WARNING! This fanfic will contain explicit sex of homosexual nature (USUK). It will also have mild swearing, some fantasy violence, and will be dealing with some historical aspects that some people may find controversial (Witchcraft).

Work Your Magic

Chapter One

By Pixiedust291


"Witches burned at the stake!" Arthur Kirkland looked out over the mildly amused faces of the students in the crowded lecture hall. He raised a brow. He stepped forward and stood beside the pull down screen. He noticed, with cynical amusement, that the first two rows of desks were taken up by nothing but rather attractive female students. Despite his usually reclusive and solitary nature it seemed he was always voted one of the most attractive teachers at the University. His rating on ratemyprofessor dot com always had several chili peppers next to it. Arthur never knew weather to be annoyed or strangely flattered. Regardless, it was his duty as a teacher to teach them; not to ask questions as to justify their reason for taking his course.

"No one is certain how many people, the majority of them being women, were brutally murdered and tortured during the three or so centuries of the witch trials we'll be covering in this course." He scanned over the sea of faces once more. Now they looked interested. What was it about death and blood that the youth found so attractive? "Fear of witchcraft has been seen all over the world. In many parts superstition is still very much alive. Sadly, no matter where in the world it happened, it was common that every witch was killed in the name of God."

He ran a hand through his short blonde hair. He tapped a key on his laptop and the PowerPoint flipped to the next slide. "While churches in the past have tried to cover up the actual number of deaths for centuries, until they too even forgot, moderate estimates say that more then one hundred thousand individuals were killed between the times of the fourteen hundreds to seventeen hundreds. However, modern day Wiccan and covenants proclaim that the number is far greater."

"Why would anybody claim to be a witch?" Arthur paused and turned toward the mass of seated students. His gaze was level and flat. "Why would anyone believe someone who claimed they were a witch?" The student continued.

The kids shifted in their seats. He tried not to get overly upset. If he got upset then his magic would start to radiate outward and possibly fry his computer, again. Apparently, the speaker had not read the footnote that had been at the bottom of the registration and description for this class. "Will the person who spoke please rise?" It was not so much a question as a polite demand. A rather tall and particularly friendly looking young man stood up. His hair was a light chestnut brown and was combed back and off to the side, giving him a disheveled but particularly charming look. Over one shoulder was draped and elaborate but beautiful scarf. He was obviously uncomfortable with everyone looking at him and he unconsciously adjusted his glasses. "Your name young man?"

"Kasem Chao."

"Yes, Mr. Chao. I want you and the entire class to know that I welcome all sincere inquiry related to the subject of witchcraft, the witch trials, and any and all related fields. However, I must stress the word sincere. I do not teach this class as a joke or to give any of you an 'easy A'. As some of you probably know from talking to other students this is not a 'bird course'. On that note, however, it has been my experience," Arthur said with a smile "that those students who usually show up to class and do their homework are the ones that receive the above average grades. Back on subject though, I expect every one of you to take the deaths of thousands, possibly even millions, of people quite seriously. Especially since it influenced the entire future and culture of the Western world." He took a steady breath "Now, Mr. Chao would you like to rephrase your question?"

"Yes, sir. I meant why is it that modern day people still believe in witches? Is their any reason to think that those people are not just seeking another form of divine power or are purely just craving attention?"

Arthur smiled and a few girls in the front row sighed. Good grief. "Now that is a very interesting question." He looked upward toward the clock on the back wall. "Unfortunately it will have to be addressed on Wednesday."

As the class filed out, Arthur turned his back and packed his briefcase. He realized he had been a little more distant and moody with his students today, but the impending dinner with his mother was like a black stormy rain cloud over his head. The damn thing was even shooting licking bolts into his skull. His mother only called him when she wanted to pressure, or downright force him, to do something. Honestly she had been the reason he had moved to America in the first place. He snapped the clasps on his briefcase. Hadn't his mother said something about having company and something about a present?

"Um, excuse me sir." Arthur turned to see the boy Kasem behind him. Though 'boy' was a relative term because the man only looked twenty two at most. Arthur raised a brow. He had meant to use Kasem's question as sort of a warning to the rest of the class. It had not been his intent to frighten or insult the man. "I just wanted to say that I meant no disrespect, sir."

Arthur waved a hand. There was no use punishing the kid for his foul mood "None taken."

"I'm really looking forward to this class." Kasem smiled politely. It was then Arthur noticed the pattern and distinctive colors on his scarf.

"You are one of the international students…from Thailand."

Kasem's smile brightened. "Yes I am."

It was just a trickle, but Arthur felt it. He looked directly into the boy's intriguing brown eyes and felt his energy. Yes, he was the type. A human who was susceptible to the more magical forces that existed in the world. The man at one time or another had probably seen or felt something he could hot explain. Arthur smiled, and allowed it to reach his emerald green eyes. "I hope the class is very worthwhile for you, Mr. Chao."

"Thank you very much professor." Kasem then waved and turned to hurry and catch up with his friends.

Arthur had to give the kid credit for at least apologizing, even if it wasn't needed. Arthur knew his presence could be formidable to some, especially when they were psychic sensitive. He sighed deeply, grabbed his briefcase, and turned to leave. Now that his last class was done it was- he smiled when he saw Kiku waiting in the doorway. His oldest friend, and one of the few who his mother had not managed to scare off, who knew about his magical prowess. Then again, his powers did not exactly have to be kept a secret from Kiku because he wasn't human. The rather quiet Japanese man was actually a kitsune, a demon fox.

"What are you doing here?" Arthur asked conversationally.

"You told me last week that you are meeting your mother today. I thought you might like to get a drink first." There was a local tea, beer, and coffee shop just down the block called The Brew Station. Arthur had at first thought it was a pub until he had heard a group of students talk about getting double espresso shots. Arthur smirked, knowing full well that Kiku knew The Brew Station was one of his secret weaknesses, that and the Dutch Bros down the way. It was the only place in the entire U.S., Arthur swore, where one could find warm pumpkin, rose, or mint and chamomile tea.

Arthur nodded "That actually sounds smashing."

Kiku's mouth turned up in the slightest smile as he stepped out of the doorway and followed Arthur out of the building. They walked in silence all the way to the shop. That was one thing about Kiku that Arthur desperately appreciated. The man on so many different occasions acted like a support rock. He was there when Arthur needed company, but knew enough to not say anything unless Arthur opened up for the topic that was bothering him it to be discussed. They ordered their drinks and after receiving them went to the outside porch area. Arthur set his cup down and leaned against the post, staring out at the busy streets and constant rush of students walking on the sidewalks.

"How did your Ancient Asian Culture class go?" Arthur asked, trying to make pleasant conversation. He glanced at his watch, which read four thirty. Good, he had time until dinner.

"It went well I think. My roster is completely full."

Arthur shrugged "Well you know, after the midterm about a third of them will drop." He didn't mean to be so pessimistic, but it was true. Kiku didn't say anything. He just continued to drink his green tea with his usually placid expression. Arthur debated weather to tell Kiku or not what he was feeling. It was really nothing knew. Kiku had heard it many times before. Arthur sighed again as he took another sip of his tea, loving the mild flavor and the pungent but not overpowering aroma. "Kiku please tell me something to get my mind off of things."

Kiku seemed to think for a moment "I ran into Vash earlier today, he seemed a bit more brash then usual."

"Did he now?" Arthur shrugged "Vash is kind of like me. He prefers to be left alone."

"Perhaps. It is just that he seemed rather unhappy." Kiku shook his head "Other then that I have heard rumors. The zoology and biology students seem to be rather excited about the new mammalogy teacher."

Arthur stopped in mid sip and swallowed, turning to look at Kiku "Mammalogy teacher? I don't remember anything ever being said about a new teacher."

"Well he is not going into our History department so that would make sense."

Arthur shrugged "What do you know about him?"

"Not much. Just that the students really like him and he is very young."

Arthur nodded "Well that's good to hear I guess."

"I heard that young man apologizing to you. Did something happen?"

Arthur shook his head "No, just the usual skepticness about the subject is all." He looked down the street. He really didn't wanna talk about his mother or her plans, he decided. "Would you like to go grab a bite at that place you like? Shogun Bowl right?" He asked, because he knew it would make Kiku happy. The Japanese man smiled slightly.

"Thank you very much. I would love to."


"Arthur, my darling, won't you sit down." Elizabeth Kirkland gestured to the seat next to her at the small bistro table. "Now I know I do not need to remind you of the fact that, as the most powerful male witch in nearly three generations and one of the few who have ever met and exceeded the capabilities of the females," she stirred her tea with a tiny delicate spoon "you have certain responsibilities."

Arthur remained standing "You are refereeing to my obligation to knock someone up." His expression was nearly emotionless. He usually preferred to refrain from more vulgar American terms but he did so love the way they flustered his mother just so. He watched his mother lean back in the pure white dining chair. The white leather upholstery was so shinny and pristine that only a witch, who could clean anything with the flick of her finger, would dare sit in it while drinking rosehips tea.

"You know I do not enjoy your sarcasm, Arthur."

"And you are well aware that I don't enjoy being told I must sacrifice whatever chance of happiness I have left for the benefit of some powerful imaginary future generations."

She cast him a dull look "You are for all intents and purposes a king among our kind. I thought you of all people would know with great power comes great responsibility."

"Must you quote Voltaire?" Arthur asked as she waved a dismissive hand. "Besides you know that is utter nonsense. The unruly mass of supernaturals we affectionately call witch and wizardry, no more recognize me as their leader then that teacup you are holding can fly on its own." Arthur shrugged "They like me and respect me. Nothing more."

"But my dear they will come to see you as that. Especially when you accumulate more power with age and aid our kind against the ever increasing threat of the human hordes."

Arthur's gaze narrowed. That was a new attack, and very suspicious "What threat?"

His mother frowned "Even you must see the rise of religious fanaticism all over the world. It could easily prove to repeat the witch trials and darker parts of history all over again."

Arthur rolled his eyes "I see no such thing, but even if it did come to that, the humans would just murder one another as they have done in countless earlier centuries. They hardly even caught a real witch."

She frowned "Well, I suppose you would know, though you insist on that idiotic teaching profession." She scoffed "I will never understand you sometimes."

He fought against the urge to grind his teeth "We have covered this several times before, mother."

She rose from her seat "Shall we take our coffee to the living room? I wish to give you a present." He reluctantly followed her. A present? His mother was not one for gifts. What was she up to? He followed her from the cozy bistro table, through the grand arch into the 'family' living room, which was far larger than a small patio. Witches were a relatively rich race, and the Kirkland's, who were among one of the three oldest and most powerful lineages of witches, were anything but an exception. His mother favored grand statements; however, they were not really his taste. Though he'd always kind of liked the family room. It was almost comfortable with its deep floral-patterned fabric love seats. Love. Ironic. There had never been a plethora of that in this house. It had always seemed to Arthur that everyone around him was more concerned with power.

His mother gestured with a lace gloved hand to indicate the entire space. "On Saturday, we'll have an early gathering of the select few here and then welcome the community in the formal living room at seven for cocktails and a quick supper. And perhaps the announcement of your betrothal?"

Arthur rolled his eyes. From the time he had reached puberty his mother had paraded a plethora of eligible, and powerful, women before him. The problem was, as much as he hated it, he knew she had him by the shirt collar. Something was killing his race. Every passing generation of witches seemed to grow weaker and weaker. If they didn't do anything then they would very soon be as powerless as humans. Was that so horrible? To be human. Arthur never considered it so. He was the most powerful male witch alive and yet he hardly ever used his power or appreciated it. He had wished multiple times in his life that the 'honor' had gone to someone else. Regardless, apparently he was the only one who could save his race.

"You will make me proud Arthur dear?"

Arthur knew what the meant. "I am a gentleman. Whatever possible bride you have invited to the party I will be polite and charming to." Whatever poor girl his mother had found this time did not deserve his anger or resentment. He sat down on one of the love seats while she sat opposite him.

"Excellent." His mother smiled "You do realize the importance of your union to a powerful witch don't you? Your offspring will engender a new level of power in the future generation and undo the impact of the witch and human unions." She sighed "Those pour men and women. Never forget that humans are treacherous, Arthur. They are experts at seducing and the moment you consent to their passions you will lose your powers."

Arthur chose to ignore the second comment "And the fact that I have never had even the slightest interest in the opposite sex doesn't interfere with your plans?" he said with a sarcastic undertone. He crossed his legs "I wonder what my bride will think on our wedding night?" He shot back at her.

"I would like to know what that has to do with anything."

Arthur was silent for a moment and then started laughing. By the time he had stopped laughing; his mother had a vicious scowl on her face. He waved a hand "My apologies." He leaned back and sighed "I wish I could just donate my sperm like humans do."

"You know that does not work for witch males. And that is not an appropriate topic for discussion." He, reluctantly, nodded. Witch males and females tended to be rather unfertile, which of course was also adding to the decline of their race. From what studies the academy of magic had performed, they found that the less power a witch had the more unlikely they were to conceive.

"Mother I have never heard of anything that was so horrible it could not be talked about."

She scoffed and rolled her eyes "Do you or do you not want your gift?"

If refusing the present would stop his mother from talking about marriage, he would have done it in a heart beat. If fact, he really didn't want any gift from his mother. However, she was his mother. Even if he hated it, that still meant he owed her a little compassion. He faked a smiled "Yes. Please show it to me."

"Very well." She rose, all queenly, and left the room. The silence that overtook the empty room was crushing. What the hell was he going to do? He was adamant that he never get married, but he wasn't sure how much longer his mother was going to deal with her 'reluctant and confused' son. She was up to something. He was sure of it.

His mother wasn't the only one breathing down his neck. The Witch Council was an ever present annoyance. If a witch had sex with a human they lost all their powers and without powers they were immediately shunned and cast out from the magical community. Arthur pursed his lips. It was a steep price to pay for one night of passion, and yet apparently enough witches had done it that now their community consisted of only a few thousand individuals the world over. The Witch Council was always preaching of the corruption of humanity. Even as a young boy Arthur had been taught in school that humans were to be feared. Luckily in Arthur's case he had Kiku to counter their teachings. Kitsune were not so anti-human as witches were, in fact they preferred them for their mates. Why was it that Kitsune didn't lose their magical or animal abilities? Why was it that kitsune and human couples were able to have perfectly healthy half kitsune children?

When his mother entered she looked rather excited, holding a small animal carrier. Arthur's thick eyebrows furrowed. That the hell? His mother hated anything cute and furry. She held it out to him. "This is for you."

Arthur set the carrier on the table "What is it. Does it bite?"

"I doubt it bites, but I'm not entirely sure. I was told it is very selective. It arrived just before you got here."

Arthur glanced up at the clock and his jaw dropped "That was more then two hours ago! Mother you can not just leave some animal in a cage for untold amounts of time." Arthur peered down and looked inside. All he could see were two bright green eyes the color or summer grass that had large round black pupils staring back at him. Nothing else was visible. The creature inside blinked at him.

Arthur unhooked the latch and swung open the metal door slowly, not wanting to scare the animal. Leaning down to look inside once more Arthur could just barely make out the outline of a sinuous body. "A cat?" but he didn't see any pointed ears. He leaned back as the creature began to stir. It looked like Arthur's mother was about to say something when the feline began to emerge- no, strut out of the cage. Arthur had half expected the cat to be completely black because even though it was cliché, it was still the traditional feline familiar choice. His eyes went wide when he saw a relatively small feline with nearly all white fur, save for a brown patch on his head and tail, and floppy folded ears. A Scottish fold. The cat looked around the room with calculating inquisitive eyes. When he turned his posterior toward Arthur, tail held high, Arthur saw quite evidently that the feline was male.

"Now this is no ordinary cat. It is, I have it on the best authority, one of the world's most powerful familiars. Only the best for the most powerful witch."

The cat, much to Arthur amusement, seemed to ignore his mother entirely. It instead turned his full attention to Arthur. It laid down on the table, facing Arthur, with one front paw crossed politely and comfortably over the other. The pose was very... human. As if to contradict the cat's very serious gaze its folded ears, big round eyes, and chubby cheeks were tugging at Arthur's heart strings. He had always had a week spot for adorable or cute things. Oh how he wished he could have seen this cat as a kitten. Its adorableness probably would have been unbearable.

Arthur smiled "I'm Arthur Kirkland." He said as he introduced himself to the feline. "Do you have a name?"

He mother giggled "He's still a cat Arthur, even if he is a witch's familiar. He can not talk." The glare the cat shot her way was all to clear to Arthur. The cat may not speak but it was not stupid and it did understand what they were saying. His mother leaned forward and picked up the tag that had been attached to the cage. "The tag says his name is Iggy." She sneered at the tag and then at the cat. The Scottish fold sent her a nearly silent hiss.

"Iggy." Arthur frowned "That's not a proper name for a cat. It sounds to...cutesy." As if to show he agreed with Arthur's statement the cat got up and jumped into his shoulder. "Wow, I guess he likes me." Arthur ran a hand down the cats back and a rather loud purr seemed to vibrate from the feline. He chuckled and then reached to remove the cat, but the felines teeth gently bit into his ear. When Arthur tried again the cat bit more firmly. "Alright, fine."

"Perfect. I just knew it was the perfect familiar for you. It's only to bad he isn't black." She shrugged "It will both magnify and manifest your magic. Any spell you cast will be increased by however much it can do."

Arthur pursed his lips. "Would you please stop calling him 'it'." He then turned to look at his mother's tea cup. With a flick of his finger the tan colored water whooshed into the air and formed a perfect ring. "I do not see how this is much different." There was a growl from the feline and Arthur felt a massive shiver through his spine. Every light in the room clicked on and off rapidly and the tea froze into one solid mass, except for a single drop. The drop then floating along the air and straight into the cat's open and waiting moth. Arthur turned to look, as best he could, at the feline.

"Alright, I apologize." He raised a brow "You like tea?" He swore the cat's mouth turned up in a grin.


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