Hey guys, my first lemon, so don't hate!

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WARNING: Incest and lemons

Two twins, Ranko and Naruto Uzumaki were walking home from school. Ranko was a red-head with DD-cup breasts, a nice ass, and from Naruto's description, a perfect pussy. Naruto was a blonde with a long 12 inch cock and a great ass. He had a lot of muscles as well. Both were 16 years old and lived with their mom and dad, but they were different than most families, since they all had sex with each other.

"Ne, Naruto-kun, would you tell me what you and dad are surprising me and mom with next week?" Ranko asked her brother.

"No, you'll just have to wait and see." Naruto said.

"Naruto-kun! Don't be so mean! Just tell me!" She said, hanging on his arm.

"Nope." He said.

"Jeez! Jerk! To make it up to me, you have to fuck me on top of the Hokage mountain!" She said, dragging him onto the heads of the Hokages. She dragged him onto their dad's head and she bent over the railing, looking back at him.

Naruto smiled and went forward, her ripped down both their pants, him taking off his underwear. He saw she had wet through her panties. He rubbed his cock against her slit and she whimpered.

He pulled her panties to the side and rammed his cock into her, putting in all 12 inches in one go. Ranko screamed and ground against his cock. Naruto pulled completely out, and then slammed into her ass. Ranko screamed once again. Then he pulled all the way back out and slammed back into her pussy. He kept repeating this process until he decided to use a jutsu he had found. He went through the hand signs as he pulled out of her. As he finished the jutsu, he grew a second cock, right above the other. He pushed them into both of her holes and thrusted in and out quickly. As he felt her on the edge of orgasm. He pulled out.

Ranko groaned. Why was he doing this to her?

Naruto then got a great idea. He pushed both his cocks together and in one swift move, buried both of them in Ranko's pussy.

Rank screamed out in pleasure as she came all over his cocks. Naruto grabbed her tits, fondling them as he sawed his 24 inches of cock in and out of her.

Shortly after, both of them came together, some of Naruto's semen leaked out of Ranko's pussy, since it had filled her too much. It left a trail down her pussy and made a puddle on the ground.

Naruto pulled out of his sister and turned her around. He leaned her ass against the railing and took off her shirt. He sucked on Ranko's nipples and stuck his fingers in her pussy. She moaned above him. After 5 minutes, he had enough of eating his sister out and grabbed her legs and swung them onto his shoulders.

Ranko gripped the railing as she watched her brother. He stuffed her pussy with both of his cocks again and rammed in and out. He felt her tighten around his cocks shortly after that. He started going faster and faster in his sister. Rank came all over his cock, some of her juices squirting onto his crotch. Naruto struck deep into her and came, since she was already full from the first time, his semen leaked out of her once more. He pulled out and set his sister back on the ground. He pulled up his pants and he put her clothes back on her as well.

Naruto put his arm around Ranko's waist and the two walked home. When they got home, their dad and mom weren't in the living room like they usually were. They started walking to their rooms when they heard moans, grunts, springs squeaking, a headboard hitting the wall, and the sound of a cock moving in and out of a pussy.

They looked through their parent's door which was cracked open and saw their parents in the doggy style position, fucking roughly. Then they saw their mom cum on their dad, who then sped up and came right in their mom's pussy. They both screamed out each others names and collapsed on the bed.

"Hey kaa-san, hey tou-chan!" Ranko and Naruto said.

"Hey kids! Did you have a good day at school?" Minato asked, pulling out of his wife.

"Yep!" They both said.

"Ne, why are you two home late?" Kushina asked, sitting up.

"Oh, Naruto-kun and I fucked on top of the Hokage Mountain, so we were a bit late because of that." Ranko said.

"Okay, I just hope you two had fun. Now, me and your father have some more to do, so run along." Kushina said, grabbing their father.

"See ya guys later!" Naruto called, dragging Ranko into his room.

He closed the door and shoved her against it, sticking his tongue in her mouth. Ranko responded back immediately, and started his stroking his cock while having a tongue battle with him. Naruto grabbed his sister's shirt and pulled it over her head, along with her bra. He threw them on the floor and quickly slid out of his own shirt. He pulled down her pants, leaving her in only her panties. He pulled down his own pants, boxers and all and grabbed his sister's legs, wrapping them around his waist. He pushed her against the door.

Ranko moaned at the feeling of her brother's cock against her pussy, only staying out of it because of her panties. She rubbed against his cock and heard him groan.

Naruto grabbed her panties and tore them off, not caring that they ripped, and he plunged inside of her. Ranko screamed and arched her back, she grabbed her brother's back, her nails sinking into his skin slightly.

Naruto grunted and started thrusting in and out of her. She moved along with him, having them both continuously slam into the door.

After a few minutes, both of them came, and Naruto slammed her hard into the door, his cock going all the way up into her pussy.

Naruto barely had enough energy, but he was able to carry them both over to his bed, where they promptly passed out, tired after all the fucking they did.

It was a good day.