With a clink! of the chains, it fell to the floor in a pile. Everyone was in shock! The girl didn't even move a muscle-all that happened was a simple touch from her sword, a glow from the markings, then they chains came undone! The girl did the same to the Rika's chains and they were just as surprised as the Sirius.

"Who-more like what-are you?"

Morgan questioned. He studied every inch of the girl as if she was a foreign object.

"I'm a girl who simply seeks your help."

Putting her sword in it's sheath on her back the girl added,

"But it's more like...you guys need my help."

This, of course, enraged Russell and the smirk on her face didn't help his temper.

"Who the hell ye think yer are?"

Russell let his rage get the best of him as he unsheathed his two sabers and rushed toward the girl. Christopher yelled at him to stop and tried to grab his arm, but he was already too late as Russell took off. He brought his right arm up ready to strike down the girl, but something made him go pale. Souldrinker was already pressed up against his sword, countering his attack. Gasps rang out and eyes became big like saucers. Even Russell himself was surprised!

'She maybe tiny...but she sure as hell had some muscle!'

Russell pushed with all his might against her sword. He just couldn't win though, as the girl pushed too against Russell. It was so hard that if she pushed any farther, Russell would lose his balance. Everyone was anxious to see what would come next. It's known around the world that Russell is a very strong fighter, but you wouldn't believe the scene laid out before them-if you haven't seen it for yourself.

"I do not wish to fight you! Stand down or I will be forced to make your fate the same as those Ares pirates!"

She stared directly into Russell's eyes. His emerald green eyes placed the girl into a trance, but she knew that bending to his will would cause her to lose. Russell was not one for girls, but he also got lost in her dark brown eyes. They were like swirling pools of chocolate and they were so warm and inviting-considering the fact that she was engaged in battle. Russell felt like he knew her for a long time because of how inviting they were. To end the duel between them, the girl gave a shove in the direction of Russell and he fell to the ground with the girl standing tall above him.

"Go ahead..."

Russell trailed off for a moment,

"Finish me."

The Sirius and Rika-surprisingly-drew their weapons. But before anyone could take a step, the girl placed a hand up in a "halt" position, shocking them and confusing them. Lowering their weapons, they obeyed.

"Did I say that I didn't wanna fight?"

Her hand was outstretched toward him, but her sword was in her left hand.


With mixed feelings of shock and slight fear and panic, Russell's eyes shifted between the girl and her hand.

"Now get up off your ass."

A playful smirk was on her lips and her eyes sparkled mischievously. Something about her made her honest just looking at her. Russell felt like he could trust her and he would be in safe hands...maybe it was her soft eyes, her luring gaze, or just maybe the fact that Russell actually found her kinda cute. Finally, he gripped her hand-which was soft and warm-as a light dusting of pink blush was under his eyes.

It was now nightfall and the stars were scattered against the sapphire backdrop of the night sky. Everyone was on deck, drinking and/or eating after listening to the girl's tale of how she managed to get aboard the Ares ship. Along with what her intentions were with the Sirius and Rika.

"So here's what I've collected so far",

Morgan said before taking another swing of his beer,

"You need our help for this..revolution of yours? Why us?"

All eyes shifted to the girl who sat right next to Nathan. Taking a breath she spoke,

"You two-the Rika and Sirius-are wanted in my homeland as well. I've heard many great tales about your crew and how you go on daring adventures and also your bravery. Plus, they wouldn't put a bounty that big on your heads if you weren't the trouble."

Intrigued, flattered, and convinced upon hearing her explanation, everyone nodded in agreement. Morgan was very impressed with her fighting skill-especially when she was disarmed. The girl would be a great asset to the Sirius...but three questions still bothered him.

"Let's say we do join your cause...what do we get out of it?"

The Captain said with a raised eyebrow.

"You will have the title as Lord/Lady in my homeland, along with a piece of land and a payment of 100,000 gold coins a week. I will also give you the manpower/slaves to harvest crops and sell them to add to your 100,000 payment a week. Last but not least, I will appoint some knights to be your personal bodyguards."

Jaws were hung open and some even stopped half way of what they were doing. Morgan stopped halfway of bringing his drink to his mouth, Alan's jaw hung open as his fork was halfway to his mouth, and so forth.

"How in the hell are ye gonna do all that?!"

Eduardo asked as he was wary of this girl. Knowing this question would come up, she took a breath,

"Have you ever heard of the ancient kingdom of..."

Her voice trailed off to build anticipation and it worked as everyone leaned in just a bit to get a good ear.


Morgan had to spit out his beer that he drank and Alan dropped his fork.

"You mean it's real?!"

Eduardo asked, his face colored with shock and surprise. He stood up and his eyes (more like eye) bulged out of it's socket. She slowly nodded.

"Albion is my birthplace."



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