Hey, guys! AwesomeONE354 here to tell you that this is my first ever remake of a story that I've read before. This original FanFiction story was made by fellow author MidnightEden234 and she gave me permission to continue and remake this story. If you don't believe me, ask her yourself! Only thing is, the entire plot is different as Atem is known in a different personality. You've known Atem in MidnightEden234's original story, but you never seen him like this as you read the darkness that surrounds it. Only more... vile and a bit disturbing. I don't know. You'll see it in the future chapters coming soon. Okay! Enjoy the following story!

Title: Dark Atemu

Originally by: MidnightEden234

This story is has been adopted by me and I'm willing to continue it.

• "Speech"
"Spirit Speech within Host"
In Host's Body

Chapter 1: Pharaoh Atemu Unleashed!

It was an ordinary day for a young highschool kid named Yūgi Mutou as he is focused on getting the last card right on top of the house of cards he's worked so hard on. Unfortunately, a fellow student called him and his house of cards collided.

"Aw, man..."Yūgi whined to himself before he looked to the student.

"Don't just play by yourself. Why not play basketball with us sometime?" he asked.

"Uh, thanks, but no thanks. The team I join would probably lose anyway."

The student shrugs to Yūgi's reply and walked out of the classroom, leaving the young boy by himself. Yūgi sighs in a bit of depression as he start putting away his cards. The poor teen felt a bit of guilt that he couldn't play the activities that other kids are in because of his small height.

'I do wish I could play a game with everyone sometimes. I always bring a lot of games to school too... but I guess I'm always the kid who plays games by himself as usual.' then he had a thought, 'Oh, yeah! That's right! I said I would finish this today.'

Yūgi then brings his backpack up and takes out a mysterious ancient Egyptian box with the Eye of Wdjat on the front. By then has the box in his hands as he looks into the eye and is fascinated by the ancient craft. As he looked closer, a bright light then came in and Yūgi felt a bit of a headache from it.

"Ah!" Yūgi almost shouted.

He winced in pain and has his right palm cover his forehead as he grips the pain in it. He couldn't understand why that happened. He felt a burning touch in his head as a transparent eye on his forehead and soon disappears.

'I don't... I don't get it... Every time I look into that eye, I feel a bit of darkness inside it for no reason. Even when I touch the puzzle itself! What is it telling me?' Yūgi thought.

"What are you saying...?" he said to himself.

Then, it was swiped away by a single hand and Yūgi was left confused until he turned to his left and sees it was Jonouchi Katsuya that took it.

"Jonouchi!" Yūgi said, surprised.

"Yūgi, why are you always talking to yourself? More importantly, why are you talking this box in the first place, man?"

Yūgi then got up from his seat was trying to reach for his box back as Jonouchi held it high to keep it away from him. As Yūgi kept begging for it back, Jonouchi throws it over to the corner of the classroom, then he goes over a desk, and manages to catch the box in time.

"Man, timidly treasuring this box... You know, Yūgi, that's the part of you that really pisses me off. Not to mention that you talking to this thing like it was your friend or something." Jonouchi stated, "You know what? Let me coach you into being more of a man, kid! C'mon, you want this box back, right? If so, come at me with full force!"

Yūgi, however, reacts loudly, "But I hate fighting and violence!"

Jonouchi felt his ears were hurt from Yūgi's shout, "Aah! You may have no guts, but you have a loud voice, man!"

"Just... Just give me back the box, please."

"He's right! That's enough, Jonouchi!" shouted a student who came into the conversation known as Hiroto Honda.

Jonouchi, though, was not threatened, "Oh! You want something? One year, student president reject, clean up member Hiroto Honda."

Honda is irritated from Jonouchi's mocking, "I am not a clean up member... I'm a beautification club member!"

The blonde covered his left ear from Honda's anger, "Your voice is loud too, man!"

"Well, it is true, I was not elected as student president, but I'm reborn as a great man, as a beautification club member..."

As Honda continued on, Jonouchi decided to ignore him and ask Yūgi a question.

"By the way, what's in the box you were talking to?" Jonouchi asked.

"Listen, you can look, just don't lose it. It's extremely important to me."

Jonouchi opens the box a bit to see what was inside as Honda already noticed he wasn't paying any attention.

"Hey! Listen when a person's talking!" Honda demanded.

Jonouchi already closes the box and found it disappointing.

"Hm. How boring." Jonouchi said.

Then the box was swiped away by a young female brunette named Anzu Mazaki.

"Mazaki!" Jonouchi and Honda said, surprised.

"Anzu!" Yūgi said, in relief.

"If it's boring, then you give it back right away!" Anzu stated to Jonouchi, "Also, bullying someone weaker than yourself, you're the boring one!"

"I'm not bullying the weak! I'm just trying to make Yūgi a man—"

"Shut up!"

Jonouchi and Honda flinched to her interruption. The blonde had to make up a lie to get himself out of this situation.

"Uh, you know what? I forgot something. I'm, uh... I just got to go to lunch! Right now!" he lied as he ran out of the classroom.

Honda followed as Anzu was still angry at them. Minutes later, Honda and Jonouchi were down the school hall as they talked about what just happened earlier.

"Fuck! She really pisses me off, man!" Jonouchi complained.

"You mean Anzu Masaki?' Honda asked.

"No, I mean, the Queen of England. Yes, Anzu Masaki, you moron!"

"You don't need to get angry at me, Jonouchi."

"Shit. Who's bullying the weak...?"

Then both Jonouchi and Honda bump into a hall monitor. But this wasn't just any hall monitor. He stood taller than the boys and had a face that shows you not to underestimate him. This person was known as the Public Moral leader, Ushio.

"So... what is this I hear about bullying?" Ushio questioned.

For Jonouchi, though... You know how this is gonna work.

"Nothing, ju—"

Honda shut his mouth to not make things worse, "I-It's nothing! Really..."

Ushio only walked by them, "Bullying is no good."

"Right... I understand..."

Ushio kept walking until he stopped at his footsteps and reminded them that their student uniform is properly buttoned. Honda agrees nervously, and Ushio grinned and walked away. Honda sighs in relief and lets go of Jonouchi. However, he couldn't this entire time. He starts coughing and is angry at his friend for doing that.

"You friggin' jackass! I couldn't breathe!" Jonouchi yelled.

"Idiot! Do you know who you were just addressing?!" Honda inquired, making the blonde confused, "Public Moral member Ushio-san. All the school's rules were made by him. He's an amazing person."

"I wonder..." Jonouchi scoffed, "I don't get what he's trying to limit."

"Don't say such idiotic things!"

Back with Anzu and Yūgi, they sat down on the desk chair as Yūgi was impressed how Anzu was able to stand up to them.

"Man, they were pretty scared of you, Anzu." Yūgi complimented.

"If I act soft, they'll mess with me. Yūgi, sometimes you got to have guts yourself." Anzu stated.

"But, well... Jonouchi isn't that bad of a guy..."

"Saying that about such a person is why people mock you."

Yūgi looked down in a bit of sadness of Anzu's truth. However, she decided to change the subject to make him feel better.

"By the way, what is this?" the brunette asked.

Yūgi looks to the box, "Oh, right! Anzu, you haven't seen this, right? Let me show you my secret."

"All right, what is it?"

Then Yūgi opens the box and shows a shining light from as it is scattered puzzle pieces. Anzu was amazed by the sight of it.

"Wow! It's beautiful!" she picks one of the pieces and is confused though, "Are these parts? It's all scattered."

Yūgi explains, "It's a puzzle. I haven't finished it, so I don't know what its shape is yet. So, it's something you can see, but can't."


"Well, you remember that my house is a game store. This is the prided find of someone who used to own the store. They found this box in Egyptian ruins, it's a very rare puzzle."

"Egypt, right?"

"Yes. There's all these strange markings carved around the box. I'm guessing the meaning of this is written here. 'The person who solves this puzzle will have their wish granted.'" Yūgi quoted, making it sound dark, but laughs from it, "Ha-ha! I guess got carried away there!" but he thinks of what Anzu might think, "Eh... You must think I'm an idiot... I can see it in your eyes..."

However, Anzu giggles, "No, not really. So what is it that you wish for?"

"Oh, no, no. This is much definitely, definitely, definitely a secret. Okay?"

Though Yūgi may think he could complete the puzzle, despite of the pain it secretly caused in his head, he would not get it finish without the one piece. With Jonouchi and Honda, the blonde takes out a piece and it is recognized as the Eye of Wdjat from Yūgi's box.

"What is that?" Honda asked.

"I secretly took this from Yūgi's treasure box earlier when I looked into it. I only got a glance, but I'm sure it's a puzzle." Jonouchi answered, "In other words, without this one piece, his treasure ceases to be one."

"Jonouchi, you've always been a hopeless guy, but you're really hopeless! How about listening to your brain for once?"

"Hmph. I hardly listen you, and you're more boring than Yūgi."

"Just do the right thing and return the damn piece."


Honda leaves Jonouchi by himself as he looks to the stolen piece of the puzzle. As he walked to the window, he looked into it more.

'There's something not right about this thing. When I looked into Yūgi's box, I felt something weird and scary in there. Even before when Yūgi started to feel pain in his head. I noticed that since he took it out. Something's telling me that he shouldn't complete this thing.' Jonouchi thought.

He looked into the eye and he felt it burning in his hand and it fell out of his hands on the floor. Jonouchi tenders his hand as there were no burn marks on it. Thankfully for him.

"What the hell was that?" Jonouchi asked himself.

He looks back at the piece in wonder of why that happened. He quickly picks up and throws the piece out of the window and into the water. From him, he thinks this is for the best.

'I don't get why Yūgi would think that is a treasure to him. It's obviously cursed or somethin'. For one thing, kid, I'm doing ya a favor. You'll thank me for it anyway.'

With that, he walks away as the missing piece has hit ground below the waters. Hours later at close to sunset, Yūgi is already making his way out of the school, but he notices the Public Moral group practicing their rules. He thinks of avoiding them, but Ushio already calls to him. The young teen stops at his steps and sees Ushio walking to him.

"You're Yūgi Mutou, right?" Ushio asked.

"Y-Yes." Yūgi answered.

"I want to ask you something. Have any class students been bullying you?"

"Huh?! N-No! Nothing like that's happened to me!"

"Hm. It's obvious a person like you would answer like that. I must properly investigate this. You do not need to worry, Yūgi. From now on, I, Ushio, will be your bodyguard."

"Wha?! But I really haven't experienced that. Excuse me!"

Yūgi quickly sprints away from Ushio as his thought made him think that was a weird thing for him to say. Ushio, however, knows that it is Honda and Jonouchi who were the "bullies" to Yūgi. And he will "protect" him. Later, Yūgi arrives at his house/game shop and when he opened the door, he sees Anzu with a smile on her face.


She giggles, "It's been so long since I came over to play."

"Yūgi, you're home late." said the old man known as Sugoroku Mutou, also his grandfather.

"Yeah, sorry about that, Gramps. I still had some things to take care of." Yūgi replied.

"Yes, Anzu had already told me. That puzzle, you still haven't given up on that?"

"Why would I anyway?"

"That puzzle is beyond human knowledge, I'm afraid you can't do it. There's a lot of history behind it."

"History?" Anzu asked.

"Yes." he answered, but a bit dark, "An excavation team found this Millennium Puzzle. They brought the Pharaoh's box from a giant valley, but everyone in the excavation died mysteriously. The last person left this behind because he wanted to live. And it's all because of Yami no Game."

Anzu felt a bit nervous from Sugoroku's statement, "Yūgi, this puzzle really sounds dangerous."

Yūgi looks in his backpack and takes out the box, "Yami no Game? What is that?"

Sugoroku looks closer to the box, "Look at the symbols carved on this box. 'The one who solves me, will receive my dark knowledge and power.'"

"I... I see." Yūgi said, but, "So my wish will come true!" his grandfather and Anzu, though, were not happy, "I'm so excited! I'm definitely going to finish it!"

"You fool! You have to return it! It's a treasure after all!"

"No, you're only thinking about the value of it!"

Later at night, in Yūgi's room, he is in his pajamas, still awake and trying to put the pieces of the Millennium Puzzle. On the outside of his room, his grandfather looks through the keyhole and sees Yūgi still working on it. It's only been eight years since he's starting putting the pieces together. It's amazing to Sugoroku that he hasn't given up at all. He really is his grandson. But, he had another thought, remembering that whoever solves the puzzle receives the Yami no Game. He believes that it might be best that he shouldn't complete the puzzle. Although, Yūgi fell asleep while trying to figure it out and he's already close to finishing it! The following morning, Yūgi arrives at school and Ushio calls to him.

"Yūgi, a moment, please."

"Ushio-san, why do you want to see me?" Yūgi asked.

"Do not worry, I believe you will be very pleased once you see this." Ushio replied.

As Yūgi and Ushio walked in the back of the school, Yūgi sees two people hurt by the hands of the Public Moral group and Ushio himself. The two people were Honda and Jonouchi. Yūgi quickly runs to them in help, but he was stopped by Ushio.

"What do you think?" he asked.

"What-What is this?" Yūgi questioned in disbelief.

"I told you, Yūgi. I, Ushio, will be your bodyguard. That's why we've been punishing these bullies."

"No... Ushio-san, this isn't what I wanted to happen!" Yūgi goes to them, "Jonouchi, Honda, are you okay?"

"Yūgi... Damn you, you little bastard... Are you satisfied?" Jonouchi questioned angrily.

"No, you're wrong! Do you think I'd ask for such a horrible thing?"

Then Ushio pushes Yūgi away, "Move, Yūgi! We are not done with the punishing."

Ushio then kicks Jonouchi right in the chest as Yūgi couldn't take it anymore and he stops him by protecting him.

"Stop! Enough of this!" Yūgi begged.

"Well, well, Yūgi. Are you covering for these guys? You're a strange kid. You know what? I'll give you this. Here's your chance to dispel all the resentment you have. Punch! Kick!"

"I won't! These guys are my friends!"

Jonouchi heard what he said and he couldn't believe it, "Friends...?"

Ushio only replies with a chuckle, "Friends, you say? These bullies exploited you."

"They weren't bullying me. Jonouchi just wanted me to be a man. That's all." Yūgi said to protect him.

"Hmph. Fine. If that's how you want it to go, so be it. By the way, Yūgi, it's time for you to pay up. Your total for my bodyguard fees is 20,000 yen."

"20,000 yen?!"

Later at sunset, Yūgi's house...

The small teen is in his room still trying to figure out the puzzle and is thinking of how he's going to pay Ushio for that he did to Jonouchi and Honda. They didn't deserve, really.

"How in the world am I going to get 20,000 yen? I don't have that kind of allowance. What should I do? What should I do?!" Yūgi asked himself, "Hm... How can I be working on the puzzle at a time like this? Well, I' doing better than usual. Still, I feel like crap... Though somehow, I feel like I'm going to solve the puzzle today."

As Yūgi continues putting it together, he manages to get one in. He couldn't believe it. He tries another piece and that one fits as well. He felt a bit better and surprised that he almost has it done. The only piece left was the Eye of Wdjat in the centerpiece.

"I did it! All that's left is the final piece and it's done!" Yūgi stated.

Yūgi was about to get the last piece, but felt something in the puzzle. He looked to it and then starts feeling a burn in his hands and drops the puzzle on the desk. For him, this was worse than he had before when he was trying to solve it. He looks to his hands to a bit of burn marks from the puzzle and he still has no idea why this always happen.

"Ow...! So close to completing the puzzle and this happens to me. It doesn't matter. Just one more piece."

His hand goes into the box, but it was empty. He didn't believe this either. All the hard work on the puzzle for eight years and it was all for nothing! But he had another thought. He thinks that the last piece still might be at school. Back at the high school, Jonouchi and Honda were walking on their way back home. Jonouchi, however, is still thinking of what Yūgi said before about he and Honda were friends with him and he won't allow them to get hurt. He notices to his left that he threw the puzzle piece into the river and he knew that Yūgi had protected. Looks he's doing him a favor now for retrieving the cursed piece. He knows that it was important to Yūgi, but he still thinks something bad might happen. He had no choice.

While Honda was still talking, he noticed the blonde didn't pay attention again and looks back at him, but sees him going into the river. Meanwhile, Yūgi is running to the school to find that last part and hopes it is there. Unfortunately, Ushio stops him at his tracks and now Yūgi couldn't go anywhere.

"Yūgi, you brought the bodyguard fee, right?" Ushio inquired.

"N-No! I just forgot something at school and came to pick it up!" Yūgi nervously answered, "So, I can't..."

"Hm, then I guess you're going to need some education."

Yūgi already knew what he meant by that with his tone of anger. Back at the river, Jonouchi finally finds the puzzle piece he threw away. Honda helps him up out of the river and with the statement of Honda telling him he owed him a new towel for drying the puzzle, he noticed on the other side, he saw Ushio walking with Yūgi. Already, this wasn't good. With them, Ushio kicks Yūgi at the wall and he falls down in pain.

"That's enough for today. Tomorrow, we'll show the fruits of your 'education'." Ushio grinned before he started to walk away.

Jonouchi and Honda run in to the scene on time. The blonde shouts to Ushio and he looks back.

"Well, well, it's the bullies."

Jonouchi goes to Yūgi's side, "Yūgi! Hey, are you alright?"

"I..." Yūgi groaned, "I... asked the puzzle... for some true friends..."

In disbelief, Jonouchi takes Yūgi's hand and puts the puzzle in it.

"Ushio-san! Up till now, I've respected you. But... I can't let this stand!" Honda stated.

Ushio scoffs, "Hmph. Do you really think two on one is going to make you win? You're wrong."

With that, Jonouchi and Honda go after him to fight and as for Yūgi...

'I... I made a wish on the puzzle... I told it I wanted true friends. Someone who will never betray me... A true friend who will never betray me... No matter what...'

Jonouchi and Honda fall from the many punches and kicks from Ushio. He stands tall before them and leaves with a laugh. Yūgi, with weak strength, looks that both boys were down and unconscious.

'I... I can't wake them up. If only I... I...'

Then a deep voice calls to him, "Yūgi..."

He slowly opens his eyes and sees the final piece of the puzzle is in his hand. He couldn't believe he had it in his hand. He looked to to the Millennium Puzzle as the deep voice called him again.

"Yūgi, you have to complete the Millennium Puzzle... It's your destiny..."

When he heard that, he slowly extends his arm out to the puzzle and puts in the last piece in. Then, an evil laugh spreads through the alley and a chill crawls up Yūgi's back as the puzzle is glowing in gold and a beam shoots out of the puzzle and onto Yūgi's forehead.

"I'm free..." the voice laughed, "Finally! After over five thousand years, I'm finally free!"

Ushio stopped walking and starred in horror at the shadow behind Yūgi. It grew and grew until it reached the top of the building. A golden eye appeared on the shadow's forehead and with it came another cruel and cold laugh. Suddenly, a rope circles around his waist and he is hung from a giant building. He looked all around him, but no one was in view. His eyes slowly followed the rope up to the top of the building he was hanging from. He could see the attacker, but his face was covered in the shadows.

"What... What the hell are you?!"

"Yo! Ushio-san." said the man in the shadows.

Ushio sees the man coming out of the shadows and recognizes him, "You bastard...!"

In Yūgi's mind...

In the depths of darkness, Yūgi is seeing through his eyes and is confused of what's going on.

"What's happening to me? I've never seen Ushio-san so scared..." Yūgi wondered to the darkness in front of him.

"I happened to you, Yūgi..." the darkness replied.

Slowly a door appeared in front of Yūgi, then a room closed in around him and toys from Yūgi's childhood appeared around the floor. The young multicolored haired boy is confused of from it.

"What is this?" Yūgi asked.

"This is your mind's room. It shows you as an innocent little boy, but the walls are painted black for hatred and the one by the door is painted crimson red because you want revenge."

"Then, what are you doing here? Why are you in my room?"

The voice laughs, "No mind rooms should have a door, unless it leads to something."

"So, my mind is connected to yours?"

"No... it's more like my mind is in yours. You set me free from that puzzle and now we are forever connected."

Yūgi walked forward towards his door. He pulled it open without hesitation and walked through into a black hallway.

He examines the walls and says, "So your mind is connected to mine by hatred?"

"Yes. They are connected by your anger and your fear from anyone who has crossed your path. The way you watched your friends take a beating added to it all. I will- WE will have to thank them."

"No! I won't let you get near my friends!" Yūgi shouted.

"Relax, Yūgi. I have no need to harm them. Your friends will be my friends, your body will be my body, our minds are connected and we will soon think as one, but only if you agree to it."

Yūgi's heart began beating faster. He heard Ushio's laughter in his head once again along with other people who picked on him in the past. He could feel their boots crush against his ribs. Before he knew what was going on, his hand was holding the handle to the second room in his mind. He opened the door and walked inside. The walls were all black in an ancient Egyptian themed room. Old tablets and cards from the Duel Monsters game were neatly lined up against the walls and a staircase that leads down was in the back left corner.

"Welcome to my room, Yūgi..." greeted a voice from directly behind him.

Yūgi turns around and watched as a man hidden in the shadows slowly closed his door.

Yūgi steps forward and asks, "What is your name and why are you hiding from me?"

"My name is Atemu..."

The man stepped forward as an older version of Yūgi. Atemu examines Yūgi from head to toe and he did the same.

"Why do you look so much like me?"

Yūgi blinked hard. The only different between him and Atemu were the golden streaks in his hair and the look in their eyes. Atemu's hair was longer and had three golden streaks following the longer points in his hair. His eyes were more pointed than Yūgi's and had a kind of angry death stare that came naturally. He was taller than Yūgi altogether. Atemu reached for Yūgi, but he backs away.

"I am not going to hurt you, boy." he growled.

Yūgi jumped, but stopped moving back. He watched Atemu come further out of the shadows and grab the puzzle around Yūgi's neck.

"What are you doing?" Yūgi gasped.

There was a long silence. Atem was still holding the puzzle and slowly turning it to one side in order to examine it.


Almost immediately, Atemu turned his attention to Yūgi.

"You haven't got a clue as to how long it's been since I've heard my own name, or how long it's been since I've seen this puzzle complete. It must have been your destiny to complete it. Yūgi, you were meant to meet me and set me free, but for some reason you seem scared."

"Why wouldn't I be scared? I'm talking to a five thousand year old spirit who's living inside of my head." Yūgi whimpered.

He grabbed his head and turned away, but got caught by the puzzle's chain and Atemu's firm grip. Yūgi couldn't move anything but his arm. He grabbed the chain around his neck and gasped.

"I put this thing together and somehow it grew a chain and ended up around my neck. If you're the one who lived inside the puzzle, why isn't this thing around your neck?"

Atemu pulled on Yūgi's arm and turned him around, "We have to work together, Yūgi. I can't wear the puzzle because it's not my body we're in, but you can't use its power because you don't know how."

Yugi looked down at the Millennium Puzzle and sighs, "If I set you free, then do you promise not to hurt Jonouchi, Honda, or Anzu?"

"We'll be working together, so I won't have much of a choice." Atemu answered.

Yugi smirked, "Okay, then let's go!"

With that, Yūgi and Atemu each shook hands, and then everything went black.

The following day...

Yūgi is walking in the school with a smile on his face as he has the completed Millennium Puzzle in his hands. Passing to the corner, he is greeted by Jonouchi.

"Yo, Yūgi!"

"Jonouchi! Good morning." Yūgi greeted.

"Guess what? I'm following your example, I brought my treasure today. Want to see it?" he asked and Yūgi replies with a nod, "Ha, too bad! My treasure... You can see it but you can't, so I can't show it to you!"

Jonouchi, though, had a bead of sweat, 'Huh? What the hell's wrong with me today?'

"You can see it, but you can't?" Yūgi questioned.

"It's called 'friendship'."

'What?!' the blonde thought.

"We can see it in each other, but you can't see courage itself, right?"

Yūgi then starts to figure it out as he smiled. Jonouchi blushed in embarrassment from his statement of weakness.

'Why am I spouting all these lousy lines?!' he thought.

"So... class is starting! Better get going!" Jonouchi said before running off and his shoo slipped out.

Yūgi grabs it and follows Jonouchi, "Wait! Jonouchi! You forgot your shoe!"

As Yūgi chases after him, inside the Millennium Puzzle, Atemu is in his room as he heard the entire conversation between his host and Jonouchi.

"Hm... 'Something you can see, but can't'? Interesting riddle, Jonouchi-san... Unfortunately for you, though... Yūgi will have no need for that as he is need to find a real path in his hatred and vengeance against all those whom crossed in his way. I did promise Yūgi he would have the friends he, oh, so, needed most. But there's one thing he's forgotten about... Since he solved my puzzle, he will now learn and inherit my dark knowledge and power. Who knows? Maybe I'll have my fun taking over this child's body and use it as my own to explore the world. Not that I'm interested in taking over; just felt like exploring around. Yūgi Mutou... you most certainly have no clue what you've just released."

I think this certainly went well. Not bad for a remake, huh? If you're wondering why I skipped the battle between Ushio and Atemu... I mean, come on, you already know how it's gonna go. There was no point. Anyways, this story will continue...

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