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"Captain, Klingon Warbird! Uncloaking and setting their weapons on us!" Sulu said.

"Red Alert, Mr. Sulu, shields up, get ready to fire." Jim Kirk sat on his chair, staring intently at the screen in front of him, knowing all to well what was coming for them, even without Sulu informing him.

The ship swayed dangerously as they took their first hit, the crewmen on the bridge being thrown around, while even the captain himself was having trouble holding himself in his chair.

"Scotty, damage report?!" he called into the communicator embedded in his chair, trying not to let the high pitched siren of the red alarm lay over his voice to prominently.

"We've been hit from decks 7 to 20 Sir, Warp core is damaged, if we take another hit, I don't know if I can save it!

"Shields at 65 % Captain!" Sulu chimed in.

"Okay, fire! Aim for their weapons, do it now!" Jim called, turning his gaze back to the screen.

"Aye Sir, loading weapons. Fired!" The Klingon ship in front of them taking quite some damage, parts of it flung off and drifting into space.

Another hit shook his own space ship, sending Chekov flying from his chair, unmoving on the floor. Sulu sent a quick look to his friend, before focusing back on the panel in front of him.

"Their shields are at 50% Sir!"

"Fire again, aim at the weapons again, I don't want any more damage to the enterprise!" Kirk commanded, watching as they once more hit the Klingon ship. "Take out the bridge next, Sulu, don't miss!"

Again, he watched the ship in front of them taking considerable damage, and the fire stopped.

"Mr. Sulu, scan them. How many are alive?" Kirk asked, standing up from his chair to join the male, looking down at the panel himself.

"A few Klingon's Sir.. but.. there is a reading I do not understand. Its not a Klingon Sir." Sulu looked up at the captain.

Jim rubbed his face, taking a closer look at the readings. He returned to his chair.

"Kirk to McCoy."

"McCoy here."

"Bones, I've got some readings on the Klingon ship we can't make sense of. They have someone on board. Get up here and take a look, and make it fast. If we have to start a rescue mission, I want to start it before they get back on their feet."

"On my way, Jim."

"Sulu, scan again, make sure that wasn't just a mistake. Though I highly doubt it. Just make sure."

"Yes Sir!"

He knelt down next to Chekov, carefully shaking the young man. His eyes flew open, and Jim gave a small smile. "You're okay. Bones is on his way, he'll take a look at you okay?"

The man nodded, slowly sitting up, letting the captain support him, leaning against the side of the captains chair. A minute later, the turbo lift door's opened, letting in a stressed out doctor.

"Lemme see it." He made his way to Sulu, looking down at the panel. "Holy shit."

Jim looked up at the doctor, giving Chekov's shoulder a firm squeeze before standing next to Bones. "What is it?"

"..Jim. Those are the vital signs of a Vulcan. They have a Vulcan on board." Jim blinked. "Sulu, you fit for combat?"

"Yes Sir." The male replied, getting up from his seat.

"Get some men. We're going over there. Meet me in the transporter room. Make sure they all have their phaser's locked to stun."

"Yes, Captain." Jim watched Sulu head off the bridge, turning back to Bones who was kneeling next to Chekov.

"How's he doing?"

"He'll be fine Jim, I'll take him to Med bay. You go get that poor bastard of that Klingon ship."

"Fine. Uhura, look after my ship, I don't want another scratch on it." Jim turned to the turbo lift without waiting for an answer. He headed toward the transporter room, asking himself just one question. Why was there a Vulcan on a Klingon Warbird? What did they want with a Vulcan?

When he entered the transporter room, he looked at the man sitting at the panel as he walked up to the platform, 4 other men already waiting. "Okay, I want you to stay on your feet. I want to be in and out in 10 minutes." He turned to Sulu "Where's the Vulcan?"

"He seems to be in the back of the ship, captain. If we don't encounter a lot of trouble, we should be able to make it in 8 minutes. We can't beam right into the room, though. Its secure."

"Okay, lets do it. Energize." Jim felt the familiar tug as he was beamed over to the other ship. The second he could see, he had his phaser out, holding it in front of him.

"Nice and easy gentlemen." he said quietly, slowly making his way towards the end of the hall, the room the Vulcan was being held. It was quiet. Too quiet. If some of the Klingon's had survived, they should have noticed them. It shouldn't have been this quiet.

But they reached the room without any trouble. It wasn't until he was standing in front of the door that he knew where the Klingon's were. In the room with the Vulcan. He could hear chains rattling, laughter, and finally a strangled sound from something that definitely wasn't a Klingon. He turned to his men, giving a soft nod before taking a step back, taking a deep breath, before calling "This is Captain James T. Kirk from the Enterpri-"

He didn't get any farther. The door opened, a Klingon charging for him, but one of his crewmen had already knocked him out with a steady shot in the chest. The Klingon fell, Jim taking his chance to jump over the body that held the door open, trying to asses the situation as quickly as he could. 4 more Klingon's and a kneeling figure at the floor. The Klingon's roared, making their way to the captain and his men, but were quickly stunned and fell to the floor.

Bones had been right. It was a Vulcan. Dirty, much too long hair covered the man's face. His points ears stuck out of the messy strands, he was breathing hard, mouth open. The chains that held the alien down were ridiculously thick. Even uninjured and with all his power, the Vulcan couldn't have broken free from them. The Klingon's had planned this. Had made sure they had something strong enough to hold him down. But why? The man was almost naked, not much left of whatever he had been wearing. His skin shone dark green where they had bruised him, green blood stuck to his body, though Jim couldn't tell exactly where it had originated from.

Sulu looked at his captain, that was simply staring down at the man. "Captain.. we should hurry. They won't be stunned for long."

"Yes, of course Mr. Sulu, I am just trying to find out how to get him out of those chains. Search them. One of them might have the key."

"Yes Captain." The men started turning the Klingon's over.

"Be careful. They might have something nasty in their pockets." Jim warned, slowly walking towards the Vulcan. The man didn't move much, he didn't even lift his head. Simply flinched as he heard the footsteps coming closer. Jim knelt down, laying away his phaser. He didn't want to frighten him. Of course, Vulcan's didn't get scared normally. But he had no idea how long this man had been on this ship. What they had done to him. Better to err on the side of caution.

"Hello there." He said quietly, the sound of his men searching the Klingon's filling the room. "I'm Jim. Can you tell me your name?"

Slowly, the Vulcan raised his head. Deep, brown eyes looked into his own. His lip was split. The wound was obviously fresh, blood was still dripping from it, running down his chin. He did not answer. His lips were chipped, his face littered with more bruises.

"Okay.. if you don't want to talk, that's fine. We're going to get you out of here okay? You're gonna come with us. Do you have any idea who has the keys to the cuffs?" Jim asked quietly. My god he's beautiful. He couldn't help the thought. Despite the bruises and the wounds, the alien's face was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

"Captain, none of them have a key." Sulu reported.

"Thank You, Sulu. Give me a minute. Go outside with the others." he ordered quietly, watching as the Vulcan's eyes flicked to the other men and then back to him.

"Captain, are you sure?" One of the crewmen asked.

"Yes, Mr. Holland. Just give us a moment. The Klingon's will be out for a little longer, and until then, we need to find this key." Jim kept his gaze trained on the males face.

"Yes, Captain." The men shuffled out of the door, waiting in front as their captain talked to the obviously beaten man.

"Listen. I want to help you. We need to get you out of those chains. You can't break them yourself, and I can only cut through the chains with my phaser, not the cuffs. I'll hurt you in the process. Can you tell me who has the key? Does the captain of this ship have it?"

The Vulcan took a second, dull eyes searching the humans face, before slowly nodding. So the captain had the keys.

"Alright. I'm going to go get the keys, and we'll get you out of here." The captain was about to stand up when the Vulcan reached out for him, his hand shaking, a desperate look on his face. Never had Jim seen so much emotion on a Vulcan's face. He didn't actually touch the captain, but the gesture made his plea painfully clear.

"I'll be right back.. You won't be alone, okay? I'll leave two of my men here. You don't have to be afraid. It won't take long." If Jim hadn't know better, if he hadn't know that there was a chance that the male in front of him was a touch telepath, and came from a race that generally disliked body contact, he would have grabbed that trembling hand and squeezed it tight. But the arm was already lowering. The chains were just long enough for the Vulcan to lift his hand, reach out, maybe even take a step or two. Aside of him, the room was empty. They had tortured him. Probably starved him by the looks of him, and Jim could feel the rage against the Klingon's bubbling up once more.

He had never been fond of the race. Of course, no one was supposed to be judged by their race, we were all equal and all that. But Jim could never accept a race that so willingly stole, tortured, raped and killed like the Klingon's. So no, he had never been fond of them. Of course, the tension between the Federation and Klingon Empire was already running high, and this wasn't going to help the matter of peace, but he couldn't bring himself to do anything but hate the men that had done this.

"Mr. Sulu, Mr. Holland, stay here with him. Don't touch him. Just stay close. If anyone come's through that door you knock him out. I don't want any more harm to come to him. Have I made myself understood? I'm trusting you with this man's life."

"Aye Captain."

"Yes Captain."

"The rest of you, come with me. Chances are the captain is on the bridge. Vigilance is a must." He said, making his way out of the room, shooting a last look at the chained man on the floor. Those brown eyes were following his every move. Jim wondered why the Vulcan was so attached to him. Maybe because he was the one that came in first? Was he really attached or was he just watching him because he was the captain, the one to make the decisions? Whatever it was, it would have to wait now.

The captain made his way to the bridge, stepping over motionless bodies in the process. The somewhat purple blood of the Klingon's made the floor slippy. The doors to the bride were closed. Unless they were locked, they would open on their own. Jim knew they wouldn't be. If there was a Klingon alive in there, he wouldn't hide. He would wait to see if anyone entered his ship, and he would fight. Jim once more turned to his men, motioning toward them to take it nice and easy.

Step for step, he made his way towards the door. He couldn't take too long, but if he just burst in there, chances were he was going to get shot or stabbed. Klingon's normally didn't keep prisoners. They killed. Which made it even stranger that they had left the Vulcan alive.

He could taste his heartbeat in his mouth. Jim forced himself to steady, to focus. He didn't have time to fear for his own life. If he died in the process of getting that man off this ship and to safety, it was worth it. Just one more step. One more step and the door's would give a hissing sound and shift open.

Jim took that step quicker then he wanted to, knowing that he had to. The door slid open, revealing emptiness. But Jim wasn't fooled by the peaceful silence. Just because he couldn't see a Klingon didn't mean there wasn't one. He stepped into the room. The floor was littered with bodies. And among all the bodies there was only one that, judging by the armor he wore, could be the captain. He wasn't moving, his eyes closed.

Jim moved closer to him, and in a flash of action, the Klingon dug a knife into his leg. Jim didn't scream. He didn't even really feel the pain. He shot his phaser at the Klingon. The man's hand was still wrapped around back of the blade. Jim curse, preying off the fingers that gripped it and yanked it from his flesh.

"Captain, are you alright?" one of the men asked, quickly rushing to his side.

"I'm fine, find that god damned key and lets get out of here." If they didn't find it now, they'd have no other choice but to cut through the chains and try to get the cuffs off the Vulcan some other way. And that would involve more touching and pain, both things he didn't want that poor soul to endure any longer.

He quickly pulled up his pants, inspecting the wound. He was bleeding, and it hurt to walk, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been if the Klingon had waited for him to kneel down.

"Found it, Sir." the man called, handing the key to his captain.

"Okay, lets get back, and get the hell out of here." Jim said, making his way back to the room. He didn't show the pain that originated from his leg and coursed through his body. He was the captain, and they were on an enemy ship. He had to be strong. If he showed weakness, so would the others.

"Everything was quiet, Captain." Sulu reported the second he came back into the room. "No Klingon's in sight."

"Good. Sulu, contact the Enterprise, tell them to beam us up as soon as I give the word. Get McCoy to the transporter room, we're bringing over a wounded. We need blankets for him, too."

"Yes captain." Sulu snapped open his communicator. Jim went to kneel next to the Vulcan once more.

"Okay, I'm going to take those off of you. Can you hold up your hands for me?" The Vulcan complied, slowly though, those impossible brown eyes once more fixed on the human's face. Jim unlocked the cuffs, revealing raw skin. It looked horrible. The skin wasn't only torn, but the wound was horridly infected. Jim had to swallow. The Vulcan dropped his hands, but his gaze did not waver.

"Can you stand?" Jim asked quietly. The infected wounds smelled horrible, and he had to pull himself together to not turn and vomit. The Vulcan tried. He tried to stand, but just when he had almost made it, he fell. Jim reacted in a second, catching the alien, lifting him into his arms. God, they hadn't even cleaned him. Now that he held him so close, he could smell the dirt, the urine, and other things he didn't care to name clinging to man's body.

"Now, Sulu." He said. Thin or not, the Vulcan's denser bones weighed enough to put strain on Jim's injured leg. Seconds later he was standing in the transporter room of the Enterprise.

"Dear god." he heard Bones gasp. Jim nodded, walking off the platform, taking the steps slowly. He didn't want to trip and drop the one in his arms. "Here, let me." The doctor reached out for the Vulcan, offering to take him off Jim's arms. Jim was about to lay the Vulcan in the doctor's arms when he looked at his face. The expression on it was blank, but his eyes. Those eyes. They were screaming. Begging.

"I'll carry him. Lets hurry up, Bones." he said. The smell of the man was making him dizzy. Not that it was the Vulcan's fault, but the infection together with the general state of hygiene he was in.. Jim shook his head, hurrying as much as he could with his wounded leg, laying the Vulcan onto a biobed as soon as he had made it to sickbay. The alien flinched once he was laid on his back, turning to the side, giving Jim a look at his back. There were more wounds. Whip. They had whipped him.

"Go sit down on one yourself, I saw that leg." Bones said as he bent over the Vulcan, going over his injuries. "Nurse Chapel, get me some water, soap and a sponge. We need to clean him up before I can do anything."

The nurse hurried to get what the doctor asked for. The human dipped the sponge into the water, after mixing the liquid soap in. But the second the sponge touched the Vulcan's skin, McCoy was sent flying. The Vulcan was suddenly crouching on the biobed, a low growl coming from deep in his chest. The Nurse had screamed, rushing to the doctor's aid.

Jim immediately stood, lifting his hands up to show that he was unarmed, that they didn't want to hurt him. Slowly he moved in front of the Vulcan. "He didn't want to hurt you. He just wanted to clean you."

The Vulcan snarled at him, but Jim took another step closer. "Look. Its just water, okay?" He said quietly, picking up the bowl from the stand McCoy had placed it on, offering it to the Vulcan. "Just water and soap. Nothing else."

Slowly, the gaze of the other male wandered down to the bowl. Jim took another step closer. Vulcan's had a heightened sense of smell. He would be able to smell that it was just water. At the though, Jim cringed. How long had it taken him to get used to the smell on himself? How much had he suffered?

"Jim, be careful." McCoy groaned as he slowly stood up. "He's still got some fight in him."

"I know Bones. Just let me handle it." Jim said, taking another step forward. "I'll do it. I'll clean you. Okay? But you have to let him look at your wounds. He just wants to help."

Jim picked up the sponge, dipping it into the water. He didn't expect the Vulcan to answer. He hadn't so far, so why would he now? He didn't react at all. Just looked down at himself. Jim finally was standing only inches away from the battered man.

"Stretch your arms out. We'll start nice and easy where you can see me. How's that?" Jim didn't know if the smile he was sporting helped, or if it was something in his voice, but the Vulcan settled down, stretching out his arms, waiting. Jim gently scrubbed the dirt off his fingers, the back of his hands, and finally the palm. He avoided the infected area, skipping up higher, forced to scrub a little harder to at least get the most gruesome dirt off. Suddenly, a hand came up against his. The Vulcan looked him in the eye, taking the sponge from him. Jim readily gave it to him. The man wasn't as gentle with himself as Jim had been.

Violently, he cleared the dirt off his skin at every body part he could reach. Jim simply held the water, replacing it with new one when it turned a dark gray, supplying the Vulcan with as much water as he wanted to. Bit by bit, pale skin shone under the dirt. Jim didn't know what else to do other than look at the man. What does one say in such a situation? 'It's okay, you're safe'? 'Nothing's going to happen to you'?

After what had happened, he doubted the Vulcan would trust anyone. They didn't trust in general. How could he expect him to trust after everything that had happened to him, when he had already been raised not to trust?

By the sound made of the vulcan shifting Jim was pulled from his thoughts. He looked at the Vulcan's pleading eyes, the sponge in his hand and realized that he wanted to clean himself in privacy.

"Bones. Pull up the curtains. Lets.. give him a few." he said quietly, filling up the bowl with new water once more, placing it next to the biobed.

"Jim are you sure?" Bones asked quietly, moving to stand next to the captain. "I mean.. I he goes hostile, we're fucked. You don't blindfold yourself when you're trying to tame a wild dog."

"He's not a wild dog. And I'm sure. Give him some time." He turned to the Vulcan. "I'll come back in to clean your back in a few minutes, okay?"

The Vulcan didn't look up this time, but Jim knew he had heard him. Pulling up the curtains around the biobed, McCoy and Jim took a step away.

"How bad is it?" Jim asked quietly.

"Well, he's starved. Generally in a bad condition. The infection will need to be treated as quickly as possible, might take some time to heal. Everything else I can treat with the tissue re-generator. At least what I've seen so far. He doesn't seem to have any internal wounds, I would have picked that up already. They pulled a stunt on him, but he'll live."

"Do the injuries explain why he's not talking? Is he somehow injured in a way that won't let him?"

"Not as far as I could see. I think he just doesn't want to speak, Jim. You probably wouldn't want to chat after what the guy's been through either." Bones huffed, looking at the curtain, obviously uneasy. "'Wonder why you're the only one that can touch him."

"I was wondering the same, Bones. It's odd. Maybe its because I came through that damn door first. You know?" Jim answered quietly.

"Maybe. Now get on a biobed, let me look at that cut in your leg." Jim settled onto a biobed, snapping open his communicator as the doctor tended to his leg.

"Kirk to machine room. Scotty how's my ship?" Silence for just a second, then a soft crackling sound, before he could hear.

"Damage 's great, captain, but manageable. I'll need some extra people down here. I can get us up and running in.. 13 days."

"I'm giving you a week Scotty. We can't be floating around space for two weeks. We're too far out for anyone to come and save us."

"Yes captain." Jim closed his communicator, looking at Bones.

"You done?" he asked quietly, giving a nod towards the curtains, indicating that he wanted to get back to the Vulcan. Bones nodded, sighing deeply without saying anything.

Jim got back onto his legs. "I'm going to come in now, okay?" he said, before pushing the curtain aside, slipping into the room that was now shielded from view. The Vulcan was sitting on the biobed, the sponge held loosely in his hands. He looked up as Jim came closer, offering him the sponge. Jim nodded, taking it from the male, dipping it into the water.

"Can you turn your back to me?" The Vulcan shot him a look of discomfort, but finally turned around. Gently, Jim started to wash off the dirt. The water ran down the man's back in dark streaks. He would need a real shower soon. The worst was gone, but if it had been him, he wouldn't have felt clean. Finally, when Jim felt that he had done everything he could for the Vulcan he put the sponge back into the bowl.

"The doctor's going to come in now and treat your wounds. I'll be right here. I won't go away." The Vulcan gave a small nod, laying down on his side once more. He looks so tired, Jim thought. What they must have done to him to break a man from such a strong and proud race. The horror's he must have gone through.

"Bones." Jim called, and the doctor joined him. "Take it slow. 'Don't want you to end up on the floor again okay?"

"Yeah, I'd prefer to stay on my feet this time, too." The doctor said, slowly moving towards the Vulcan.

"Tell him what you're doing. That'll help." Jim said as he stepped to the biobed, kneeling once more, now able to look straight at the Vulcan and not down at him.

". . . I'm going to start with your hands. You're going to have to hold still. Its going to hurt." Bones said, reaching out to tend to the infection at the wrists of the male. When a hiss escaped the injured man, the doctor instinctively jumped back, shooting a look at Jim.

"Its fine, keep going." Jim said, holding the Vulcan's gaze with his own. McCoy moved forward, tending to he man's wound, one after one. Finally, he stepped back.

"That's it. Now all he need's is an IV to give him some nutrition. And sleep. A lot of sleep."

Jim nodded, looking at the male laying on the biobed. "Get him some clothes first, Bones."

"You know Jim, I'm a doctor, not a maid."

"Just do it, Bones. Some of mine." Jim watched the doctor leave, ignoring the cursing as he looked back at the Vulcan.

"You'll be alright. You hear me? You're going to be okay. Once we get the ship running again, we'll take you home. We won't pass go, we won't collect 200 dollars." The Vulcan's eyebrow arched, making Jim grin. "Its a human saying. You haven't been around humans or anything aside of Klingon's in a long time, haven't you?"

He nodded.

"Were you on a ship before they got you?"

Another nod.

"So you were attacked by the Klingon's. And they captured you. Did they take anyone else? Did anyone else survive?"

A shake of head.

"Okay.. Where you on a Vulcan ship?"

Another shake of the head.

"..Federation Ship?" Jim asked quietly. The Vulcan nodded.

"..You. You're from the Exelsis, aren't you? The ship that was in the neutral zone. Trying to save another ship. The one that was destroyed as well during that rescue mission."

The Vulcan nodded.

"..That was almost a Terran year ago." His voice was quiet. The Vulcan shrugged. Jim rubbed his face. Of course. How would he know how long he had been on that ship? There was no day and night in space, and unless he counted the hours, there would be no way of knowing.

"Do you know what they wanted from you? Why they kept you alive?"

One more nod.

"..Can you tell me?" The Vulcan simply looked back at him. Jim wasn't getting an answer. Bones returned with a set of clothing. A black, short sleeved shirt, black pants and briefs. Jim recognized every piece. It was all his. He didn't know why, but he thought that if the Vulcan liked having him around, as much as a Vulcan could actually like anything, then maybe his scent would comfort him?

Jim took the clothes from Bones hands, helping the Vulcan slip into them. Bones watched silently.

"He needs that IV now, Jim. And I'd like to give him a hypo so he can sleep." Jim looked at the Vulcan.

"That okay with you? You'll need the IV. But.. if you really don't want the hypo." Jim hated the jab in his neck, and he could understand if the Vulcan didn't want it either.

The Vulcan shook his head no, confusing the captain of the enterprise.

"Do you want the hypo?" He repeated his question, a question that would actually be answered with yes or no. The Vulcan nodded.

"Okay Bones, go again." Jim stayed kneeling until the doctor was about to give the Vulcan the hypo.

"Spock" the Vulcan suddenly croaked out.

"Spock? Is that your name?" He felt excitement rise in his body. He had spoken. Only a word. But he had talked. The Vulcan nodded, confirming that yes, indeed, that was his name.

"Okay Spock. You're going to sleep for a while. And when you wake up, Doctor McCoy will call me, and I'll come back. Go ahead Bones."

Jim watched as the injection slowly started to work, making the Vulcan struggle to keep his eyes open, until finally, they fell shut. His breathing became deeper, more even.

Jim stood, running fingers through his hair as he watched the sleeping Vulcan. "He's from the Exelsis, Bones. The ship that was destroyed a year ago when it went to the neutral zone on a rescue mission. He's the only survivor."

Bones shook his head, slipping through the curtains, closely followed by the captain.

"Can't imagine what he went through." Jim mumbled.

"And I don't want to." Bones answered, patting his best friend on the shoulder. "Get back to the bridge. I'll call you when he's up, but it could be a couple of days by the looks of him."

"Okay, Bones. Thanks." Jim walked towards the door, stopped, and turned. "Look after him real good Bones, okay?"

Bones grunted. "As if I don't look after every one of my patients real good."

Jim chuckled, leaving the sickbay to make his way back to the bridge. Silently wondering why the Vulcan had picked him.

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