Ranko had just walked in the door, home from school. She saw her dad sitting at the table.

"Hey tou-chan!" She said, kissing his head.

"Hey kiddo, ne, where's Naruto?" Minato asked.

"Oh, he stayed after school for football. Says he won't be home until dinner. Where's kaa-san?" Ranko said.

"Kushina is gone until later tonight, she went out with her friend's around 12." Minato said.

"Tou-chan, I have a bit of a problem." Ranko said, sitting down at the table.

"Yeah?" Minato asked.

Ranko nodded her head. "I know I usually fuck with Naruto-kun, but since he's gonna be after school during the week from now on, would you fuck with me?" She asked. Her and her dad had fucked plenty of times before, but they generally went with the ones closer to their age.

"Sure honey, come on." Minato said, taking his daughter's hand and leading her towards his bedroom.

Ranko was excited. Her brother usually liked soft, sensual sex, while her father liked to fuck hard, which was exactly what she wanted right now. Naruto of course did have his jutsu, but her father was naturally bigger, and longer, and his semen always tasted so good. The truth was, even though they paired up with people their age, her and her father had similar tastes in fucking, while her mother and her brother seemed to like the opposite of them, liking the soft way.

Minato unclothed his daughter and himself, letting their clothes drop to the floor. He grabbed his daughter and put her on the bed in doggy style position. He went in front of her and shoved his 16 inch long and nearly a fist wide cock into her mouth. He grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples roughly. He then started thrusting down and up his daughter's throat, face fucking her. He rolled his daughter's left nipple, removing the other hand from her breast, he slapped her ass.

Ranko moaned after he slapped her ass and started licking his cock. She used one of her hands to fondle his balls. After a minute of this, Minato pulled out of her mouth and went around to her other side. He slapped Ranko's ass again and said.

"Thanks babe, you lubricated me nicely." Then he did one quick, rough thrust, shoving all the way into her pussy. Ranko screamed out and thrust back, trying to get more cock. Minato chuckled and pulled back halfway, then thrust back in roughly. Minato repeated this process, speeding up so that he was thrusting in and out quicker and rougher than he ever had before. It helped that his daughter was sopping wet. He started smacking her ass when he thrusted in.

Ranko came around his cock, constricting him. She held onto it tightly as her walls caressed him, coaxing him to blow his load.

"DADDY!" She screamed as she came, now feeling his rock hard cock that was shoved up her pussy even more than before.

Minato came at the feeling of his daughter's hot, wet, and tight pussy convulsing around him. He shot his thick cum straight up into her womb, the thought of possibly knocking up his daughter make him cum even more than usual. He hadn't even thought about the thought before, but his wife had gotten her tubes tied, while Naruto had gotten a vasectomy, they had thought this would prevent pregnancies in the family, but he had never thought about the fact that his daughter and him could both bear children.

Cum leaked out of his daughter's now abused pussy.

"Oh Daddy! That was amazing! I love getting fucked hard! Please, stuff that huge cock back up my pussy! But talk dirty to me! God I love that!" Ranko said.

"Well, I can't refuse my daughter now, can I?" Minato said. He reached up to the ceiling and removed one of the ceiling panels, revealing a pair of hanging cuffs from the ceiling.

He picked up his daughter and tied the cuffs to her hands, hanging her from the ceiling. He started playing with her breasts. Then, he leaned down and gave his daughter's slit one long, slow lick. She shivered above him and tried to use her legs to shove his face into her pussy. She failed however, and went back up and started sucking on her breasts. After a few minutes, he reached his hand down to Ranko's pussy and felt round. Her pussy was incredibly wet, there was even a large stain on the bed below her and a lot on her legs.

"Well... what a little slut, getting so turned on by her father." Minato said, to which Ranko moaned. "I bet this little bitch right here wants to get fucked. But instead of getting a boyfriend and fucking him, she goes home and rides the cocks of her father and brother. But don't worry, since her brother won't be around to be a fuck toy, her father will just have to fuck her all night and all day for him." He finished with a sharp smack on her ass.


Minato stuffed his cock up her pussy hard.

"FUCK YESS! FUCK ME!" Ranko yelled.

Minato pounded into her. "Oh I bet the little slut likes this. Her father's dick deep in her slutty cunt!"

"FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER!" Ranko yelled.

You like it? You like getting knocked up by your Dad? You like him fucking you deep and hard?" Minato said in between thrusts.

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" Was the only reply he got, his daughter being fucked too hard to form words.

"Just a bit more and you'll have your daddy's cum up in your womb! Oh shit! Fuck! My fucking cock is entering your womb!" Minato said, thrusting faster.

"I-I I'm CU-UNGH-MMING!" Ranko screamed as she came.

"RANKO!" Minato yelled as he came deep inside of her.

Minato saw Ranko go slack, so he untied her from the cuffs and she fell onto the bed. He spread her out so she wasn't just a pile. He kissed her on the lips and smiled.

"Sleep for awhile okay? I'll go make dinner." He said as he got up and left the room.

Ranko nodded slightly and drifted off into a deep sleep.

'Damn... I need to fuck daddy more often.' Was the last thing she thought as she fell asleep.