And so the day had finally arrived. Galmar, as well as the rest of Skyrim, had been waiting for this for. It was now year 4E 203 on the 25th day of Frostfall, the moot had finally assembled. The election of the new High King of Skyrim was finally going to happen. The Jarls had already decided who was to be the high king, it was obvious. The nine Jarls all stood in favour of the true High King of Skyrim, Ulfric Stormcloak. Nine Jarls and Nine Divines, all stood in the Temple of The Divines. Talos had been put back where his altered had belonged.

By the nine, let's get this over with! Thought Galmar impatiently. He did not like waiting, especially not for events like these. He had looked forward to this day for so long, when his liege, rightful king, true Son of Skyrim and best friend, would rule the kingdom of Skyrim.

Jarl Elisif the Fair had walked out to represent the entire Moot and stood at the altar, before High King to come. "Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak, I Jarl Elisif, on the behalf of the Moot, hereby declare you the next High King…" she paused for a second and closed her eyes, holding her breathe. Galmar did not like that and frowned at her, but she didn't notice since her eyes were closed. "… of Skyrim…" she managed to exhale out. The said it like in the sound of defeat and it probably was, Galmar did not care. She laid down the Jagged Crown which the Dragonborn had recovered in the ancient Nordic tomb, Korvanjund.

"You knelt as Jarl, now rise as High King of Skyrim", she said and when he raised, all the people in the Temple knelt. Galmar looked down at the grown, proud to bend the knee to this man. Galmar was exactly a humble man, but he wasn't that proud that he didn't want to bend the knee to the true High King of Skyrim. Now it was done. Now he only waited for Ulfric to hold his speech or whatever he was going to say. Galmar glimpsed an eye up and saw how his King studied the room and all who knelt before him. Men, women, children, priests, Thanes, guards etc.

"Thank you, Jarl Elisif. My dear brothers and sisters, I stand now here today, as your new king and leader. I thank you all for this, this would not have been possible if it hadn't been for our struggle against the failing Empire. So I thank you all, because I am not the liberator of Skyrim, but it is you, all of you. You who fought for her on the battle field and fought and sacrificed your bodies! You who fought through the hard storm from the war at the farms and inns! You who comforted your children when they laid scared in their beds when they heard about the brutal war out there! You who did not forsake Talos, when other people threw away the amulet because of fear! I understand that my words do not apply for all of you, but know this, that now the age of Tiber Septim's Empire is gone. It saddens me to say so, especially here in this temple where we have restored him at his rightful place, but it is none the less true. But do not sorrow, my dear Brothers and Sisters, for in ashes of this Empire, a new age will dawn! An age of glory and honour for the Kingdom of SKYRIM!" and when he said those last words Galmar, as well as many other soldiers, stood up and shouted and cheered for their king.

"Long live the King! Long live the King!" the all shouted as Ulfric went down from the altar and stood beside Galmar.

"Come Galmar, we have things that needs to be discussed" he said and Galmar followed. Outside the people were cheering, pouring out flowers from the towers and confetti, cheering at their new king. It was people from all over Skyrim that had arrived to celebrate. Most were not from Solitude. This place still stinks of Imperial influence, Galmar thought. People cheered, bent the knee and screamed of joy as Ulfric, Galmar and Ulfric's personal housecarls walked out the doors and towards the main gate.

"You know, there's only a matter of time before the High Elves decide to invade, right? They are preparing their invasion as we speak", Ulfric said, looking out at the crowd as he walked, waving a little at them.

"I know" Galmar said. "We must attack soon when they're still weak". "The people are tired of war and I still have to deal with peasants, still loyal to the Empire" Ulfric said, uncertain of his next action. "The people are tired, yes, but they are also thirsty for Elvish blood! They will support you and they'll know that what you do, you do for them" Galmar said, trying to push Ulfric to be more confident.

They had now reached the main gate, and they mounted their horses and went ride slowly thought the gate. "I know I told him I didn't need his help anymore and that his service belonged to Skyrim now, but… this might prove very difficult. I don't think we can do this all alone, Galmar" Ulfric said as he rode on his horse.

"We could perhaps create and alliance with the Redguards" Galmar suggested.

"Redguards? What makes you think they'll help us, let alone, why should I ask them for help? I don't want anything to do with them" Ulfric said and looked at Galmar.

"They despise the Elves as much as we do and they managed to fight off the Dominion, all by themselves. They have weakened the Dominion, but they themselves are also weak. If we could use them as allies for a time being we could-", Galmar did not manage to finish his sentence before Ulfric interrupted him.

"The Redguards have never been friends of Skyrim and they've never liked us, nor we them. How do you suggest we make an alliance with people who despise each other so much" Ulfric asked doubtfully. They had reached the docks now and were boarding the ship.

"Just like Jorunn Skald King did!" Galmar said and looked at Ulfric. That made Ulfric think. He waved at the people who were crying of joy at the docks and the maids who yelled for him to reveal his Manhood to them.

"Galmar, I want you to write a letter. A request to and old friend to join up arms again and fight for his country" Ulfric said and went over to the other side of the boat.

"Certainly, to whom shall I write it to?" Galmar asked.

Ulfric looked down at the water as the ship parted from the docks on its way to Windhelm. Galmar wondered what he was thinking about. That man could be thinking of thousands of things, considering all he has experienced. Galmar thought.

"The letter is to an old friend of ours. A great warrior who we owe our thanks"

"You don't mean-?"

"Yes. We both know this day would come, even though I didn't want to bother him anymore"

"So you want me to write a letter to…?"

Ulfric turned and looked at Galmar and stared into his blue eyes. "Yes, I want you to send a letter to the Dragonborn"