Three Months Later

JJ had rejected the offer to take some time off work, although she did appreciate the thought. She took comfort in surrounding herself with case files and it was good for her to have other things to focus on. During work hours she could throw herself into the cases, her mind working out the riddles which surrounded her job. The time passed quickly and it was as if nothing had changed. For the first few weeks after, before the trial, she had avoided eye contact and kept her head down, unable to bear the worried and sympathetic glances of her colleagues who were all keeping an eye on how she was coping. But soon these passed and life seemed normal in the office. It was the time alone when she returned home which proved to be difficult for JJ. She would often return after dark, and her heart would skip a beat in her chest as she twisted the key in the lock; her mind would race as she flicked on the lights. And her memory would scream when she entered the kitchen.

After the trial, she felt as though a weight was lifted off her shoulders and she flashed Will the first genuine smile she had shown anybody in a long time as they walked through the court doors out into the sunshine. Simon would never see the light of day again; justice had been served. She could face the families of his victims now with a lighter conscience, and knew that they could grieve in quiet peace now that it was all over.

One evening, JJ and Will were curled up on the sofa, a terrible film playing on their TV as she held a glass of wine in her hand and Henry slept soundly in his bed. A thought occurred to JJ and she sat up straight. Several weeks later, deals were pushed through and their house was on the market. It sold fast and they moved out within the month, an unusually fast sale. They'd moved into their new house just three months after JJ's ordeal with the brutal serial killer, leaving their fear and dread behind to face what JJ hoped would be a very positive future. She could sleep soundly knowing one more killer was behind bars, and she was looking forward to clearing many more off the streets too.

Today was a good day, she thought.

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