Hello everyone. This was a surprisingly quick update. I expect to update this story once a day, minus days when I don't have time or I don't feel like it. This chapter does have a little language, so younger viewers be warned! The rhyme scene is much improved this time, by the way. (I do not own Total Drama or its characters.)

Chris stood on the dock, smiling. "This just might work!" he exclaimed. "Everyone loves poetry, right?"

More cricket noises ensue.

"Fine, be that way. In the mean time, we have our poet on hand. Eva!" The fitness buff walked onto the dock and glared at the host. "So Eva, before we begin, any thoughts on your poem of your thoughts?"

Eva took a moment to think. "Writing it was actually pretty beneficial. It gave me back the feeling that I need to punch someone. Hard. In the face."

"There's an intern who doesn't look very busy standing right over there," replied the black-haired host. "But first we need to see your poem."

The strong girl grunted. She pulled a piece of crumpled paper out of her pocket, uncrumpled it, and threw it at the camera.

Listen up punk,

It's Eva here.

Annoy me and you're sunk,

So you better steer clear.

I joined this damn show,

'Cause I had nothing better to do.

That's my reason, now you know,

So what about you?

I went to the isle

I was easily the strongest.

In a minute I'd run a mile,

I should have lasted the longest.

I got cheated out by a nasty witch,

All because she stole my tunes.

Thankfully a few others on her did snitch,

She practically dug her own tomb.

But I wasn't mad at her,

Oh no, not just yet.

My many angers were,

Directed at Bridgette.

I came back to the game,

It's a no-brainer why.

I always bring the pain,

I make the ratings sky-high!

But they got rid of me soon,

By the campfire.

Underneath the full moon,

Which was a sight to admire.

I've been unfairly screwed,

I need my chance back,

I want to be renewed,

Until then, no one can relax!

You think you're all so clever,

Playing season after season.

Watch out, you bitch Heather,

Before I kill you for no reason!

I'll return to the show,

You'll see! You'll all see!

Just wanted to let you know,

That you'll have to deal with me!

Eva grinned and rolled up her sleeve. "That's my poem. Like it? You better. Now I'm gonna go punch that intern." She stalked off angrily, leaving Chris smiling annoyingly.

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