We all know that in-universe, everyone could see Percabeth happening. This story delves deeper into the idea that the other characters are very much aware of Percabeth.

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Set between The Titan's Curse and The Last Olympian

Throughout the four years and counting that I've spent in camp, I always had three goals in mind:

1. Make sure all cabins are neat. I am NOT a happy camper when I see dirty shorts lying around during cabin inspections.

2. Pair up as many campers as possible. At least three quarters of Camp Half-Blood's couples are going strong because of me. Need evidence? Look at Clarisse and Chris. Adorable right? Yeah, because I practically got them together.

3. Give Annabeth Chase a makeover.

Annabeth is well aware of the third goal. Everyone considers me as the epitome of an full-fledged Aphrodite kid because I just love making things look pretty.

Which I must say, is absolutely true.

However, I admit that I do have an ulterior motive. Indeed it is my sworn duty to beautify this world, but that's not why I constantly plead for Annabeth's permission to style those curly blonde locks of hers or accentuate her incredible grey eyes with the right smoky eyeshadow.

Actually, the main reason why I possess a strong desire to give Annabeth a makeover is a certain sweet, black haired, son of Poseidon.

Mealtimes, campfire sing-a-longs, awful monster battles - you name it. I always catch that Percy Jackson gazing longingly at Annabeth Chase. I can't blame the boy. If my best friend of the opposite gender had golden hair that shone in sunlight or a breathtaking smile, I'd be staring too.

And when he's not looking, I see Annabeth gazing at him too.

Sometimes I wonder what will happen if one day, Annabeth decided to put on some mascara or dress nicely. Oh my gods, that boy will not be able to take his eyes off her! He'll probably be thinking, Holy Poseidon! This girl I've totally been crushing on since I was twelve is a KNOCKOUT. Then he'll profess his love to here and they'll skip off to the sunset and have beautiful demigod babies with magnificent ocean powers that will make them an extreme nuisance to nannies.

... Well maybe not, but a girl can dream, right?

Besides, it's common knowledge in camp that they have a connection. Why else would Percy sneak out of camp last winter when Annabeth was abducted, risking his life and expulsion from his beloved camp? It's adorable - they have feelings for each other and they don't even know it! Thinking about their mutual unrequited love makes me want to squeal!

So that's why I want to give Annabeth Chase a makeover.

Everyone knows that a romance between them is inevitable. I just want to speed things up here.

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