Chapter XIII: A New Appearance, Friend & Ally

I told my team what happened. About N, Team Plasma, and at the Ferris wheel. Zorua, Archen, and Servine were shocked. Well, Servine was also mad at the same time; after all, she trusted him just like I had. I didn't say anything after that. I'm still broken for what N said. In fact, I still haven't moved ever since N left. I looked at my Xtransciever for the time; it's only four fifty-two. I started seeing scenes of me and N. This caused more tears in my eyes, but I wiped them off before Servine, Zorua, and Archen notices.

"Sweetie, is something wrong?" I heard a feminine voice say. I turned to where the voice was, so I could see who it is. I soon noticed a woman with short blond hair, and blue eyes and wearing black pants, yellow sleeveless shirt with white and black stripes, yellow heels, and strange headphones with some sort of black string with white tips down to her legs.

I shook my head. I already told Zorua, Archen, and Servine about it, but I don't want anyone else knowing about it too. I saw her sit on the bench even though I'm sitting on the ground.

"Sweetie, you can't just hold onto those feeling... It will only make things worse for you," replied the woman. I felt hand on my shoulder and sighed.

I'll... I'll be fine," I finally said and looked towards the woman. "I already told my Pokémon about it, but thanks anyway," I added and smiled to the woman. "I'm just trying to think of a way to forget about it... I guess," I also added again. I suddenly felt her hand on mine and had helped me up.

"Well I can help you with that," said the woman as Archen and Zorua got on my shoulder. I looked at her with confusion. "Let's go do some shopping for new garments," she added.

"Garments... you mean clothes? But what's wrong with-" I asked but soon stopped as I looked at my clothes? I soon noticed my light blue shirt and short jeans is covered in dirt and sand. "Oh..." I now said feeling embarrassed. I wonder how N didn't notice this.

"Come on, I know a great place to start," said the woman then she snapped her fingers for some reason. "Oh by the way, my name is Elesa. I'm the gym leader of this city," she said to introduce herself. "What's yours?" she asked.

"I'm Ashlee and these Pokémon with me are-"

"Ah so you're Ashlee! Professor Juniper had told me a lot about you and your friends. I've never expected to meet someone from a different dimension at a time like this," said Elesa with a smile. This surprised me a lot. "Professor Juniper told me and the other gym leaders about you and how you and your Pokémon are trying to get to your dimension and asked us to help you the best way we can," she added.

Now, I felt shocked and guilty. "Y-you guys don't have to," I said. I didn't want the gym leaders involved as well. I already got my Pokémon, Bianca, Cheren, and the professor involved.

"Hey, don't worry about it. Anyways, let's go. I know a great clothing store at a mall that will help us get you ready for your journey," said Elesa as she starts walking out of the amusement park. I followed her with Zorua, Archen, and Servine.

It took Elesa, my Pokémon, and I a while to get to the clothing store Elesa wanted us to go. A lot of Elesa's fans were blocking our ways and almost separating us. If it weren't for the security, we'd probably never get through the fan crowd... in one piece. We soon arrived to the store. We saw all sorts of clothes: shirts, shorts, jeans, pants, and even dresses.

"Oh my goodness! Miss Elesa, it's such an honor to see you here!" I suddenly heard a voice say. Then, Elesa, my team and I noticed a woman walking towards us with a manager tag on her red shirt. I guess she's in charge of the store. "What can I do for you today?" she asked.

"My friend Ashlee here-" said Elesa as she points to me, "-is looking for some new clothes for her journey. Can you help her with that?" she finished with a question.

"Why of course!" said the manager. She soon walked towards me once Zorua and Archen got off my shoulders. "Well Miss Ashlee, follow me to the dressing room and I shall help you get the clothes you wish to try on and wear," she said to ma as she then drags me to the fitting room.

While I was in the fitting room, the manager had brought all sorts of clothes for me to try on. However, I didn't like any of them, They were all great; but, they happened to be either too small, too large, too exposed, or too tight. I sighed as I noticed the manager is getting tired after ten minutes of trying to find the right outfit. I feel bad for her getting different clothes thanks to my picky choice of clothing. So, I popped my head out of the fitting room for a bit to look around. I noticed an outfit that caught my attention. It's a white sleeveless shirt with a black stripe on each side, a long black pants with a white stripe on each side, and white shoes with black shoe laces. When I saw the manager come back, I pointed to the same outfit I was looking at and asked her if I could try it on. She nodded as soon left and returned with that outfit.

"Thank you," I said to the manager as I got the outfit from her. I looked at it for a little bit and now tried it on. It was easy to put on which was good for me. Once it's on, I looked at myself in the mirror then got out of the fitting room for Elesa, my Pokémon, and the manager to see.

"Wow Ashlee! That suits you really well!" said Elesa while smiling big. This made me feel a little embarrassed, but I smiled to Elesa and noticed my Pokémon agrees with her.

"Thanks you guys," I said while smiling. I noticed Elesa and the manager talking to each other. So, I took some time to look at my Pokémon as Zorua and Archen got back onto my shoulders. I then noticed Elesa looked towards me which caused me to look at her.

"Ashlee, I shall wait for your challenge at my gym in the amusement park tomorrow. I'm looking forward to see what you can do," said Elesa as she walks out of the store. I looked at the manager.

"Excuse me, how much do I owe you for this outfit?" I asked the manager. She smiled.

"Nothing, you keep it. No one ever wanted that outfit even though I made it; so, take it. After all, it really does suit you well," replied the manager and soon left once I said my thanks.

"Let's go look around some more before we head to the Pokémon Center," I said to my team and saw all three of them nod. I started walking out of the store with Servine.

The first thing we did was to get a hair brush, one for me and a hair brush for Servine, Archen, and Zorua to share, mostly for Zorua, since they seemed interested. We also did some grocery and medicine shopping. We got super potions, and more berries especially Oran Berries, Cheri Berries, Pecha Berries, and much more. We also got Pokémon food, food for me which is probably only bread, cheese, and fruit, and a sleeping bag in case if I have to sleep outside. Later on, we got outside the mall and at a forest at the right of the city to get away from the crowd a little bit. We soon found a Pecha Berry bush and apple trees and decided to pick some for our journey.

"Looks like we got everything we needed," I said to Servine, Zorua, and Archen. I saw them smile, so I smiled back to them. Suddenly, Servine stopped smiling and looked the other way. "What's wrong Servine?" I asked her as I looked at the same direction she's facing. I became surprised to see a white-black flying squirrel like creature with some yellow on its cheeks, some in the ears, and inside its cape like fur. I got out my Pokédex to learn more.

"Emolga the Sky Squirrel Pokémon. The energy in Emolga's cheeks' electric pouches is stored inside its membrane and released while it is gliding."

"An Emolga?" I said with confusion as I read the Pokédex a little more and then put it away. I noticed the Emolga is also on the ground. According to the Pokédex, Emolgas would usually be on trees. I looked at the new Pokémon carefully and noticed something terrible. Its cape like fur is wounded! "Oh no! We have to help it!" I said as I got out a potion from my backpack and started to walk to the Pokémon. Once Emolga noticed me and my Pokémon, it got scared, but it couldn't go anywhere since it's injured; so it started to attack us by throwing electric shaped spheres at us. However, my team and I dodged them.

"Servine Ser!" I heard Servine yelled out. I saw Servine glaring at Emolga. I pat Servine's head.

"It's okay Servine. It's just scared and injured too. I'm going to try and help it. I want you, and Archen to try and block its attacks okay?" I said to Servine. I saw her hesitate with Archen a bit, but soon nodded. I started walking towards Emolga; however, it then shoots out more electric balls at me. Before they could ever hit me, Archen used ancient power and Servine used leaf tornado to block the electric balls. I thanked them and walked until Zorua and I got close enough to Emolga so I can take care of its wound. Emolga looked like it's going to attack again; I need to calm Emolga down and fast. "Emolga it's going to be okay. I won't hurt you, but I need you to calm down so I can help you," I said to Emolga calmly as I got to my knees to reach its height.

"Emol emolga." Emolga growled out a little while growling at me. I got an idea and pulled out an oran berry which caught Emolga's attention.

"Here have this. It will help you feel a lot better," I said to the Emolga. I noticed it grabbed the berry and started eating it. As it eats, I took this time to use the potion on its injury to help heal the wound. Right when Emolga finished eating, I finished healing its wound. "There all better," I said as I got up with Zorua on my shoulder.

"Emol?" said Emolga as it touches where its injury was then looks at me. I nodded to it and smiled. It smiled back.

"You'll feel better real soon Emolga. Once you do, be careful out there alright?" I asked and noticed the sky is getting dark. "I think its time to head back," I said and took one last look at Emolga. "You take care now," I said to it and walked to Archen and Servine. I bent down, so Archen can climb onto my shoulder. However once I did and Archen is on my shoulder, I felt someone grabbed onto my head as if it just got on. I got it off of my head and noticed it was Emolga. "Emolga? Why were you on my head?" I asked it and got a hug from Emolga as my reply.

"Emol emolga!" said Emolga as it still hugs me. I suddenly heard my backpack being unzipped. Before I knew it, Servine had handed me one of my empty Poké Balls. Emolga looked at the red and white ball and back to me. Now I understand what Emolga is saying, but I'm still not sure...

"Are you sure about this Emolga?" I asked Emolga. Emolga stared at me for a little bit and then tapped the Poké Ball and allows it to suck it in. I heard the Poké Ball shook three times and then clicked; Emolga is now part of my team. I immediately sent out Emolga and saw it glide back onto my head.

"Emol emol. Emol Molga." said Emolga as it sounded tough and brave like a warrior. Well, that tells me what gender Emolga is.

"I'm guessing, from your toughness, you're a boy?" I asked Emolga. Emolga cried out in agreement. Archen squawked in happiness which caused me to smile to him and Emolga. "Well then let's head to the Pokémon Center. Elesa will be waiting for us tomorrow," I said and heard everyone cry out in agreement. I walked back to Nimbasa City with Servine walking next to me, Zorua and Archen on my shoulders, and our new friend and teammate on my head, Emolga.

Author's Note:

I AM SOOOOO SORRY FOR THE LATE UPDATE! T^T I REALLY felt terrible for not updating so soon.. I got so caught up on playing Pokémon X, I almost completely forgot to start working on the next chapter. Dx I hope you can all forgive me. ;-; I hope you guys enjoy this new chapter and I'll try to update as soon as I can.