30 Years Later

Rae Bennett moved carefully through the city streets as she stalked her next victim. Since she'd awoken a few days earlier feeling desperately thirsty this had become her routine. Rae always promised herself she'd be discrete but as soon as she caught the smell of blood on the air her mind became a blank and nothing straightened until her thirst was slaked, at least until the next time she smelled blood on the wind.

Suddenly there was a loud noise on the other side of the alley and she turned quickly red eyes searching for movement but finding nothing. Still she moved toward the sound hoping for another meal. As she drew closer an intoxicating scent reached Rae's senses, it was like blood only a thousand times more alluring. She moved toward it without a conscious thought vampire eyes scanning around to find the source of the smell. Finally she found a small glass vial sitting in the middle of the alley.

Rae picked it up with shaking hands the smell of it so alluring she could barely think beyond knowing it was imperative that she not spill it or break the glass. Finally she was able to raise it too her lips and drank it down greedily. She was licking the last drops from her lips as the paralysis set in. Falling to the ground Rae began to panic as she tried to move her limbs but couldn't her eyes were stuck wide open so she saw the black booted feet as they moved into the alley, clacking loudly against the pavement before coming to a stop in front of her.

"Oh Ms. Bennett you have led me on quite a chase, there was a time when such bloodshed would have been applauded. Alas our Lady feels differently-" He broke off suddenly as he leaned down and allowed Rae to see his face for the first time. He was handsome with golden eyes and thick dark hair "But I would never speak ill of my Lady nor should you if you wish to keep you head."

Suddenly Rae was plunged into darkness as a hood was pulled over her head. She felt hands on her as she was lifted from the ground before being tossed onto a hard surface. The vibration and the way her body slid about told her she was likely in the back of a van. At first Rae tried to keep track of where they were taking her but the total darkness and the strange drink she'd been given lulled her into a kind of daze as the trip drew on.

She came back to herself when she was pulled to her feet and given a shove, Rae stumbled before realizing her paralysis was gone and she could walk again. Immediately she moved to remove the hood only to find her hands bound and immovable. She struggled for a moment before the calm voice of the man from the alley caused her to freeze.

"There's no need to struggle lovely, we won't hurt you. Well not unless you make us." Rae opened her mouth to retort but stopped when another voice spoke. This was a woman's voice, she spoke with a pronounced british accent and seemed to be quite close by.

"You found Ms. Bennett I see. Well done Demitri you shall be rewarded."

"Being of service to my Lady is reward enough." replied her captor smoothly.

"Quite. A room has been prepared for her on the basement level. My beloved Blaise, will escort you to assist in case she struggles once her bindings are removed." Knowing that there was another vampire with Demitri was enough to stop Rae struggling for now. They would remove her bindings, perhaps then she could escape.

They removed whatever was holding her hands before shoving her through a door and slamming it closed behind her. Rae waited in silence for a moment before using her hands to pull the hood away off her head and examine the room where she'd been left. It was plain, with white walls and a few chairs pushed to one side. The other side of the room was bare except for a large TV that hung on the far wall. It had a small post-it note stuck to it.

When you are ready for answers turn me on

With another glance around the white room Rae moved cautiously forward and pressed the power button on the television. It flared to life and Rae found herself staring up at a vampire woman. She was quite pretty with long brown hair that curled around her shoulders. Her eyes were same amber color as Rae's captor and she wore an elegant blue sun dress that exposed pale white shoulders.

"Hello Ms. Bennett," the woman's lips twisted into a smile which exposed her razor sharp fangs but her voice was that of the woman from earlier. "I trust your trip was not too uncomfortable."

"Where am I? Who are you and what right do you have to bring me here?" Rae demanded ignoring the other's question. Her smile didn't falter.

"In my human life I was called Hermione Granger, in this life I am merely Hermione: Lady of the Volturi Guard. I understand you have many questions but first a snack." Suddenly a panel in the wall opened and a sheep came trotting into the room. Rae grimaced in disgust even as her stomach growled the low beat of the animal's heart irresistible in such a closed in space. Without consciously deciding to, Rae suddenly found herself with hands curled into the sheep's fur as she sank her fangs into it's neck. It was no where near as lovely as human blood but it did soothe the thirst she hadn't realized was bothering her.

"Very good. As you are still quite young your lust for blood cannot be completely quelled even with the potion you were fed."

"Potion? What are you talking about?" Rae demanded as the haze of her feed left her and she shoved the mangled sheep away from her. She'd broken it's neck while she fed and now it lay at an unnatural angle on her floor.

"I understand this is all very confusing for you. Normally a vampire with your body count would simply be killed however in this case you are being given a chance. We apprehended your maker and executed him but were not able to learn where he had left you. It took Demitri much longer than expected to locate you." The woman explained pleasantly even as Rae felt a chill that had nothing to do with her lack of heartbeat.

"You can't-I can't be killed for killing people! I'm a vampire!" Rae objected in horror.

"Indeed you are but you needn't be an animal. It is true there was a time when your spree would likely have been overlooked but we run things a little differently now. As you saw it was a matter of very little effort to locate and contain you, it would have been far easier to kill you. However I am a believer in second chances, when I took over the Volturi I offered the guard the same choice I am giving you abstain entirely from human blood or take a blood lust depressor to give you control over your venom and your feeding. What that means is you no longer have the ability to infect another but can still leave a human breathing after a feed. Do you understand?"

"I-I didn't know I had venom." Rae responded with a frown, Hermione shrugged.

"Then you shan't miss it. Now you will remain here and feed from the game preserve until I am convinced you can control yourself. Once you leave this place if you take another life, and I will know if you do, you will be executed. There will be no third chances. Do you understand?" Her voice had gone deadly cold and Rae didn't doubt her word for a moment so instead she gave a shaky nod.

"Lovely, then let me be the first to welcome you to the Volturi Vampire Retraining Center and Game Preserve. May your immortality be fruitful."

Somewhere in Egypt

"Where to next?" Seth asked as he glanced down at his imprint. Harry's head lay against Seth's chest, his finger tracing little circles across his abdomen thoughtlessly. Seemingly ignorant to how turned on that left Seth even after thirty years of it.

"Dunno maybe South America? It's been years since the last time we check in with Mione and Blaise." Harry replied thoughtfully his hot breath feeling almost cool on Seth's overheated flesh.

"Hmm that could be fun, and from there?" Seth inquired and Harry sighed. Seth smirked, Harry had been introspective and mopey for days. Perhaps he was about to finally find out why.

"I was thinking maybe we could find some place to settle for awhile. We've been travelling for years." Seth was surprised but pleased.

"Maybe we could go to Forks? Leah's got to be quite old and wrinkly by now plus Aaron is graduating High School this year." Seth asked trying not to sound too hopeful. Harry laughed.

"I can't believe he's so old already. It seems like just yesterday Leah was telling us she was pregnant."

"I know what you mean. Does that mean yes to Forks?" Seth asked hopefully and Harry nodded against his chest but remained quiet. Seth shifted and pushed Harry up so he could look in his face. "Come on Love, I've known you too long not to notice when something is bothering you."

"Have you ever thought about having kids?" Harry questioned Seth's eyebrows went up into his hair.

"I thought you couldn't have kids." Harry scoffed and shoved him.

"Not personally idiot! I meant adoption or something." Seth shrugged.

"I dunno, I mean I always wanted kids. I can't say I wasn't jealous the first time I saw Jeremiah and Leah with baby Aaron."

"I got a letter from Emily a few days ago, when we stopped in Cairo." Harry offered Seth wasn't surprised the two had become quite close over the years. "She told me Hope is pregnant."

"What?!" Seth exploded "She's fifteen!"

"Yeah," Harry nodded "That's why she's giving it up for adoption. Emily says Sam wants to try and keep the baby in the tribe even if it means they have to raise it themselves as Hope's little sister."

"Wow another baby at their age?" Seth questioned.

"I know, that's why-that's why Emily wanted to know if we'd adopt the baby. I mean even if it grows up to be a shifter we've got the experience and the laws in America have progressed so much in the last few decades nothing will stop us from adopting legally. But I don't want you to feel pressured, we don't have too of course." Seth interrupted Harry before he could continue.

"Are you kidding?" Unable to contain his joy Seth pulled Harry into a deep kiss before breaking it off and grinning "A baby Harry! Our Baby! Oh god we're going to be daddies after all this time!"

Harry laughed in delight.

"Yeah? You want to?"

"Want to? I can't imagine anything I want more! You're going to be an amazing dad Harry!" Unable to contain himself Seth kissed his imprint again, already wondering how long it would take to get to Forks and start setting up a place for their new baby to live.

Author's notes: Hope you've enjoyed this little bit of fluffy. Keep watch on my A03 For smutlets sometime in the next few weeks. You can find the link on my profile (which will be updated as soon as I post anything)