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Chapter 8: Names

Days have passed by since Ijuuin last saw Yuu.

Yuu has been working in his own home and just sends or drops off his pages.

For the past few days, Ijuuin can't think of anything but Yuu.

Seeing Ijuuin in another trance, Kirishima walked towards him, holding on to a stack of papers he meant to pass out.

"Did something happen between you and Yanase-kun?" Kirishima asked, breaking Ijuuin from his trance.

Kirishima has been concerned about Ijuuin because for the past few days since Yuu's absence, he's been distant.

Only today did he gather all his strength to ask Ijuuin why.

As Ijuuin looked down, he realized that he was working on a blank page.

He looked at Kirishima and answered: "Oh. Uh nothing. Why'd you ask?"

"Well... Ever since Yanase-kun isn't around, you space out a lot," Kirishima admitted, placing the stack of papers on Ijuuin's desk, "I didn't really think it was weird for the first few days but then you start getting too distracted. Sometimes you only finish one page a day. It's a good thing the deadline was pushed."

Ijuuin lingered on the word distracted and looked down on the page only to see a sea of whiteness.

"I'm sorry. I haven't been feeling too well," Ijuuin excused.

"Kyo, I know you. I've been your friend and editor for a long time. I know when something's really bothering you, "Kirishima scolded.

Ijuuin didn't look at Kirishima, embarassed at how easily he can read him.

A few seconds of silence was all Kirishima needed to know that it was his cue to let him be.

He made a big sigh and said, "Alright. I understand, but I'm here when you want to talk," he picked up the stack of papers, leaving a few on Ijuuin's desk, "There. That's yours. Don't overwork yourself."

"Thank you," Ijuuin answered to Kirishima's back.

Ijuuin relaxed on the backrest of his chair and took a deep breath.

'I really have to be serious right now,' he thought.

After clearing his head, he moved away the stack of papers and started to work on his page.

Everyone was packing their things to leave as Kirishima announced: "Good job everyone! Tomorrow; same time! Please don't be late. The earlier you are, the earlier we finish!"

Ijuuin was also tidying his desk when Ishi, one of his assistants, approached him.

"Sensei, here are the drafts you asked for," he informed as he placed the stack neatly on Ijuuin's desk.

"Ah. Thank you, Shizuku-kun," Ijuuin answered.

"Sensei, I know you must've heard this from Kirishima-san so many times but... Are you ok?" Ishi asked.

"Thank you for the concern, Shizuku-kun, but I'm really fine," Ijuuin dismissed.

Everyone already cleared the room, even Kirishima, who waved as he left.

Only Ijuuin and Ishi were left.

Ijuuin continued to clear his desk when Ishi spoke.

"Is it because of Yanase-kun?"

Ijuuin froze but didn't look at Ishi.

"He dumped you, didn't he?" Ishi continued to speak.

Ijuuin continued to fix his pencils with trembling hands, feeling the tension in the air rising.

"That's ridiculous. Why would you say that?" Ijuuin responded, trying not to stutter.

He cleared the last pencil when Ishi held his hand and confessed, "Sensei, I like you."

Ijuuin's eyes widened at the sudden attack.

"I've liked you ever since we met," Ishi explained, his voice shaking a little, still holding on to Ijuuin's hand.

"Shizuku-kun..." Ijuuin uttered, slowly pulling his hand away, but Ishi held on.

"Sensei, please go out with me," Ishi finally said, trying to not sound nervous.

Finally, Ijuuin raised his head and faced Ishi head on.

"I know you still love him, but let me show you that I'm better... That I love you," Ishi said, with a little sad tone.

Ijuuin was able to pull his hand away when Ishi loosened his grip.

"Shizuku-kun... I'm really sorry, but I could only see you as a friend or a little brother... And I don't think you really love me in a romantic kind of way..."

Ishi looked away, tears starting to form.

"Shizuku-kun..." Ijuuin called, reaching his hand out to touch Ishi's shoulder.

"You really love him," Ishi continued, "You didn't notice it, but you were slowly falling in love with him. You try to pretend like it was nothing and kept loving Misaki even if you know nothing's going to happen."

"..." Ijuuin fell silent, knowing this to be true, "Was I that obvious?" he joked.

Ishi looked at Ijuuin and gave a small smile, "A little."

"You know me so well," Ijuuin said.

"As did Kirishima-san. He also told me of his problems with you for the past few days. He said you looked lonely ever since Yanase-kun stopped coming."

"Heh... That guy was always sharp," Ijuuin complimented, looking at the floor.

"Are you going to him?" Ishi asked.

Ijuuin looked surprised, knowing who he was talking about, then sighed.

"What's the point? He wouldn't want to talk to me," Ijuuin said.

"You can at least try," Ishi advised.

Ijuuin gave Ishi a gentle smile, "Shizuku-kun, you surprise me everytime."

Ishi smiled back, "Go. I'll lock up."

With Ishi's blessing he ran to his car and drove to Yuu's place, thinking about what he was going to say when he gets there.

'Damn that Kirishima-san! Giving me so much sh*t just because I don't report to Ijuuin's place in person!' Yuu thought as he aggressively drew on the pages.

'Still... This is better than going there... And all this work is taking my mind off him.'

Yuu was sitting on his living room floor working on the coffee table with the TV on, when suddenly the doorbell rang.

'Ugh... If that's Kirishima-san, giving me more work, I swear...' he thought as he got up to answer the door.

The doorbell rang nonstop as he walked through the hallway to the genkan.

"Yes, yes! I'm coming!" he called out, "Geez... You're going to disturb the nei-" Yuu's scolding was cut short as he opened the door and found Ijuuin behind it.

When Yuu saw that it was Ijuuin, he closed the door in a heartbeat.

Ijuuin tried to push but he wasn't fast enough.

Yuu locked the door the instant it was closed.

"Yanase-kun!" Ijuuin banged on the door, "Open up!"

"No! Go away!" Yuu shouted back.

"Please! I just want to talk to you!"

"Well, I don't! Now leave!"

As the banging stopped, Yuu opened the door to check if he was gone.

But when he opened the door, Ijuuin's hand pushed it further and he made his way in the genkan.

Yuu was taken aback by the sudden intrusion, which gave Ijuuin space to close the door behind him.

"Hey! You can't just barge into people's houses!" Yuu shouted.

"You're the one who opened the door the second when things got quiet. Are you stupid?" Ijuuin retorted.

With Ijuuin's words, Yuu reflected on his stupidity.

'Damn,' Yuu thought.

"Yanase-kun just... hear me out," Ijuuin pleaded.

Yuu crossed his arms and waited.

"I love you," Ijuuin said.

Yuu sighed in disbelief and rolled his eyes with Ijuuin's words.


"No! I don't want to hear it!" Yuu said, angrily, "You came to me after you were rejected? What am I? A rebound? Did you think that I'll accept you that way?"

"Look, I know that it seems shallow, but believe me... I actually liked you the day I met you... But... I never realized it until now..."

Yuu looked surprised, but he won't budge.

"Great. Are you done?" he asked, tears threatening to spill from his eyes, "If you're done making a fool out of me, you can leave."

"Yanase-kun, I'm serious!" Ijuuin defended, reaching out to hold Yuu.

"No! You said it yourself!" Yuu shouted, backing away, "'What we did... was to help each other out… Nothing more.'"

"And I'm telling you now that I realized that it really wasn't like that!" Ijuuin said.

Yuu exhaled angrily, looking at Ijuuin.

"Why then? Why did you fall in love with me? You said I'm not your type."

Ijuuin fell silent, choosing his words carefully.

"I don't know..." he answered, not looking into Yuu's eyes.

Yuu fell silent, disappointed by the answer.

"What I do know is..." Ijuuin took Yuu's right hand, as he looked into his eyes, "it just has to be you."

Yuu looked into Ijuuin's eyes and saw that it was watery. He was trying to hold back the tears that wanted to fall. He could also see the dark circles from the lack of sleep.

'Has he always had these?' Yuu thought.

"Yuu..." Ijuuin said gently, still holding Yuu's hand, moving closer.

Yuu's heart skipped a beat when he heard Ijuuin say his name for the first time.

"Yuu... Say my name too..." Ijuuin placed Yuu's hand on his chest, "Feel my heart when you say my name."

Yuu felt Ijuuin's nervous heart, pleading for him to reciprocate.

Ijuuin's lips were already close to Yuu's, as if waiting for the magic words.

"... Kyo..."

As Yuu said his name, Ijuuin embraced him and kissed him tenderly.

Yuu embraced and kissed him back, letting go of the tears that have been wanting to fall all this time.

He held on tight, feeling afraid that this might be a dream and that Ijuuin will fade away.

But Ijuuin was real, his kiss, his warmth, everything.

Yuu couldn't help but feel happy.

"Ah! Sensei! Not there!" Yuu said, lying on his back on the bed.

He clutched the sheets, feeling uncomfortable with the squishy sounds of Ijuuin's lotion-covered hands entering his hole.

"I told you to call me by my name," Ijuuin teased, inserting a second finger.

"... Ngh... Kyo... Ahh!" Yuu moaned as Ijuuin hit the right spot.

Ijuuin scissored his fingers, massaging Yuu's inner walls.

"Ahh... Hah... Uh..." Yuu's breathing gets heavier with every hit.

Ijuuin stroked Yuu's manhood, making him feel the waves of heat and pleasure inside him.

Suddenly Ijuuin took Yuu in his mouth and licked it like a popsicle.

Yuu felt his body temperature rise with the multiple stimulations.

"Ah... Kyo... Enough..." Yuu pleaded.

"You want me now?" Ijuuin asked, releasing Yuu.

Yuu blushed and nodded.

"You're so cute," Ijuuin said, removing his fingers.

Yuu caught his breath, feeling his body wanting more of the stimulation.

He watched Ijuuin as he was applying lotion on his cock.

He then proceeded in inserting it in Yuu's ass.

He slowly slipped the head in, pushing further and deeper inside.

"Hah... Ah..." Yuu moaned as he felt Ijuuin's cock pushing in and massaging the walls until it hit the spot.

He can feel the warmth and the throbbing of the manhood, as it was adjusting inside.

"Are you alright?" Ijuuin asked, "Can I move?"

"… Yes..." Yuu answered weakly.

With every thrust, Yuu gave out a moan.

He didn't hold his voice as he felt all consciousness disappear in the waves of pleasure.

In the quiet room, he could also hear Ijuuin's breaths which turns him on.

"Ah... You feel good," Ijuuin complimented, continuing to thrust deeper.

Yuu hid his face from Ijuuin as he felt the heat rushing to his cheeks.

"Hey, don't hide your face," Ijuuin said, trying to remove Yuu's hands.

"No," Yuu protested.

"Come on. I want to see!" Ijuuin teased.

"No! It's too embarrassing," Yuu said.

"It's just me," Ijuuin assured.

"I don't want t-"

Ijuuin finally pried Yuu's hand off of his face and saw that it was red and that his eyes were filled with tears.

"Damnit," Ijuuin licked Yuu's tears and looked at Yuu's face, "Stop being so damn sexy."

He then attacked Yuu's defenceless lips.

Ijuuin inserted his tongue while continuing to thrust.

As their tongues intertwined and as the thrusts got faster, Yuu's consciousness threatened to flee.

He wrapped his arms around Ijuuin's neck, pulling him in for a deeper kiss.

Ijuuin responded by thrusting deeper, wanting to satisfy Yuu.

Yuu released himself from the kiss to catch his breath.

"Ah... Hngh... Kyo... So good... Harder..."

Ijuuin couldn't control his body anymore and with the commands, he thrust even deeper, driving Yuu to the edge.

"Ah... Ngh... Hah... Kyo... Kyo..." Yuu moaned and repeated his name like a spell as Ijuuin's movements went faster, "I'm cumming."

"Me too... Hgnh!"

With Ijuuin's final thrust, they both released at the same time.

Ijuuin landed on Yuu and whispered to his ear: "I love you, Yuu."

Yuu hugged him and whispered back: "Me too... Kyo..."

"Yanase-kun! Please help me with this!" one of the assistants called out to Yuu.

"Ah. Sure. What do you need help with?" Yuu asked.

It was busy again in Ijuuin's house as they were rushing for the deadline.

"Hey everyone! Have a break!" Kirishima announced, bringing in a tray of coffee and doughnuts.

The assistants swarmed around Kirishima, getting a piece of doughnut and a cup of coffee.

"Yuu, come here," Ijuuin commanded, as Yuu stood up to get his share.

Yuu jolted at his name being called, still not used to it with people around.

As he approached Ijuuin, he whispered with a scolding tone: "I told you not to call me that when there are people around. They'll notice."

"Don't worry about it. We became close, right?" Ijuuin teased as he held Yuu's hand.

Yuu looked back, nervous about being caught, but everyone was too preoccupied by the doughnuts and conversation.

"Thank you, Yuu. You really saved me," Ijuuin said gently as he gave him a smile.

Yuu look at their hands and blushed.

He gripped the hand that held his and said:

"Thank you... For loving me... Kyo."