Chapter 3

I couldn't lose her like this. I rushed to find Sam in the rain; the rain became a horrible storm. The rain fell like a ocean of water and the lightening was fierce enough to scare the devil. My bright pearled colored hair was matting against my forehead and falling over my emerald eyes. I kept running though the angry shower of water when I caught a site.


My heart stopped and my blood ran cold. I raced to find Sam lying in the street a large bruise forming at the side of her head. I wasted no time to cradle her into my arms and rush toward my castle. She started shivering so I decided to fly. This rush made me forget upon my own ghostly abilities. Once inside I order one of my guards to find the doctor and to send her into my room. I laid Sam on my bed and made her clothes faze off. Now for you perverts out there, I didn't get a chance to caress her body with my eyes. My objective was to make sure she was warm. After pat-dying her off with towels, I wrapped her into my covers. Doctor Pandora walked in, complete disgusted in Sam. I know Pandora had a crush on me but she has to get over it; I'm crazy for Sam. She checked Sam over and not too carefully bandage Sam's wound. I thanked her softly before laying beside Sam; Pandora let out a small grunt of dissatisfying disappointment. I wrapped my arms around this petite girl, she's so beautiful.

"You're the true image of beauty." I stated then reached to touch her hair, "Your hair dark as the starless night and soft like silk."

Sam's body shifted over to me for warmth. I was more than happy to comply.

"Your complexion flawless yet pale. Your skin doesn't replica the snow; more of the moon." I used one finger to draw on her face. "And your skin as soft as a rose."

Sam let out a light groan as my lips touched her cheek.

"And your lips," I muttered as I lowered my face to hers. Only a couple centimeters away. "The color of a pink hibiscus. They're full yet small lips, mmmhmmm so kissable."

I leaned to steal a kiss. Her lips were soft, like kissing the petals of a rose. They were so sweet and so addictive. Deciding not to over do the kiss, I wrapped her into my arms and fell asleep.


When I awoken, Sam was still sleeping. I cuddled the sleeping girl and nuzzled my face into her hair. I could wake up like this every morning for the rest of eternity. Sam shifted and stretched in my arms. Her eyes softly fluttered open then the cutest yarn escaped her sweet little mouth. My heart fluttered at the sight and a content smile graced my face. She's so beautiful .

"What hit me?" She groaned as her hand raced to her wound. I grabbed it before she touched it.

"You got hurt last night m'lady. I don't think it would be wise to touch that open wound." I said, worried and concerned.

"Oh." Sam said quietly, taking in her surrounding.

"Well I found you and took you here," I looked at my hands her heavy gaze was upon me, "I wanted to watch over you so that's why your in my bed."

"Well thankyou," Sam said calmly, "Can you show me where AJ is?"

"Sure, maybe we can-" I was cut off seeing Paullina fuming at my door.

"We can what?" Sam asked with an eyebrow raised.


"We broke up last night when you told me all you wanted was my money. And you don't love me you love the money and my looks. We're not together now GET OUT MY CASTLE!" I screamed and heard a muttered.

"You'll regret leaving me Phantom! I'll make sure of it!" Paullina said as she ranted out the castle.

When she left, I quickly tried to explain everything to Sam. Sam hand gently touched my lips. My eyes locked with hers. Emerald met Amethyst. My mind went hazy as she smiled, quickly sliding out of the bed.

After we got out of bed, I'll allow Sam to shower and one of my maids to get Sam a nice dress to wear for breakfast. I introduced Sam to my sister Daniella. Daniella look most like me, a whole lot. Daniella has snowy white hair like mine and bright green eyes that can almost compete with my own. I watched as Sam looked over my sister and I smile.

"This is Daniella or as we call her Dani." I told Sam.

"I'm Dani. Dani with an I." Daniela said.

"Well is very nice to meet you Dani with an I." Sam said politely.

"So Sam are you Gothic or something?" Daniella asked.

Sam gave a light laugh and said, "Yes I am; nice of you to notice."

"You're different I think that's why my brother likes you. Danny usually date girls with ribbons and bows; all that ugly nasty stuff. I like you; you're better for him. I hope you won't break his heart."

"Dani." I can't believe she just told her that. I have to massacre her sooner or later, I thought viciously as I looked at Sam; who was also blushing.

"Well," Sam said softly trying to playing with her bowl of cereal," I don't believe your brother likes me we're just friends."

I stop eating my cereal to look at her surprised, that she was say such a thing. We will have a discussion on this later.

"Oh trust me my brother does have a crush on you." Daniela said, "I can see it in his eyes every time he looks at you. I'm surprise you can't see."

"Well I guess you have the gift that only you can see what we can't." Sam said.

"Yeah because you're headstrong and he's naïve. That'll be his biggest downfall." Daniela said. Sam simply raised eyebrow looking at the young girl before she looked at me. Blushing I shook my head, yes I really have to kill you younger sister.

"So, now that we're done eating are you ready to check up on AJ?"


And after that day, I never knew happiness could only be but so close to me. She made me happy, she made me feel complete but sadly she told me that she was departing soon. I never knew I could feel heartbreak in such a small period of time.

"Shall you ever return to me?" I asked her as we walked through the garden.

" I shall be back," Sam as she leaned over to sniff the flowers' fragrance, "there is something I need to finish so I can have peace; so that the world can have peace."

"Can you tell me where you are going?" I asked she turned to look at me.

"That is a secret dear prince but know I shall return. Please watch over AJ while I'm gone." Sam said as she turned around and walked into the castle. Her bags were pack and I knew she was leaving at this very moment.

"Please come back soon miss Samantha. I hope you return soon; I will miss you dearly." I watched as the carriage rolled away and a small sad smile appeared on my face.

"She'll be back. Don't worry about it, I promise she'll be back." AJ said while walking back to the castle.

" I hope soon is sooner than I think." I said as I followed AJ back into the castle.

"Don't worry ghost child," my friend Skulker said, "the hunt will still go on." As his arm turned into a gun and pointed toward my face.

I growled.

" I don't understand how I'm still friends with you. You're still hunting me." I exclaimed.

" This is the thrill of the game and your pelt on my wall." Skulker laughed viciously.

With the roll of my eyes; I simply turn my hand intangible. My hand went inside his face shield and pull out the glob, no bigger than a frog.

"You have nothing on me." I said laughing.

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