes electronic signals from the brain and translates them to the wearers will and vice versa. That headset is basically a super computer equal to KITT. Just think and the headset will do the rest."

"So if I wanted it to call KITT…."

A line of numbers appeared at the bottom of his eyes suddenly. "Michael." Came KITT's voice. "Is everything going to plan?"

"Yeah KITT, I'm just… testing something out."

"KITT." Scrap said as she stopped, crouching down. "What's going on at your end?"

"There are two men approaching your hotel room." KITT was warned.

"Frag! It's too soon. Knockout, stall them."

"On it." Came the arrogant cybertronian voice over the headset.

Back at the hotel, the two men were using a master key to open the door, each of them armed. What no one noticed was that the car behind them, rolling from his parking slot until he had a perfect shot. As the pair pushed the door open, a panel at the side of the red car slid to reveal a small weapon. Just as they stepped in, it once fired and the pair slumped inside, the door swinging behind them.

Knockout then rolled back to his spot.

Beside him, KITT's headband glowed for a moment. "Nice shot."

Had Knockout been in his root mode, he would have grinned. But then the two cars picked up other cars coming towards them and KITT ran their plates quickly. "Michael, there are other men arriving, in vehicles registered to several of Talick's aliases."

"Basically Scrap; they are looking for you."

Back out in the forest, Scrap nodded to Mike. "We need to move, now."

Mike nodded. "KITT, Knockout, move out and lead them away."

"On it."

"Michael, if you need assistance I will be unable to help you."

"Hey, blinkie, he's got Scrap with him, he'll be fine." Knockout groaned, roaring into life loudly just as headlights came down the road. "Now get your aff in gear and roll it!"

KITT said nothing, he just came to life himself and rolled backwards to turn around as the other sports cars arrived, blocking their exit. Suddenly each door opened and men with machine guns jumping out, pointing the weapons at the cars. "Freeze! Cut the engines and get out slowly. Both of you."

The two cars remained still before Knockout's rear tires screeched against the ground, kicking up dust and dirt in the process before he charged at the cars. The gun men instantly opened fire but the cybertronian just took the hits, thanks to a new shielding Scrap had developed a few years ago for him. At the last second before collision, he swung sideways and went onto the steep bank of dirt at the side, skidding around the gunmen in a way that no normal car could.

When the car hit tarmac once more, he span and stopped, looking back at the shooters. "Well, come on then!" He yelled back.

Behind the other cars, being shot as himself, KITT's tires span then shot him forwards towards the gunmen until he used his turbo boost to fly over them, landing roughly on the other side and shot past Knockout who was soon on his retreating taillights.

As the two raced side by side, the red one huffed. "Show off."

Meanwhile, back out in the forest, tracking their way back along towards the bar the race had stopped at a while ago, Scrap and Michael shared a look that just told each other, they knew what it was like to have a showing off car then carried on walking.

Finally the pair of headsets detected an increase of heat and light, slowly lowering the night vision until it was all but shut off so not to blind the pair. They slowly peered over the brink of the hill, looking at the lights and building. There were some cars were out front, two sporty flash cars but as they watched they were joined by a big four by fours in dark green, a man climbing out of each door.

Scrap nodded, drawing her weapon from her side and kept low as she walked over to the bar's side wall and leant against it, Mike behind her. With him covering her back, she checked her hood was up over her face and stood up, looking through a window, scanning the inside of the room.

There was Talick and two of his men, stood before a table covered with small strange looking parts. Then the door opened and three armed men in tight black uniforms with their faces covered came in. A fourth man joined them but this one was tall, skinny and had sharp features to his aging face.

He looked at the gun runner and began to speak but so softly, Scrap couldn't hear them. Looking around the room, she spotted a land line telephone on the wall, used by the bar visitors to call for taxis. With a bit of quick reprogramming, she was able to access it and listen in, patching Mike in as well.

Talick was currently looking a little confused. "What? Why do you need my phone?"

"In case it is being used to listen in on us." Said the only unmasked man, his hands behind his back as he stood tall and proud. "Over the years I have come not to underestimate the strength of our opponent. They are more resourceful than you would believe. Now, you and your men will hand over your phones and put them in this box. You will have them back when our business is finished."

Huffing, the arms dealer did as he was told and put his phones in the box the stranger was offering them, followed by the four of his men.

With the box locked, it was placed on a separate table in the bar. The tall man nodded. "Good. Now then, you have done as asked."

"Of course." Talick said proudly, waving at the collection of things on the table. "Just as you ordered Carlos. Each piece was hidden in one of the cars then taken out at the half way point today."

Carlos nodded as he picked up one of the parts and looked it over. "Excellent. You have played your part well Talick."

"Well, for two million, it was a pretty easy task. Talking of which… you got the cash?"

"It's in the case." He said, waving at one of his men who held the metal suitcase. "There is only one thing." Carlos said, putting down the piece in his hand. "Pardon the two I kept hold of, the device was separated into 40 pieces exactly." His calm demeanour suddenly vanished as he slammed his hand down on the wood. "There are only 39 here!"

Fear flashed over Talick's face as he backed up and his men drew weapons, pointing them at the masked men. The other group didn't move. Their leader frowned at the other man. "Where is the last component Talick!"

Talick swallowed, hands up in surrender even when it was his side with all the weapons. "It… it's in the Mustang!" He babbled. "We haven't been able to get it back yet but I sent my men to go get it. They should be back any minute."

"Mustang you say?" Carlos considered, his voice once again calm and dignified. "Odd car to be in a race like this."

"Yeah but it's really fast. We couldn't get close because of the driver's partner. Every time we tried, one of them would turn up."

Again, Carlos paused. "Partner?"

"Mustang's got this really hot girl on his team. Drives a red foreign sports car. I've never seen anything like it!"

"What does she look like, this… girl?"

Talick held out his hands and began sculpting the air. "Ah you know, round here, flat there and…"

"Her eyes, you idiot! What colour are her eyes!"

"Oh…." Talick managed. "Green. Red hair, green eyes."

The other man smiled. "It is her." He turned suddenly to look at his men. "Search the surrounding area. She might already be here. And find that car."

"Umm." Talick said, holding his hand up. "Surely she will be in her car?"

The man turned on him and frowned then drew something from behind his back and fired the small silver device at the lot of them, taking them all down in a single silent hit.

Outside, Scrap dropped from the window and beckoned the SCC operative to follow him just as the men turned the corner. Carefully, Scrap lifted up a door into the cellar of the bar, closing the door silently behind them as they stood in the dark, night vision once again active on the headsets.

Kneeling near a wall, Scrap held her weapon on the trap door. "Knockout, KITT, what's your position?" Scrap hissed.

KITT answered. "We are currently ten miles from your position, leading our pursuers away from your current position."

"Good. Keep going and don't let them stop you. KITT, you have a piece of the device hidden inside you and Knockout you have full right to transform and use force if needed. I need you to call the doc and tell him to get the bots down here now!"

Knockout's voice was filled with concern when he spoke back to us. "Scrap… what's wrong?"

"It is MECH. And they have the device."

"Indeed we do." Came a voice before the cellar's light turned on. Scrap's headset was fortunately a second faster than the lights and turned the night vision off before the pair could be blinded but it still left both of them dazed.

When they could see again, they were faced with six of the masked MECH operatives, all pointing guns at the pair while Carlos gave a cold smile. "We meet at last Scrap."

Quickly Mike lifted his gun up and faced the group. "Drop the weapons." He said bold and brave, army training kicking in.

"Save your strength Mike." The woman said, throwing her own weapon to the side, away from herself and everyone else then lifted her hands. "These guys don't mess around."

"Indeed we don't." Carlos agreed as Mike put his weapon on the ground and lifted his own hands. "It's good to see you still remember us, Scrap."

Copper kept her eyes locked on him. "I knew MECH was still alive. After all these years, I just never had the proof."

"With you and Unit E on our trail, we had to go underground." He stepped forwards, always keeping a distance to her. "But Silas was a fool not to realise how dangerous you were. And what an asset you were."

Her eye narrowed on him. "If you think I'm going to help you… you have another thought. I'd rather die than help you slag heaps."

Carlos just smiled at him. "I knew you'd say that." He nodded and slowly the armed MECH operatives stepped forwards, three each, one keeping a gun pointed at their chests, the other two stepping behind and binding their hands behind their backs, removing Mike's headset but leaving the woman's alone.

Mike grunted as they locked his arms behind him but Scrap didn't say a word or made a sound as she was tied up and lead at gunpoint up into the main bar, Talick and his men were still lying on the floor where they had fallen.

But Carlos didn't stop there; he led the pair and his men out the front of the bar to the main road.

It took a moment but then headlights came down the road and two four by fours came down the road, each on towing another vehicle.

One a black mustang, the other a red sports car. Both of them still and silent.

Scrap felt her heart flicker as the cars stopped and showed their targets. "Knockout!" She yelled, stepping forwards towards the red car but MECH just grabbed her arms and pointed weapons at her. She didn't stop struggling so the men butted her in the back with a gun, knocking the wind out of her and sent her to her knees.

Mike flinched at the attack but then drifted his eyes to KITT who was also silent.

The woman finally had enough strength to look up and cough. "What have you done to him!?" She hissed at the leader.

"He's only stunned." Carlos informed her. "But this…." He held up a small vial in his hand. "This is to make sure you listen to us."

Suddenly he threw the container onto Knockout's hood, smashing it in the process and releasing strange dark blue electric worms that began to zip across his form, crackling on his skin and causing the joints of his transformation to move and break apart while at the same time, there was a painful, scream like sound from the car.

Scrap also screamed from the ground. "No! Knockout! Let him go! Stop it! I'll do what you want just please don't hurt him!"

Carlos smiled coldly then reached out and placed a small black device on the bonnet, stopping the worms that then fell still. Then he turned to the woman, walking over to her and grabbing her hair to pull her to her feet, dragging her back inside.

Mike was pushed inside as well, watching as Copper stood over the table of bits. Carlos nodded to it. "No doubts you know what I want you to do."

Tears in her eyes, Scrap nodded. "You want me to rebuild it."

"Yes. And you have ten minutes. After that, I kill the mustang. Then you have 15 and I kill this guy." He pointed to Mike who was being forced to his knees, a gun at his head. "And after half an hour? Then your partner gets it. Then it's your turn."

Holding his breath, Mike watched the display. Scrap would perhaps sacrifice him and KITT. But not Knockout. He had never known anyone scream like she did seeing him hurt.

It didn't surprise him to see her nod, then Carlos turned to his men and also nodded, ordering for her restraints to be cut. "You have ten minutes."

Rubbing her wrists, the young woman kept her eyes on the disassembled device before her. She blinked a few times, bringing up the design on her headset and starting a ten minute countdown. "I'm going to need some tools."

A handful of high tech looking tools were placed on the table beside her and Carlos frowned at her. "Ten minutes."

"I know." She took hold of the screwdriver and began fixing the energy source.

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