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Chapter 1

No one's POV

When Perseus Jackson, Hero of Olympus, woke up and wanted something interesting to happen today, this was not what he met. It started out innocent enough, of course. Did some training, ate, and trained some more. Normal.

It was about 4:00 when it all went downhill. He was just hanging out at the beach with Annabeth when a bright light surrounded them both . . .

Phoenix was just finishing up some training at the archery ring. She was pretty good, if she did say so herself. After getting five bulls eye's in a row, she decided to head back to her cabin. But, before she could move, a bright light surrounded her. . .

Nico was just about to finish up his sword training lessons. He was getting better every day, and it was his dream to beat a friend of his. Percy Jackson. As he slashed once again, Nico felt the urge to stop. He did, and he was surrounded by a bright light . . .

Zeus was, as usual, bossing people around. He had a storm come up above Iowa out of annoyance, with enough water to flood even the biggest of towns. Out of nowhere, a bright light surrounded him too. . .

Poseidon was in his palace overseeing the reconstruction of his palace. It was going well, but way too slow for his liking. Unlucky for him, he followed the others in the bright light . . .

Hades was doing his usual doom and gloom things. Sorting the dead, being evil. Yep, the usual. I bet you won't guess what happened to him too . . .

Athena was reading in her library. She had just finished feeding some owls, so she was in a pretty good mood. She was the final victim of the bright light . . .

Screams were heard throughout a room, and there were multiple thuds. Weapons were brought out, everyone on their toes.


"Aren't you at camp?"



"Why is my daughter in a swimming suit with a sea spawn?"

"Where are we?"

Needless to say, the room was full of confusion as they pocketed their preferred weapons. Then a letter flowed down from the ceiling.

Phoenix Skywalker, a daughter of Zeus, caught it. She had blonde hair in a braid with too long bangs that had to be tucked back by a lightning bolt hairpin, and her father's electric blue eyes, with a thin scar running over the left one.

"Annabeth, here. You like to read."

Annabeth, a girl with blonde hair and grey eyes, cleared her throat.

Dear children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren,

Hello dears! It's Mother Rhea. I think that you should all do some family bonding, so I've sent you to this room in the middle of nowhere. Don't try blasting yourself out. It's sealed with some of the best magic in the world. Unfortunately, this is the only house that I liked. Meaning, you all have to sleep either in the living room, the kitchen, or the bathroom. There isn't a bedroom; I changed it into a very large closet for everyone's clothes, shoes, etc. Also, now you can't fight over it, so it works out well. Speaking of fighting, don't fight over who gets what room. Remember that not everyone is immortal. Please.

Time is frozen. No need to worry about jobs or people worrying. You will stay here for a month or even longer if I feel you need it. I think that's it! Do whatever you want, but you must be together most of the time.

Love, Mother Rhea.

Everyone groaned. "This is great. Just great." Hades muttered, not exactly the people person.

After multiple attempted escapes, burnt fingers, and a bit of blood/ichor, even the big three gods gave up.

"Well, we might as well do something while we get tortured." Phoenix sighed. "Truth or Dare, anyone?"

Even the gods agreed out of boredom, although the big three were a bit reluctant.

"Okay. I'll start. Poseidon, truth or dare?" the daughter of Zeus challenged. . .

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