"Young Master," Sebastian spoke. He entered the study with his usual smile on his face, holding something in his hand. Ciel looked down toward the small glass bowl. "I have prepared your snack for the day."

Ciel sighed. "Very well," he said. He folded the letter from Her Royal Highness carefully and set it aside, sat up straight and folded his hands on top of the mahogany table. Sebastian presented the small bowl in front of the young Master, then resumed his usual position. He waited for his Master to dismiss him before he even made another move. This was the way it always was. Was that not how all butlers acted, though?

The young Master inspected the bowl, and then frowned. He said nothing for a moment. "Is something wrong, my Lord?" Sebastian himself was now frowning, wondering to why it was that his Master seemed displeased.

"Ice cream?" he questioned finally. He looked up toward the butler. "Chocolate ice cream, at that? I expected something different out of you, Sebastian. Something more...elegant. I believe i told you I was craving strawberry." The young Master smirked, as if he knew that the butler was beginning to get a little annoyed by the young boy's attitude.

"Would you be pleased if I exchanged this for something that tasted like...strawberry?" Sebastian asked, trying to hide the bitterness in his voice. He reached over to pick up the bowl, when the young Master waved it off.

"Never you mind," he said. He picked up the spoon that Sebastian had stuck inside of the ice cream, scooped up a bit of it, and ate it. The chilled chocolate flavor remained in his mouth a moment longer, then disappeared. He took another bite. Then he looked toward his butler, and smirked again. "Never you mind," he repeated. "This will be just fine Sebastian. Now, go resume your duties."

Sebastian drew in a breath, placed his hand over the left side of his chest, and bowed. "Yes, my Lord." He quickly left the room, walked calmly down the hallway, and into the kitchen again. He found Finny and Baldo sitting on the ground, munching away at what was left of the ice cream that Sebastian had made by hand.

"Wow, this is really yummy Sebastian!" Finny exclaimed. He raised his hand to give him a thumbs up. Sebastian noted the chocolate that was all over his face. "Thanks for making it!"

"Yes," Baldo agreed."Very good. Yum yum." he looked at the bottom of the bowl. His eyes widened. "Ay, Finny! You didn't leave any for Mey-Rin!"

"Oops!" The younger boy said. He jumped to his feet and whirled around to Sebastian again. "Please don't tell her that it was ever here! N-nothing ever happened, right Baldo?"

The older one nodded, and both of them ran out of the room, leaving Sebastian to clean up yet another one of their messes. Ice cream was all over the floor, and counter. He could easily fix this, but it was still going to be quite a pain. He thought for a moment that he should tell Mey-Rin about them eating all of the ice cream and leaving her none.

Sebastian shook his head and sighed, and began to clean.