Sailor Moon and the Thirteen year old famfiction author: A Parody of Poorly Written Fanfiction

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon. Also, please don't bite my head off. This is a PARODY, if you didn't get that from the title. A PARODY. So please, enjoy; and if you don't enjoy it, that's fine, too.

Hello! My name is SuperUltraMegaSerenaMeatBallHead200xxDariSere4eva. But you can just call me Bunny. Hi I'm 13 years old and in 7th grade and I love fanfiction and I live Sailor Moo so I really want to write this story cus its really intersting to me and I hope you like it to. Oh and this is my first fic so plz no flames!

Chapter 1-Prologue 1-Enter the big dark hole

"Hi Darien how are you on this fine day" Serena asked Darien her her long time boyfriend.

"I am doing good Serena my love and how are you doing on this fine fine day" Darien asked Serena his longtime girlfriend who he thought had really pretty eyes and hair with meatballs.

"I am doing good thank you and have you heard there's a new girl at the school we both go to" Serena said. It was morning and they were both going to school walking, they went to Sailor High School and Serena was a freshman and Darien is a senior going to college next year.

"No I did not hear about the new girl at the school we both go to on this fine fine day Darien said with eyes wide because he is surprised. "Who is the new girl at the school we both go to?

"Well her name is Bunny Mary Sue Plot Hole Symphony the Seventeenth" Serena said smiling And she is really pretty. She has long blond hair with big blue eyes and she wears a long blue skirt with a long sleeved t-shirt with a now on it like mine, and guess what Luna said she is Sailor Earth!"

Darien raises eyebrows because surprise. "I thought I was Sailor Earth" he asked and said this confusdedly.

"No Darien you cant not be Sailor Earth because you are a woman not a man and woman cant be a Sailor Scouts" Serena replied in a yell.

"Why are you yelling sweetheart" Darien growled. "It hurts my ears" he said kindly trying to make her stop hurting his ears which had nearly busted from her scram just a few minutes earlier.

"Oh I am sorry" Serena replied in embarrassed mint because she was in bear assed and her cheeks were red like blood.

"Hi guys!" Said a voice from behind them and Darien turned to see... Darien gapsed.

Bunny! The girl who Serena and Darien had just been talking to about a few minutes ago had appeared right in front of them, now! Darien gasped.

"Are you Bunny!" Darien asked with a gasp.

"Yes I am and who are you" the beautiful Bunny asked taking a handful of her long flowing black hair and throwing it over her shoulder like a beautiful gorgeous model because that is what pretty people do.

"I am Darien shields" he said blushing because he thought she was pretty.

"Hello Daren Shelds I am Bunny Mary Sue Plot Hole Timpani the Seventeenth" she said

"I thought you were Bunny Mary Sue Plot Hole Shmphony the Seventeenth" Darien asked confused

"No I am not" Bunny said. "I am too beautiful to be a timpani" she added because it was true.

Darien nodded "yes I agree"

"You think that I am pretty?" Bunny asked Darien and her blush was red

Darien nodded "yes" he said Because you are the most beautiful person I have ever meet"

"I think you are the most beautiful person I have had the pleasure to met to" Bunny said. She thought he was handsome with his dark curly hair and his big blue eyes

"Then will you be my girlfriend?" Darien asked and Bunny blushed

"Yes I will!" She squealed and she hugged him and Darien hugged her back and then Darien kissed her.

"I love you" Darien proclaimed.

"I live you to Darien Shelds" Bunny declaimed also.

The end.

So how did ya like my fic should I continue the story because I am Sailor Earth so Bunny still has lots she can do okay and do you like Bunny and Darien together because I do.

"... What the crap kind of story is this?" Usagi asked, wrinkling her nose at the computer screen. "It's like the author totally forgot about me! I mean, really! I would never let anyone steal my Mamo-chan!" Usagi's scowl deepened. "And I could hardly understand a thing. I mean, seriously, has this author never heard of spellcheck?"

Usagi clicked away from the story and scrolled down, her face growing more frightened and disgusted as she read the summaries for other fanfiction stories.

"They... They're all like this!" She squeaked. "Ami-chan... Why would you recommend a horrible website like this!"

The End… or IS IT?

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