Theme : Brownies

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"Ciiiiel~!" The bright, high pitched voice of Elizabeth Midford filled the calm silence of the young Earl Phantomhive's office. He flinched at the sound, though Ciel still found that her skinny arms wrapped around his neck and held him tightly in a death grip. This was her definition of a 'hug'.

"Lizzie!" Ciel called in surprise. finding little breath during the hug.

"Oh Ciel, it's been so long!" Lizzie said giddily. "You never come out of your office anymore, and you never smile! It's extremely sad! Come on Ciel! Sebastian has prepared a treat for us!" She let go of him but grabbed his wrist and dragged him into the hallway, down a staircase and into the kitchen.

"Good to see you young master, Lady Elizabeth," Sebastian greeted with the slightly of smiles. He placed a silver platter onto the kitchen counter. A stack of brownies sat stacked perfectly in a pyramid. "I hope you two enjoy your afternoon snack. I will go tend to the other servants while you two talk." With that, he left the young Earl alone with his fiancée.

"Don't these brownies just look positively yummy?" Elizabeth picked the first one off of the stack and bit into it. When she ate, she didn't seem like a lady at all. At least she tried to use her manners? "They taste as good as they look too! Come Ciel, you need to try one."

Calmly, the blue haired boy picked up one of the treats and bit into it. Elizabeth was correct; it was quite delicious. Though that didn't surprise Ciel at all. He had become used to Sebastian's cooking, and wasn't expecting anything new out of his demon butler. He knew his food was good and expected it to be.

"It is indeed good," he agreed.

"I wonder where Sebastian learned to cook like this?" Elizabeth questioned aloud. Ciel wasn't sure if he was supposed to respond or not, so he instead took another bite out of the brownie and pretended to be distracted by it. There were chocolate chips in them as well, and they were fresh out of the oven. They were best that way. "My mother has always wondered that. Do you know, Ciel?"

"No idea," he lied. "A butler who can't cook a good meal isn't worth his salt."

"You're correct!" Elizabeth said, licking her fingers clean of the chocolatey substance. The way she did used to make Ciel laugh. Now even though it sort of disgusted was out of habit to smile. She caught it, but was speechless to its presence.

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"Have as many as you want, Lizzie," he said, taking another brownie off the plate. "I have work that I need to tend to."

Elizabeth nodded, in some sort of daze. The only thought that she could think in that moment was, He finally called me Lizzie.