I do not own any characters or PJO. This is my first story so please review and give me suggestions for new stories It was a quiet afternoon on the hills of Camp Half-Blood and Annabeth Chase took this as a chance to enjoy a nice, relaxing day by the beach. Of cousre, there was the motive of seeing her boyfriend, Percy Jackson. Ever since she had turned 18 she had nice, firm C-cup breasts with pink nipples. She had become more and more horny to where she had masturbated almost every hour. She wanted and needed Percy, bad. Oh her luck was just better and better, there he was just enjoying the beach. It's now or never she thought. She had beenwearing a bkini top that barely covered her nipples and made sure she had a cameltoe. "Hey Percy." Annebeth said. Percy didn't utter a word. He was to busy staring at her with his mouth wide open. She could see his erection through his swim trunks and it was turning her on. She played it to act as if she hadn't even noticed. "Percy? You ok?" She asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah just fine Wise girl." Replied Percy. Anyway, "why are you dressed like that?" Percy asked.

"Oh about I was wondering if we could take it to the next level?"

"Next level? Are you sure Annabeth?" Percy asked worried if this was just her horemones acting up. I mean he would love to fuck Annabeth right then and there if he could, but he wanted to make sure.

"Yes, I'm sure." Annabeth replied confidently.

"Ok let's go to my cabin"

OH! Cliffhanger. Next Chapter will be up soon so stay tuned :)