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The teen thought the Pharaoh was right about that. He has been living the same things over and over again in his life. So he nodded and walked back. He stops at his steps and turns around that he is far from the edge. He takes a deep breath and slowly breathes out. He steadies himself and starts running as fast as he can to jump at the other building. Once at the edge, Yūgi leaps off as and is high in midair. In his head, he thinks he wasn't gonna make it. Although, Atemu did something to help him. As Yūgi was halfway in the air, Atemu used his dark magic to help his host get to the top of the building. Outside of his mind, his feet lands on the edge and he rolls as he lost his balance and soon stops.

He felt pain in his body and is panting heavily from that. Yūgi's heart was beating faster than a little bird's heart from the fear of jumping from one building to another. However, a small smile appeared on his face as he found it... thrilling and exciting. He then starts to laugh as the thrill was still in his heart. For Atemu, he sees that Yūgi was actually happy in his life as he has a grin upon his face. It seems that his plan has taken its course of helping Yūgi into a whole new path.

Yūgi is soon falling in the line of sin...

• "Speech"
"Spirit Speech within Host"
In Host's Body

Chapter 3: The Aftermath of Hell

At night, Yūgi is running and panting heavily as he is in a rush of getting back home and is afraid of what his grandfather might say. Not just of why he stayed late, but also what happened at school. After running so far, he sees up ahead of his home. He starts to slow down as he got closer to the game shop/house. He thinks of the consequences he will take. He knows he has to go in there and take it like a man. He unlocks the door, opens it, and turns on the lights. He slowly walks in the building and takes his backpack off.

"Grandpa... I'm home." Yūgi called, "Listen, I know you're angry right now of me being late and for what happened at school, but I can explain everything. Well, I'm not sure if I can... But I swear, I don't know what came over me..."

He stopped and sees a sticky note at the stand.

He picks it up and reads, "'Yūgi, if you noticed I'm gone, I went to the museum for a special event happening at the Egyptian exhibit. I know what happened at school. You and I will have a talk tomorrow in the morning. Grandpa.' Great. I am in deep crap."

Atemu appears nears Yūgi, but transparent, "Hmph. It seems that you have a problem with your grandfather, Yūgi."

"Well, of course I have a problem with him, Atemu. Because you're the one who started that fight, after I specifically told you not to do so!"

"Again, you start bitching of what's happening now, Yūgi. Can't you for once be a man and handle this?"

"Shut the hell up! I'm already in trouble enough as it is." he covers his face in frustration, "Damn it... I've had enough of this. I'm just going to my room, listen to my music while trying to sleep, and just hope this was all a dream."

Yūgi walks up the stairs as Atemu watched him and disappeared. Yūgi enters his room and sees Atemu sitting on his bed. He nearly yelped in surprise.

"What the hell, man? Are you trying to scare me to death?"

Atemu answers, "If that's what you want to happen, then no. I don't think it's in my intentions to kill my host. You do know what happens when the host dies, right, Yūgi?"

Yūgi felted a little chill from Atemu's answer, but nods, "Y-Yeah... Anything that lives in the host dies as well..."

"Exactly. So don't even try to get rid of me, boy. You and I are one; there's nothing you can do to change it."

"Hmph. Maybe not... but at least I can fight..."

Atemu gave a small smirk to him, 'This kid is pretty strong... Then again, he is the incarnation successor of myself.'

Yūgi notices the smirk on the spirit's face, "What are you smiling at, Atemu?"

"Oh, nothing..."

"Just get off my bed."

Atemu gave a smirk again and stood up from the bed. Yūgi sat down, takes his MP3 player, puts on his earphones, and starts listening to his music. The song he was listening to was Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin. He closed his eyes to imagine the meaning of the song. Atemu only watched with narrow eyes. Yūgi began to hum the lyrics of the song as he starts lying down on his bed. For Atemu, even though he has no concerns of the world today, he wants to know how it works anyway.

"What are you listening to, Yūgi?" Atemu asked.

Yūgi took his earphones off and answers, "It's called 'Music,' in case you haven't heard of it."

"I know what music is, boy. Don't try to undermine me."

"Yeah, well, you haven't listen to music like this."

He unplugs the earphones from MP3 and Atemu could hear the lyrics from it.

Hold it together, birds of a feather

Nothing but lies and crooked wings

I have the answer spreading the cancer

You are the faith inside me

No, don't leave me to die here

Help me survive here alone...

"My word... What kind of voice is that?" Atemu asked in surprise.

"That would be Breaking Benjamin." Yūgi answered, "Best band by far in Japan. Well... that's just me. Heh."

"His voice is remarkable. I've never hear such a thing in my home."

"That's a surprise."


Even Atemu tries to follow the sounds of the song as he closed his eyes and imagined it like Yūgi.

Put me to sleep, evil angel

Open your wings, evil angel


That scream took Atemu out of his mind and back to "reality". He didn't see that part coming as Yūgi gave a chuckle.

"You smile at this?" Atemu snarled.

"Hey, you can't take a joke, can you?" Yūgi replied.

Atemu only gave a grunt and disappeared into Yūgi's puzzle. The young teen plugs his earphones back into the device and lies on his bed while listening to it. He slowly closed his eyes and starts to fall asleep. Inside the Millennium Puzzle, Atemu could even hear the song playing while sitting on his throne in his room. He gave a smirk as he actually enjoyed it.

"I'll admit... This type music does fit me..." Atemu stated, "It reminds me of... me. I guess I'm what you can call an 'Evil Angel'." he smirked.

The following morning, Yūgi was already in his school, sitting down on his desk as many students stayed away from him. They all know what happened yesterday when "Yūgi" unleashed his true colors against the school's own biggest bully and his group. It's said that after that fight, they never came here again. Half of the male students talked about how Yūgi stood greatly over him, most nerds and geeks even envy that he did what no kid could ever do, most of the girls even talked about him being the new bad boy and some even giggled of wanting to be his girlfriend and how adorable he looks. The others... not really good about him. They've been talking gossip and rumors of Yūgi past of "doing this before and forgetting about it," or "wanting to fight again since elementary school." All the rumors were bullshit. Some did believe them and some don't.

Yūgi's friends, however, have known him more than anyone else. Especially Anzu. She knew that Yūgi was never the type of person to fight or get into one. Yet, to her, there was something different about him when she saw the blood-filled eyes of "Yūgi" when he stood in the classroom and after the fight. Anzu sits far from Yūgi behind him at the very last desk as he sits in the very middle of the classroom. She is still concerned of what happened yesterday.

'What's happening to you, Yūgi? That was not you at all... It's like as if you were someone else.' Anzu thought.

Yūgi looks at his puzzle with a bored look as his pupils were empty as he has another conversation with his altered ego spirit.

"This is just great, Atemu. Everyone at school is now scared of me for what you did yesterday." Yūgi said.

"Technically to them, Yūgi, they believe it was you that did all that. I had nothing to do with this." Atemu replied.

"Of course you had something to with this, Atemu! You took control of my body and started a fight! No one around here won't even look at me in the eye, considering that they think I might do something bad to them."

"Well, at least they now know when to respect you every single time... Be happy that you get to rule something of this place... Now no student will disrespect you, no teachers will rule over you, and especially your friends will know not to get in your way."

"I want none of that! Goddamn it, Atemu, how can you do this to me!"

"Yūgi! I gave you want you wanted for your pathetic wish and now it's time for me to do my part of the deal."

"What deal?!"

"Hmph... You really haven't read it quite well, have you, boy?"

"Read what?"

"The inscription of the box. It is said that one who solves me also..."

Yūgi's eyes widen and finished Atemu's sentence, "...receives your dark knowledge and power."

"Exactly, my successor... You are the next to receive my ruling, my power, my knowledge, and more importantly, my hatred..."

"No...! No, there's no way I'm going to do that. Not from you, Atemu! You know what? I've had enough of this... I'm going to get rid this Millennium Puzzle once and for all. I've never should have complete it..."

"Are you sure you want to do that, boy?"

Yūgi looked up, but only to see Atemu has disappeared. He looked all around to see where he could be at. From behind, Atemu grabbed the puzzle chain and wraps it around Yūgi's neck as he starts choking him viciously.

"Gah! A-A-Atemu...! W-What a-are you...?!" Yūgi choked.

"Yūgi... You truly are a fool. You really think it's that easy? Getting rid of the puzzle along with me? It's already too late for that, my friend... You are now under my control, boy!"

Atemu lets go of Yūgi's puzzle and he coughs violently from the hold. He grabs his throat in pain as Atemu walked over him.

"And since you're under my control, kid, you have to do everything I say when I say it. That means no more of this nice guy bullshit, no more kindness, no more trying to become friends with anyone. Especially being there for your 'friends' including that vixen, Anzu-chan..."

Yūgi turned furious and tackled Atemu down on his back. He grabbed Atemu by the collar and hits his face with a left fist with wrath and anger. Atemu slowly turned to Yūgi's furious face with blood running from his right corner lip as he looks in the eyes of hatred and lust for pain from Yūgi.

"Don't you ever, EVER, bring Anzu into this, you son of a bitch!" Yūgi shouted, "You know what? I don't give a damn what everyone says about me anymore! If they want to talk bad about me, I won't fucking care! My friends, my grandfather and my Anzu are what's really important to me! Neither you or any fucker around here can do a damn thing about it... So stay the hell away from them. You got it?"

Atemu only lied in silent for a moment and soon replied, "Does this answer your question, Yūgi?"

Then he spits blood right on Yūgi's cheek, only making him furious and receiving another left fist to the face.

"Stay the fuck out of my life!"

Then Yūgi gets off Atemu and walk away from him. For Atemu, he slowly starts to stand on his hands and knees as blood was still running from his mouth. He sighed deeply and speaks to Yūgi again.

"Yūgi..." Atemu called, getting his attention, "I see you've dominated me in this battle. You've won this time. All right, I'll agree to your orders. I'll stay out of your way, your friends, grandfather, and Anzu-chan... but the next time you are in trouble of anything at all, I will handle it myself. Can we at least agree on that? You did say that you won't care what anyone says about you anymore, right? So why don't you let me take care of that?"

Yūgi knew he was right. So he agreed, "All right, Atemu. I'll let you have your way. You let me have mine."

He spits blood on the floor, "Fine..."

With that, Yūgi nods and turns to walk away. However...

"Oh, and Yūgi..."

Atemu caught Yūgi's attention, quickly sprints towards him and strikes him right in the abdomen, giving him great pain as his pupils shrunk and he violently coughed up blood from his mouth. Yūgi felt as if Atemu's fist just went right through his body as he couldn't speak from the pain. The young teen fell to his knees as he gripped his his stomach in agony and Atemu stood over him with motionless eyes.

"...Never punch me in the face again. Do so and there will be more than just a fist in your body."

Yūgi coughed up blood again as he still felt the pain in his body...

He returns back to his world as his motionless eyes returned to normal. He slowly looked up to see the clock first as it was already past fifteen minutes of the class. He slowly looks back down to his Millennium Puzzle and immediately fells the same pain from Atemu's fist as he shouts in pain. All the students jumped off their desks in surprise from Yūgi's cry of pain. His friends were concerned of what was going on.

"Is he okay?" a male student inquired.

Yūgi's cries of pain soon stops as he looks up to see nothing but the blur of many students that looked to him with fear and suspense. He looks back to see a blur of Jonouchi, Honda and Anzu. Looking back up front, he sees his teacher, Mr. Saito, still fearing of what might happen next. Slowly, Yūgi looks back to his puzzle, felt his throat strain itself, and violently coughs blood on to the table, making his classmates scream and shout in shock and fear from seeing that.

"What the hell was that?!" another male student shouted.

"I think he's possessed!" a female teen proclaimed.

Yūgi's body started shaking with fear as he looked to his shaking hands. By then, his eyes turned motionless, he fell forward to the small blood pool head-first hard and falls off his desk as the rest of the students yelped in surprise. His friends ran to his unconscious body as Anzu tears cornered in her eyes and she cried his name.

"Yūgi! Yūgi, wake up, please!" Anzu cried.

"Yūgi, can you hear me, buddy?!" Jonouchi shouted, "C'mon, man, wake up!"

"Somebody call an ambulance!" Honda yelled.

Yūgi couldn't hear a thing as he looked like he was in a coma. In his subconscious mind, he lays on the ground of a dark room as his pupils were gone and blood falls from his mouth as Atemu stands over him with crossed arms and has a scowl on his face.

"Very pathetic, Yūgi Mutou... You think you're the one with the power to control me... I'm the one that has the true power to rule over you, but you're just a kid, so I'll let you go this time. You're still the person that will inherit my dark power of all. You will be done with all this pathetic life. You will live a better one..."

It seems that Atemu will stop at nothing to have Yūgi in his grasp of the sin with lust of greed, envy, wrath, and power...

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