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"Hot." She answered her father when he asked how she felt. She, her father, mother, and several other ninja from the village hidden in the leaves were being checked into the wind country by Suna's border patrol.

Sitting inside their carriage the little four year old huffed and tugged at her kimono in irritation. Her mother swatted her hands away and gave her a stern gaze. "Miaka, you know better than to tug at your kimono you'll ruin it."

"Yes mother…" she sighed.

Their carriage jerked as they began to move once more. Curious, Miaka tried to catch a glimpse from the widow and was amazed at what she saw. Tall oddly shaped buildings that looked like they were made out of sand made up the village. She saw several people walking around the village some in a hurry some appeared to be taking a leisurely stroll.

"Mama…" the little girl asked. The older woman turned to look at her daughter waiting patiently for her question. "Why do the people here wear long sleeves and turbans? Aren't they hot?"

Miaka watched as her mother smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder. "They dress like that because it helps protect them from the sand and the hot sun."


Her father chuckled. "Really." The little four year olds mouth took the shape of a small 'o' and back to looking out the window she went.


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