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The Chosen: Kanto

The sun shined over the peak of Mt. Silver, Pidgeys chirped over the Kanto skyline giving way for Pokemon like Oddish, Mankey and Nidorans to rise from their slumber and embrace the day along with the challenges that come with it, much like our young trainer of Pallet Town will. Ash Ketchum, 13 years of age was about to begin his Pokemon journey.

He'd been up since 5 a.m. too excited to start his journey. He awaited for his mother to wake up, luckily he did not have long as his mother was up at 5:40 a.m. as she usually was to take care of the households chores like mopping, cleaning up after Ash's messes like usual "when that will that boy ever grow up?" Delia thought to herself but then gave way to a smile in knowing she loved Ash just the way he is and would miss him like crazy once he left for his journey.

Ash waited till his mother. Delia started to make breakfast around 6:15 a.m. to walk down the stairs already dressed in a pair of dark jeans, green shirt and white running shoes. His hair was unruly for many years until last year when he decided to trim it. His new hairstyle resembled that of the man, who taught him and his mother everything they knew about Pokemon, Kanto's very own and world renowned Pokemon Professor, Samuel Oak. Ash's stepfather to be precise, as he (Oak) and Delia Ketchum, now Delia Oak, married a little over 5 years ago while having dated since Ash was 5 years old. Ash always saw him as and often called Samuel, his real father given that he had no memory of the man who abandoned him and his mother when he was a newborn child to fulfill his dreams and not wanting to be tied down. Thus, Ash from a young age took upon himself to be as knowledgeable as Samuel to have a much better experience as a Pokemon Trainer.

He studied under Oak at age 10, along with Gary, who was the same age as Ash and as the grandson of Samuel Oak was expected to follow the path of his grandfather and become a Researcher but he like Ash, wanted to become a Trainer. Gary and Ash couldn't stand one another at one point in time but once Samuel and Delia were married, they began to hang out more and found that they had many things in common leading a to great friendship forming between the boys. Both studied for 3 years learning as much as they could from Prof. Oak including how raise an Egg, feeding methods, proper care of pokemon and how to interpret Pokemon's body language, eyes and expressions to communicate with them. Finalizing their tutelage they were certified as Pokemon Trainers by Oak, a representative of The Indigo League and dubbed both his grandson and stepson ready to take on Kanto and being called his best students since Delia Ketchum at one point in time.

Which brings us back to Ash and Delia who were finishing their toast with cream cheese made specially with Miltank milk and special jelly that very few sailors in the entire Pokemon world know to extract from Tentacools. Ash was giddy and his excitement was barely containable, meanwhile Delia was washing the recently used dishes and told Ash to head upstairs and finish preparing his travel gear and to be downstairs in time to see her before he left for The Oak Ranch.

He did so as he made his way to his room, taking in the the sights one last time. The voltorb alarm clock, the pokeball rug under his feet and even the poster of Lance the Johto and Kanto Champion for the last 4 years hanging on the back of his door. He had already packed everything he needed in his backpack the night before (those backpacks are incredible, they hold everything) and in that backpack he had packed various potions and other pokemon remedies. He had a sleeping bag, few sweaters, various shirts and jeans in different colors and a pair of black running shoes to wear aside from the current pair he now wore and of course plenty of underwear or he would face the wrath of his mother and that was never a good thing.

He had money saved up from the various chores he did not only at home and the ranch but also from cutting grass and selling lemonade around the neighborhood and in Viridian City whenever his parents could take him since he has 7 years old. He saved up over 7,000 pokedollars. His parents were in shock the boy had been so responsible with his finances but were happy to know he wouldn't be short of cooking supplies he could prepare on the road, given his mother taught him to cook in order to not starve or that he wouldn't be in dire need of items like pokeballs, fishing rods and other items should he need them.

He had ropes and a hunting knife that Oak gave to him along with Gary and trained them to use without Delia knowing in case he need protection and a tool to cut small pieces of wood and his ropes for example. He had a compass but was also trained to use nature as a second compass in case he ever lost his or were in a magnetic field that would force his compass not to work properly. He could follow the stars, use the winds to guide him and even know what time it was according to the position of the sun. He also had a photo of his family in a trip they took Cinnabar Island 2 years ago where Ash stood in the middle of Delia and Samuel and all were smiling having enjoyed the trip. He had practically everything he could need for his journey except his starter pokemon. So looking at the clock which read 7:10 a.m. he grabbed his backpack and headed down the stairs wanting to reach before 7:30 a.m..

He was surprised to see his step-father and mother waiting for him in the living room. A blue box with yellow ribbons and holes in either side of it was in front of them. Samuel spoke first.

"Ash, I've seen you grow to exceed even our expectations and are happy to see you begin your journey. Now, Gary will be arriving at the ranch shortly so we must make quick." He paused so that Delia would continue.

"Ash, honey. We wanted to make your journey special because you are so special and so we decided long ago that the pokemon you received first should be special as well." Delia said trying to hold back the tears forming in her eyes.

Ash was excited to hear these news but remained quiet out of the respect his parents raised him to value and let them continue.

"Now in this box is a pokemon we found not too long ago, he was barely hatched when a group Sandshrews and Ekans' tried to attack him and perhaps even injure him with no mercy since he was in their territory without knowing but luckily I was researching the Mankey that lived nearby when I heard it's cry and was able to save him from harm. Something I know you would've done yourself if given the chance." Oak replied.

"We nurtured him and brought him, yes he is a male, up to where he is now and have noticed he has an almost insatiable itch for battle so we knew he'd be just right for you. So unlike other trainers in Kanto you won't be receiving a Bulbasaur, a Charmander or a Squirtle but instead..." Delia said as she unlaced the ribbons from the box and opening the top, making Ash's heart race at the sight of his new partner...

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