Hey, this is my first Les Miserables fan fiction. It's a modern story and Eponine and Enjolras are both slightly OOC just because I'm a sucker for sappy stuff :P anyway, here's the first chapter and read and review!

Eponine doesn't get sick, she just doesn't. It's a known fact that she never got sick. Really she should get sick due to the amount of time that she spends outdoors, regardless of the weather, something that always sends poor Joly into a fit. So when she actually gets sick, she doesn't know what to do.

She walked down the street and bowed her head against the harsh wind that was nipping at her skin. She had on a thick wool coat and a long scarf wrapped twice around her neck. Enjolras had bought the jacket for her after learning that she only had a thin spring coat to keep her protected in the winter and insisted that she wear it. It had taken a lot of pressuring from Enjolras from Eponine to finally take the jacket, she was always too proud to admit when she needed help.

Eponine blew her breath out in a huff as she got closer to the Musian, yet closer to loosing possible digits to hypothermia as well it seemed. Finally she entered the coffee house and practically threw herself onto the lap on Enjolras when she spotted him. His arms flew open in shock before realizing that the small bundle that was now attempting to burrow into his clothes.

'Jesus Ep, You're freezing.' He rubbed his hands up and down her arms trying to create friction to warm her.

Eponine didn't say anything as she rubbed her frozen nose against his neck, she did smile slightly as a shiver ran through Enjolras as her frost bitten fingers found their way under his sweater to his bare skin.

'Cold outside?' someone laughed from behind the two of them.

Eponine twisted her head to the side and looked toward the voice. Courfeyrac, Jehan, Grantaire, and Combeferre stood in front of the couple, all trying to contain their laughs at the sight of Enjolras looking so human with Eponine curled on his lap. Jehan set a steaming cup on the table in front of Eponine with a smile.

'Hot chocolate. I figured you'd like something to warm you up a bit faster.' He sank carefully into one of the many plush arm chairs that formed a circle around the couch that Enjolras and Eponine reside. That corner of the café was by far the best to sit. It was the only area that had as many arm chairs and couches that the café provided. Due to the fact that Enjolras and his friends, or les Amis as they are more commonly known, had taken over the café so to speak and claimed the said corner as their own.

Eponine, who had warmed up by now, slid off of Enjolras' lap and opted to sit with her legs over his. He put his hands over her knees and unconsciously began to rub them. She smiled slightly at that, Eponine knew how hard it was for Enjolras and PDA yet they had come so far in their relationship already.

It wasn't until farther into the night at the café that Eponine's nose started to run and her throat started to itch.

Hey guys, so this isn't my first fan fiction but it is my first for Les Miserables! Be patient with me. This was supposed to be a one shot but let's be honest that never works with me, most people like that though. Anyway I'm assuming you all know what's going to happen anyway. This is a MODERN STORY (for all those people who skim through authors notes, myself included ;) SO review and let me know what you think about it and if I should continue or not.