A/N: Inspired by a post on Tumblr (via castiels-fluffy-feathers). Enjoy!

Dean woke up feeling unusually comfortable. For once he hadn't been sleeping in a crappy motel room bed. He sat up, still half-asleep, and suddenly, BAM! Dean's head was throbbing. "Hangover," Dean thought wearily. He lay back down and pulled the sheets tighter around him, but as he did this someone tugged them back. Dean looked over, somewhat alarmed, and discovered Castiel was under the covers.

Dean scrambled out of the bed so quickly that he flopped flat onto the floor. What was Cas doing there?! And why was Dean lacking so much of his clothing?! Dean snatched his shirt and jeans off the floor and fled the room. He dialed Sam's number in a panic.

"Hey Dean," Sam answered casually.

"Sam?" Dean asked anxiously.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know what happened. I just woke up next to... Next to..." Dean spluttered.

Sam replied tentatively, "Castiel?"

"How did you—?" Dean almost yelled and he quickly surveyed the suite to see if Cas had woken up. In the bedroom Castiel stirred.

Sam explained, "You were both drunk. You wanted to celebrate winning a ton of money, I think."

"Wait a minute, Sammy. What are you talking about?"

"You don't remember? We're in Las Vegas, and you and Cas got lucky gambling. Then I guess you got lucky in other ways?"

"Shut up, this isn't funny!" Dean frowned as Sam tried to stifle his laughter. Meanwhile, Castiel shuffled into the living room of the suite, wrapped up in a blanket.

"Dean?" he called quietly. Dean hung up on Sam and tried to act normal. It didn't last long, however, because Castiel asked:

"Where are all my clothes?"

Dean gulped, his throat tight. He could only see Castiel's face and ridiculously sexy bedhead. "Are you... Are you wearing anything?"

Castiel looked ashamed. "Uhhh..."

"Cas," Dean ran a hand through his hair angrily. "Sit here while I find you something to wear." Castiel sat on the sofa across from the flat screen TV and watched Dean dash into the bedroom. He groggily wondered why Dean seemed so skittish. Cas just couldn't put his finger on what was amiss.

Dean really didn't like the way this situation looked. For one thing, he had no memory of what occurred, and it looked like Castiel didn't either. For another, Cas' clothes were not in the bedroom. Dean hadn't noticed them anywhere else in the suite. Trying to think of an explanation for this made his face flush. Dean went to the bathroom sink so he could wash his mortification down the drain. When he looked up he saw Cas standing behind him in the mirror.

"Ah! Really, Cas?"

"Are you alright?" he said seriously.

Dean tried to regain his composure. "Yeah, I'm fine. You can, uh, wear some of my clothes. They're in the duffel bag. I'm going out for awhile," he replied bluntly.

Castiel might have questioned him further, but Dean was already out the door. He needed to clear his head. Yet what happened next only made things worse.

This fanfic will have three chapters. More will be revealed soon. Thanks for reading!