I walk down the halls of my high school. Loser, nerd, geek; are the names they call me. No one likes me ever since Big Time Rush broke up, but I still see the boys.

"Sit down students, we have a new kid," Mr.V said, and I smiled. Please, let this one be nice to me. In walked a girl, and she waved to the class. "This is Brooke Daniels and she is from Britain," Mr.V informed, and I smiled.

"Eh, how are you all?" She said, and the class laughed. What was so funny? "Nice accent," Someone shouted out loud, and the girl looked down. "I just moved here from Britain, so I haven't gotten any accent mastered yet, k?" She said, and the class laughed. "Go back to Britain," Damien yelled, and Brooke ran out of the room.

"Class dismissed," The bell rang, and I walked out of class. I walked to my locker, and opened it. In the little mirror I have, I saw Brooke walking down the hall, crying.

"You're so weird Britain girl, why don't you go back there!" Damien yelled. "Look at her, she's crying! Awe, British girl can't handle it! Wimp," Georgia said. "Faggot," "Loser." "Wimp." "Go back to Britain, you don't belong!" "I hate your accent," "You're so weird!" "It's called soccer not football!" Are what the people yelled at her.

I did nothing to help her. I just walked away... At least they weren't picking on me anymore. They found a new target.

After History class, I walked to French class. I saw that I had Brooke in this class. She was looking down, no smile. No emotion.

"Bonjour class!" Madame Jones said, and we all greeted her too. "We have a new student, and she is right there!" She pointed to Brooke and Brooke waved. "So, I hear that you are from Britain?" She said, and Brooke nodded a little. "Well, welcome!" Madame Jones said, and Brooke nodded.

After class, I walked to my locker; lunchtime. I grabbed my lunch money, and walked out of the school, to the local pizza parlor. Inside, I saw Brooke. I sighed, and walked past her. I didn't want to talk. What was I going to say? 'I used to be bullied too but now they bully you, so I am not going to help you?' That is rude... I don't have anything to say to her, yet.

After lunch, I walked back to school; just in time for Science. Brooke was in this class, and she sat in the back of the class. We had , and he didn't introduce Brooke; he is rude, and strict. "Okay, pair up! We are going to be dissecting a frog, go!" He said, and people scattered to get there partners.

I saw that Brooke was the only one without a partner, so I sighed, and walked over to her. "I don't have a partner... Do you?" I asked, and she sighed. "Why don't you make fun of me like everyone else, eh?" She said, and I held back a laugh. British people say 'Eh' a lot. "No, I don't bully people." I said, and she smiled a little.

"Okay, we could be partners," She sighed and I took a chair, and sat next to her. "I am Brooke, Brooke Daniels." She looked up, and I saw her eyes. They were amazing, and they had tears in them; that she was trying to hold back. "I am Logan, Logan Henderson." I said and she smiled. "You were in Big Time Rush, weren't you?" She asked, and I nodded. "That's cool," She said and I smiled.

"So let me get this straight; this new British girl is new in school, and now she is getting bullied, not you? And you won't help her?" Carlos said, and I nodded. I was James' house with Kendall, Dustin and Carlos. "Yeah..." I sighed, and Kendall shook his head. "Why don't you help her?" He asked, and I sighed. "I don't want to be bullied..." I said, and Dustin nodded, knowing I had a point.

"Is she hot?" James asked, and I rolled my eyes. "She is pretty." I shrugged, and he nodded. "Well you should help her, you know what it's like to be in her position," Kendall said, and I nodded.

I can't do it. I can't go back to the bullying. I will let her handle it, on her own... But something inside of me feels selfish? Like a coward.