"Man... Why does high school always have finals," I complained as I started walking out of my Spanish Two class with my heavy turquoise-white backpack? I had all sorts of books and papers in there to help me study for these big tests called finals that tests everything I learned for the semester. After all, I had only eleven days of school left; besides, the finals are twenty percent of my semester grade and I don't want to fail any of my classes this semester like last year.

"Hey Ashlee!" someone called to me. I turned to see a girl with brown hair, brown eyes, and is carrying a black laptop looking backpack on her shoulder. I instantly recognized her.

"Hey Alex!" I said while waving to her and avoiding other students that are trying to get to their lockers and homes. I started walking with Alex to our lockers since ours are close together, but I didn't need anything in my locker so I waited for Alex until she got what she needed and continued walking to the main lobby. We didn't talk much, but I don't mind. I saw the person, he had dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and wearing glasses as well as a yellow outfit, I was looking for. I waved by to Alex and walked to the boy.

"Hey Clayton, it's time to go," I said to him as I texted my mom to let her know Clayton and I are walking home. Either he ignored me or didn't hear me, I noticed Clayton was still talking to his friends. I looked at my turquoise watch with an impatient look on my face. I wanted to get home, so I can study on my finals and then get some rest. When I saw him noticing me and walking to the door, I immediately followed him. As soon as I walked out, my mother replied, "Okay, be careful." I texted her back, "We will," and continued following my brother, Clayton.

We were silent, which was normal for me. Clayton never talks to me while walking. I don't know why though, but I didn't ask.

I soon snapped out of my thoughts when I heard my brother said hello to someone. I looked to his direction and noticed three strange men. They all have the same white hair, wore the same clothing and masks covering their faces. They looked like ninjas to me.

I suddenly noticed the silent treatment these men were giving to Clay. Not only that, I noticed they were glaring at him with boredom in their eyes. I got in between them and my brother, and got my hand on his wrist and looked toward the three weird men.

"I'm sorry that we bothered you," I apologized to them and started to walk past them. However, I noticed one of them blocked my way. I started to turn and-

"You are coming with us," I heard one of them said. I turned to them with an eye narrow look on my face.

"Um excuse me? My brother isn't going anywhere but home," I said with a serious tone in my voice. I started walking away from them once again, but the three men blocked my path. I started walking away from them a-

"Who told you it was your brother," one of them said and I stopped. If it's not my brother they want, then- Oh no! It's me they're after, but why?!

I turned to them while hiding my sudden fear by giving them a serious look. "Well, I'm also not going anywhere but home," I said while keeping calm. I noticed them taking a step toward us and made me immediately stepped back with my brother.

"You do not have much of a choice," the middle of the men said and that only increased my fear.

While I kept my eyes on the three men, I snuck my phone to my brother's hand and whispered to him so the strange men won't hear us. "Clay, I want you to call mom and tell her there are three men here who are after us," I whispered to my brother trying to remain calm. However once I told him those words, he immediately ran off with my phone in panic mode. I too took off after him, but the men had somehow caught up to me and two of them grabbed on to my arms so I couldn't move.

"NO! LET ME GO!" I shouted as I start trying to kick the men. Before I knew it, one of them had covered my eyes so I couldn't see what was going on.

I didn't know what to do. Panic and fear was all over my system of moods. I started to use all of my strength to kick those three strange men once again. This time, I managed to get out of their hold and see what's going on, but I suddenly started falling. Falling into a river. The three men had already vanished. More fear had developed in me. There was one thing I could do.

"HELP ME!" I yelled. I was soon in the river; however after I have been hit in the head, darkness had obtained my conscious.

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