Someone Like You

She started with "It's not that I don't love you," and Harry didn't need to listen to know how this conversation was going to end. He did listen though, while she talked about the war and being afraid and needing someone to lean on. On and on she talked and before long she was sobbing wet sloppy tears into a napkin. Harry patted her hand and told her he didn't blame her. He'd never in his life wanted to punch a woman before but as the words "and when I thought about him out there all alone. On the run with no one to help him I was just so scared." left her mouth he wanted to hit her.

Harry didn't point out that he had also been on the run. That unlike Dean Thomas who was only one of many muggle born's he'd be labelled public enemy number one and was Voldemort's main target. Instead he just patted her hand some more, paid for their coffee and told her to keep in touch. He didn't look back as he left the small muggle coffee shop, the first one ever built in Ottery St. Catchpole, if he had looked he may have felt guilty for leaving Ginny alone and practically drowning in her own tears. He might also have missed Dean Thomas trying to hover inconspicuously outside. Harry did not miss him however and instead waved him into the shop as he left it.

He returned to Grimmauld Place and a few days later Hermione came to find him. She climbed the steps to his room, the one where Sirius used to sleep and laid down beside him on his bed. She didn't speak and Harry loved her all the more for her silent acceptance. He didn't cry or tear out his hair or do anything else that people in love were supposed to do when their lovers left them.

"I'm not sure I ever loved her." Harry told Hermione in a frightened whisper after they had laid there together for some time. Hermione patted his hand gently.

"Of course you loved her just maybe not in the way you thought." She told him. Harry rolled onto his side to look into his best friends understanding brown eyes.

"What if I can't love? What if the Horcrux destroyed my ability too? I never thought of dating anybody except Cho and Ginny. Both times I haven't much minded when we weren't dating any longer. What if I'm broken?" Harry asked her desperately.

"Oh Harry!" She cried moving to embrace him, her movement thankfully obscured her eyes which had begun to tear up as Harry spoke. "There is nothing wrong with you! You have so much love to give you're practically bursting at the seams with it."

"Then why don't I care? I was angry because of the excuses Ginny gave not because she was ending it. Now I'm not even angry anymore. I care more about the fact that I don't care than that she ended things." Harry asked his friend in desperation.

"You're a special person Harry. It only makes sense you'll need someone special to love. One day I'm sure you'll meet someone who makes your heartbeat and your head spin. Ginny and Cho are lovely but they couldn't give you the kind of love you deserve. I think you sensed that so you didn't give them your love either. One day someone will come into your life who can love you with all their heart." Hermione told him

"How can you know that?" Harry asked hating how pathetic and needy he sounded.

"Because you deserve it. More than anyone else in the world you deserve it."

"I've been thinking," Hermione told him over ice cream. Harry glanced up at his friend, they'd just come from the ministry and were celebrating their last N.E.W.T. test at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour. It had been reopened by the late Florean's wife Flora after the war ended. She had continued his tradition of feeding Harry free ice cream and extended that to Hermione as well when she learned of her part in the war.

"That can't be good." Harry told her and she threw a cherry from her sunday at him.

"Oh shush I'm serious."

"Okay tell me then what's happening in that genius brain of yours?"

"I've been thinking about the war and how all the creatures joined Voldemort. Even the ones that didn't join him chose to remain neutral."

"What about it?" Harry asked.

"I think it happened because ideas about creatures are so outdated and Wizards are really very poorly informed about the other creatures in the world. How can I change the legislation without all the information?" Hermione paused and gave him a pointed look as if he should have some kind of answer.

"Errr-You can't?" Harry supplied. Hermione nodded approvingly.

"Exactly I can't! I think we need to put together comprehensive information about the different creatures and the different ways they live. A sort of encyclopedia you know with all their details and myths and things."

"But won't that take a really long time? And once it's done what's to stop someone from using it to harm the creatures it catalogs?" Harry asked. Hermione clucked her tongue at him as if he was being foolish.

"Well obviously we wouldn't put in any information that could be used to find the creatures. Just document them and yes it will likely take several years but we can't change the world overnight Harry. Making real comprehensive change takes time. Besides if I'm here working to get things in order on my end while you go out and meet with creatures imagine the change we could create!" Hermione told him her eyes shining with excitement.

"Hey wait! When did this go from a hypothetical discussion about making an encyclopedia to me going out and meeting various dangerous creatures?" Harry demanded. Hermione gave him a quelling look.

"Oh come on we both know you don't want to be an Auror anymore and you've got no other plans. This way you'd be out doing something exciting but more importantly something meaningful."

Alice was lying in her bed sketching as she hummed quietly to herself. Downstairs she heard a loud thunk and glanced over at the clock.

October 3rd. 2:07PM

Suddenly a sound of rushing water filled her ears and everything became distorted like trying to look through glass that wasn't perfectly smooth. She could see someone entered the room but couldn't tell whom it was or what they were saying-

"What was that?" Edward demanded of Alice, as the haze of vision cleared from her eyes and she was back with him in the middle of a crowded shopping mall. Alice shook her head.

"I don't know." She replied her brow furrowed with concern. "Whatever it was we've got a few months to get ready for it."

"Should we be worried? Maybe it's time to leave Forks, I know Bella doesn't want to leave Charlie but if its Renesmee's safety on the line." Alice shook her head.

"I don't think it's anything bad. I didn't feel afraid or anything."

"Well just to be safe see if you get anything on the Volturi concerning us." Alice nodded and tried to direct her mind toward the Volturi.

Aro smiled.

"Fascinating, of course I will offer safe passage." he told a dark haired Vampire that Alice didn't recognize. The stranger bowed deeply.

"Thank you my lord. I will deliver the news-" the rushing started again. The image became blurred again.

Alice sighed and turned to Edward.

"That's all I can see, everything else is unclear."

"Do you think it's some kind of creature? I mean it's different than when you try to see the wolves but not completely different." Edward asked. Alice shrugged.

"Maybe but from what Aro did say I don't think it's a threat to us. After all it was petitioning for safe passage."

"I hope you're right. I don't relish the idea of another battle." Edward replied quietly.

Author's note: Dipping my toe into the Hp/Twilight crossover world. This will be a Harry/Seth story. Please review and tell me what you think so far. I always get scared when starting in a new fandom so a confidence boost would be totally rocking! :)