The Lightning Thief, page 57: "I must've woken up several times, but what I heard and saw made no sense, so I just passed out again."

Ohohohoho sounds like I can imagine what happened while Percy was recovering from the Minotaur fight ;)



Set in Does-Anyone-Even-Read-This?

I'm gonna let you in on a secret.

Not a lot of gods, goddesses and godlings up in Olympus know this, but I'm probably the nosiest person you'd ever meet. If I spot someone being particularly furtive, or two lovers in the middle of a romantic tryst, or ANYTHING along those lines, I have no self-restraint. I have to keep an eye on everyone all the time.

I guess this tendency of mine to people-watch has something to do with the fact that I have at least one hundred eyes covering my entire freaking body.

But don't worry. Everyone's secrets are safe with me! Although, I ain't the gossipy type. I have a severe speech impediment that deters me from spreading secrets.

See, I have the most embarassing lisp. And a stutter. And whenever I talk, I fidget a lot. I'm a fidgety, lisping stutterer.

Aaand having a gigantic eyeball embedded in my tongue doesn't help either. My tongue-eye always get in the way when I speak. Ugth!

It's quite sad, really. I have tons of jawdropping eye-joke material. If I had a few less eyes located in intimate places on my body, I could be a world-class stand-up comedian, specializing on puns with the sclera!

Alas, that's life. Immortal life.

Enough with my sob story, let's get down to the real reason behind this internal monologue of mine.

I presume that you are not currently residing under a rock and are aware of Camp Half-Blood's, to quote a certain late daughter of Aphrodite, "most adorable couple".

(Hint hint, it's Percy and Annabeth. To those doofuses who thought otherwise, this collection of internal monologues is titled "The Percabeth Club"*.)

Gods and demigods alike often wonder if their relationship, although rooted from their close friendship, was immediately obvious to some extent.

What do I have to say about that? Perhaps, is my answer to that mysterious question. I did happen to be present when their eyes first met.

It was the morning after Percy, despite being a rookie, ripped off the horn from the Minotaur and banished it to the depths of Tartarus. Chiron, the centaurian activities director, ordered me to guard Percy, who was passed out at the time. Then he asked Annabeth, a young Athena girl who's the closest thing to the teacher's pet in this camp, to nurse Percy back to health.

A nice-looking girl tending to a good-hearted and strong boy - it already sounds like the premise of a romance, doesn't it? Well, except with twelve-year-old protagonists.

I've read too many Nicholas Sparks and Sarah Dessen novels. Okay okay, I need to stay on topic.

The scene: Morning. Sunlight filters through the curtains, casting a bright glow in the Big House infirmary. Birds and beasts can be heard singing from the woods. Outside, some teenage satyrs and Apollo children are playing an early game of volleyball. A slight gust creates a draft in the room, strongly smelling of strawberries. Blah blah blah. Pretty stuff.

Annabeth was busily plopping some ambrosia into Percy's heavily drooling mouth. When she removed the spoon, a string of saliva clung onto it. As she waved the saliva away, the Athena girl's expression was a hilarious cross between a smirk and a grimace of disgust. Meanwhile, I lounged on a nearby armchair, resting my leg and belly eyes. It was such a pleasant morning and I barely got any sleep. If I could just close more eyes for one second...

Suddenly Percy's eyes fluttered open. Instantly all of my eyes were wide and alert.

From my angle, I could clearly see the expressions on both Annabeth and Percy's faces.

For the first time, grey eyes met green.

As if by instinct, Annabeth immediately seemed suspicious of the drooling, barely conscious stranger. Then she seemed to quickly realize that in his state, the boy was no threat. Her expression softened and she spooned another blob of ambrosia pudding into Percy's mouth. For a few moments she curiously gazed into Percy's eyes, studying the unusual, startling yet exquisite sea-green tint.

Percy did not return Annabeth's gaze. The kid blissfully stared off into nowhere, evidently savouring the ambrosia in his mouth. I couldn't blame the kid. The first time I tasted the food of the gods was totally awesome.

While Percy chewed on the ambrosia pudding (who chews on pudding?) like a bovine, Annabeth downright gazed at him, her face betraying hints of admiration. Her gray eyes scanned the boy in front of her. The black-haired bedhead, the typical untanned city-boy complexion, then back to the intensely green eyes.

Eyes that were looking into hers.

Annabeth hastily averted her eyes, blush creeping up her neck.

Oooh, somebody had a crush! Later I learned that at that moment, a high-pitched shriek rang through Olympus. Unsurprisingly, it came from Aphrodite.

Back to the Meet Cute scene.

Annabeth began to industriously mix the ambrosia, her eyes riveted on the spinning spoon. Percy, on the other hand, was too drowsy to think twice about his future girlfriend's weird behavior. Within seconds he drifted off to dreamland again.

Once Percy started to snore, Annabeth rose from the side of the bed. Carrying the leftover ambrosia and the spoon, she turned her head towards the door but stopped when she took notice of me.

"Did you-? I-I.." She cleared her throat. "I have an archery lesson. Gotta go."

Annabeth hurried out of the infirmary. When she turned to glance back at Percy, she caught my eyes.

I winked.

*Argus is "All-Seeing". He doesn't give a single pegasus poop about The Fourth Wall.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Yes, Percy caught a glimpse of Annabeth right after he fought the Minotaur. It doesn't necessarily mean that their eyes truly met, sparks flew, blah blah and all that fluff.

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