Found in the Titan's Forest, a newborn child is given to the Church. Heralded a demon for his strange powers he became a Saint upon burning the hand of a Monster. He fights. And finally, those who abandoned him come at last. "You ask me to abandon these people to save you?" - "You are the Chosen One! You must!"


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Chapter One

His first memory is of the Church.

Of having his head dunked in Holy water, cruel fingers hooked into his hair, holding him under as the Pastor recites the scriptures for purification, exorcism, and strength from the Holy Trinity. No matter how hard he thrashes, they do not let him up for air, even as he panics and tries to scream.

He is five.

And the Church believe that he is a demon.

This is not the first 'Purification' he has suffered through, but it is the roughest, and it causes the Brother who was holding him in the water to yank back with a howl of pain. His hands are shiny red raw, and blistered. As he pulls his head out from under the water, he coughs and sobs as he huddles, shivering wet, on the dais of the Holy Font. He is staring up at the Pastor who is looking down his nose at him, back lit from the stain glass windows of the Goddess Sina. His face is hard, and unforgiving, and as a child, he hiccups in terror and tries to shield himself as much as possible from whatever violence that would follow.

Instead, the Pastor quietly asks one of the Sisters to remove him, take him to bed, get him changed and some warm food into him. It is not his last Purification, but it is the last time they are so violent toward him.

He has no memory of his mother's face, nor the way she smells. He cannot recall a father who would lift him into the air, or even shout at him, or bring home food, or read the paper. He cannot remember these things because he has never experienced them. Of the Year 826, in the early Winter months, the Scout Legion returned from an expedition outside the protective embrace of the Goddess Maria, and returned with a three month old infant in arm. Reportedly abandoned in the middle of the Titan's Forest, he had been saved at the cost of two mens' lives, and returned to the Trinity's care. No one knew where he came from, just that he existed and he was not... like the others.

They named him Shigan, after the Shiganshina District within the Goddess Maria's breast. The first District he passed through within the Goddesses care. The Pastor thought it was poetic. Shi, as he had shortened his name to, was not quite as impressed, but kept his mouth shut all the same.

He could not say his life was bad. It was not good, by any stretch of the imagination, but it was not bad. He had a roof over his head, and while it wasn't plentiful enough to fill him, there was always food upon the table. He was not whipped, or beaten, nor even verbally abused. The Brothers and Sisters tended to avoid him, afraid, and wary of his differences. The Pastor was the only one who spoke with him often, and that was to lead Purification Rites, teach him about the Holy Trinity, try to turn him into as much of a mindless zealot as he himself.

Shi bore it all with stoic disgust as he grew. The fearful glances, the whispering, the outright ignoring of others, and the cold judgemental glares as fingers inched towards wooden clubs and sharp blades as he passed. Such was life within the embrace of the Goddess Rose, where the Upper Class sneered at all those 'beneath' them.

Shi was alone.

Always alone. None of the children wished to play with him, not even those who believed in the Holy Trinity, and certainly not the Non-Believers. To both, he was either a Demon or a Freak, there was no middle ground.

And he could not blame them, as much as he wished to. Strange things happened around him, things he needed or wanted would float to him. When the Brothers who taught the other Orphans began to tell him off for things he hadn't done, often times their hair would change colour, or their clothes would vanish. As a youngster, he wished to help the Brothers, hoping to win their friendship, and accidentally made all the fruit and vegetables in their farming patch grow and triple in size, becoming ripe within moments. They panicked and burnt the whole patch down, salting the earth and Shi was given another Purification ritual – this time with fire, before the Pastor managed to prevent them from actually setting him on fire. Instead, his hands would now be forever scarred. It had it's benefits. He no longer felt pain on the palms of his hands for one. There was also the time he climbed to the rafters of the Church bell tower, a baby bird had fallen out of the nest hiding under the slates. He had just managed to put the little thing back in it's nest when the Pastor's voice startled him, and he lost his balance, tumbling head over heels off the roof with a distressed scream of horror.

But instead of hitting the ground, he floated, like a feather several feet from the cobblestones until he uncurled fearfully and landed, lightly as a bird, on his feet. That seemed to be the final straw for the Pastor, and the next day, a Doctor was brought in to examine Shi, he had bodyguards, scary men in the Army's uniform, but with the symbol of the Scout Legion.

Doctor Yaeger had been very nice, but demanded all kinds of body samples that had Shi flustered and uncomfortable and scared because they all had to be collected in front of the army people AND the doctor. Even his urine and faecal samples. Thankfully, the semen sample, Shi didn't even know what that was, would be collected later when he was a teenager and actually producing some, whatever it was. It was all very embarrassing and it looked like the Doctor would be coming back to do this every year, much to Shi's horror.

He was nine the first time he killed someone with his power.

He had been running an errand for Sister Yale, and a man had snatched him off the street and into an alley way, covering his mouth and nose with a cloth. When he woke up again, he was lying on a cold stone floor, there was a boy next to him with black hair and a grim expression, and they could hear two voices arguing over what to do with Shi. Whether or not to kill him and sell his organs to the science freaks, or see what kind of price he would fetch from the dirty perverts in the Inner Sanctum.

It was then that the other boy realised he was awake and eyed him with a sharp, assessing gaze. A whole conversation took place with their eyes, mostly boiling down to: 'Can you move?', 'Yes.', 'Fight?'... 'Yes.', 'Get ready then. And move fast.', 'Alright'.

And that was all the warning either of them gave before suddenly the ropes were falling from around them both, the other boy moving unnaturally quickly before using the wall behind them as a springboard, he launched himself at the two men with a speed Shi had only seen from the Military before – the throat of the one who grabbed him opening as the younger boy flew past. It became only too quickly why he'd asked if Shi could fight when he went crashing into the wall, apparently while he could move fast, he couldn't control his speed well enough to avoid hurting himself in tight spaces.

Which was where Shi came in. Launching himself onto the back of the second one who had been all in favour of selling his internal organs to the science freaks, he pressed his fingers into the man's mouth and imagined fire. The fire that ran under his skin that burned people who wished him harm when they touched his flesh. Burned to protect him when the Church tried to drown him. Fire that bent away from him when the Brothers tried to burn him at the stake. Fire... that he poured into his abductor's mouth.

The man screamed as his insides combusted with flame, smoke pouring from his mouth and nostrils as his stomach and lungs were immolated in hell fire. He thrashed and flailed, throwing Shi off his back and to the ground – but it didn't stop the burning. The fire. It kept consuming, burning and eating him from within.

The screaming must have drawn the attention of the Local Militia because the door was being beaten in next and Shi found himself being swept up and pressed against the far wall by the other boy, the two of them huddling away from the flaming man as he shrieked and crashed into things. His whole body ablaze now. It was a wonder he could even still move, surely his tendons and muscles must have been charcoalised by now!

The body finally hit the floor and stopped screaming just as the doors splintered and burst open. Shi squeaked as he found his head being pulled down by the other boy, the two of them pushing as far away from the people who came pouring in as possible. The green Unicorn of the Military Police emblazoned on their backs.

That was when the two parted ways, the surly looking boy who had sliced open the first man's throat so easily being bundled up and taken to a near-by doctor, his shoulder apparently dislocated from when he went crashing into the wall. Shi was taken back to the Church, while the Military explained what happened to the Pastor and the Brothers and Sisters, he hid himself away in the rafters again, knowing he had nothing to fear from the height any more.

He was deemed too dangerous to remain in the walls of the Goddess Rose, and thus he ended up being swept off to Maria, and the district that was his namesake. He was given a tiny attic room in a house belonging to the Pastor's wife, a woman who flinched at loud noises and rarely left the building. The rumours of what he'd done had reached even this far, and Shi found himself being avoided like the plague, which could have been worse. At least no one dared to pull a gun on him, no doubt scared of bursting into flame.

But still, he got bored easily, so he spent his days reading the small library the Pastor's wife had built up for herself as she was too scared of going out and dealing with people. He learned a lot about agriculture, engineering, biology, chemistry, he read about old songs and tried to invent his own rhythms to them – discovering that he actually had a pretty good voice in the process – and how to survive on nothing but foraging and rain water. There were even ancient forbidden books about the world outside the walls.

Those... those enchanted him the most.

Huge bodies of salt-water called Oceans, natural walls made of stone that stood reaching to the sky, three times bigger than the Holy Trinity called mountains – some of which even spewed fire and ash and hot molten rock the books called lava, or magma. Some of them were coated in white snow all year around and so the animals there had turned white as well so they could hide. Fluffy leopards that moved up and down the mountains in silence and easy, their tails longer than their bodies and their paws wider than their faces. Pure white foxes that dove head first into the snow to get at the mice that scurried around under the ice eating the frozen grass and staying out of the lethally cold wind. He read about tundras, about glaciers, about forests that stretched further than the eye could see, and about plains of nothing but sand. He wanted to see it. He wanted to see the ocean. He wanted to see the desert. He wanted to see mountains. Coral reef. Beaches. Waterfalls. Whirlpools. Volcanoes. Snow Leopards and Arctic Foxes. He wanted to see lions and tigers and lemmings and eagles and vultures and elephants.

And there was only one way of getting out beyond the wall.


"Fill in the form and return it to that desk there," the registrar demanded, eyeing him sceptically as he roughly handed over a clipboard. Shi took it without argument and stepped aside to allow another want-to-be trainee to collect their papers. He walked several paces away and sat on the grass, filling in the forms in neat pencil, it may have taken a little longer to write, but it would be faster to read and that would be something needed once he got onto the field. Speed was everything out there. You needed to be fast to survive, he knew that.

NAME: No last name, Shigan
AGE: 12
DISTRICT: Shiganshina, Maria
GOAL: Scout Legion
I.D. NUMBER: 0-28.669.998

He tried not to sweat as he went through and answered all the medical questions thereafter, his history was jotted down in brief bullet points, he even added his criminal record as an aside note detailing that he set an abductor on fire, from the inside. That done, he freed the paper and returned to the registry desk.

The man there snatched the paper from his fingers and gave a disbelieving sniff as he read the details. Shi tried not to let his anxiousness show. If he got caught then he was deep in the shit and would never be able to apply for the Corps again, he'd be stuck behind these thrice cursed walls for eternity. The man arched an eyebrow and then flipped the papers over, skim reading the information there in. Leaving Shi to sweat as the other potentials merely had their name and age glanced at before an approval stamp was pounded into their papers and they got ushered off to the Academy.

"Scout Legion, huh?" the man demanded, setting his papers to rights and lacing his fingers together to observe the so called 'Demon' in front of him. In his humble opinion, the kid looked like he could have done with a decent meal, but he was a father and had a bad habit of letting that effect his treatment of recruits. He was also younger than his papers said he was, that much he could tell. Ten, maybe eleven. Certainly not the twelve he was trying to claim to be.

"Yes sir," the boy answered quietly, but firmly. There was definitely a glint in those eyes.

"Why?" he demanded sharply. "And no bullshit patriotism unless that's your real reason. And I want a goddamn real reason," he demanded, jabbing a finger toward him.

Shi stared at him a moment, clearly mulling over what to say before, "I want to see the Outside," came from between those lips.

There was a moment of stunned silence before the recruiter snorted, and burst out laughing. Shi gritted his teeth, but remained still, no matter how much he wanted to deck the bastard, he was still only eleven, and untrained. This guy was in his thirties, trained, and had to have been damn good at what he did if he lived to see that ripe old age. The laughter tapered off into a bitter smirk.

"If you make it, you'll see plenty of 'Outside'. Enough for both of us, kid. Welcome to the Corps. Try not to get eaten," the man declared, stamping the papers and handing them back.

Happiness swelled like a balloon inside of him as he snatched them back, unable to stop the grin that stretched across his lips, "Yes sir! Thank you!" he exclaimed before running off to join the other recruits.

Captain Urja smirked apologetically at the kid's retreating back, he was going to get himself killed. But hey, at least he'd see the Outside that he wanted to so bad. He was going to die in it, but isn't that what he wanted? Scout Legion was a death sentence.

A thud in front of him distracted him from watching the boy run to his classmates.

NAME: Rivaille, Levi
Scout Legion

Another throw away for the Scouts, huh? And this one looked like a regular sour-puss. He stamped admittance to the boy's form and watched him snatch the papers away before stalking off. His eyebrow shot up, that was the walk of a predator alright. Damn. He might actually make it... You met recruits like that every once in a while, the ones who already had that edge, and you knew they would go far with a little luck and a lot of skill. They'd already faced the worst of humanity, now it was a matter of time as to whether or not they could handle the worst of the Titans.

Urja wished the kid luck. If he managed it, then fuck, he'd even look to convincing the kid to join the Military Police instead of the Scouts. It'd be a shame to waste that kind of talent beyond the wall.


There wasn't very many of them, Shi was surprised to note as they stood in ranks before their instructors. Not even a hundred of them. He guessed what Pastor's wife told him was true, no one saw the point in going in for the Military these days, they all believed the Wall would keep them safe. Why bother risking their lives for nothing? Save maybe a free ticket to the Inner Sanctum if some of the responses he was hearing from the Instructor's questions were true.

"You there!" the man barked at a boy in front of him.

"Sir," was the blunt reply, it wasn't a loud shout like the rest, but his voice easily carried, and it easily conveyed that he was entirely unimpressed with this whole situation.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!" the Instructor roared, as he had for every individual amidst their ranks. Shi would have gotten bored from this already if not for the varied responses and each nasty sneering retort the Instructor gave out. He almost reduced one girl in the front to crying when he said that her only future would be spreading her legs and hoping that something would make use of her before a Titan decided to eat her.

"Levi Rivaille, sir," was the response, just as blunt and unimpressed as before.


"I don't have one, sir."


"To kill Titans... Sir."

"THAT'S WHAT I LIKE TO HEAR! HOPEFULLY YOU'LL CHOKE ONE OF 'EM TO DEATH ON THE WAY DOWN!" the Instructor roared before marching further down the line, dismissing the unimpressed boy and moving on to the girl in front of Shi.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!" the Instructor roared again. Did his voice ever get tired? Shi was surprised it hadn't cracked yet.

"HANJI ZOE, SIR! ROMIPARK DISTRICT, MARIA WALL, SIR!" the girl exclaimed loudly, saluting.


"REVENGE ON TITANS FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY, SIR!" she screamed passionately. That one was going to be a handful, Shi decided. Either she was going to be a total flake and break in the field, or she was going to go postal and get a lot of people killed trying to save her ass when she went on a rampage.

He missed the Instructor's response and near enough jumped out of his skin when the man bellowed his, by now familiar, demand for introduction from him. Their teacher was a physically imposing man, not just because he was tall, but the look in his eyes. This guy had been on the front line. It was easy to see. His eyes were dark and bruised from lack of sleep, probably from night-terrors or memories of comrades being killed in front of him. On his back were by now, the familiar symbol of the Scout Legion – the Wings of Freedom.

"Shigan, sir. From Shiganshina District, Maria Wall, sir," he declared strongly, saluting.

"SO THE MIGHTY DEMON GRACES US WITH HIS PRESENCE!" Shi didn't even twitch, he had heard entirely too many demon taunts to let them effect him, even the ones shouted in his face. He tuned out the Instructor's vitriol and answered his question for why he was there with a flat "To see the Outside, sir." and then tuned out his verbal diarrhoea. The man sneered when there was no visible change to the boy's face and moved on down the line, clearly there would be no breaking or disillusioning that one – someone had already done the hard work for him.

They remained outside for the next hour with the Instructor bellowing at everyone, then lunch was served in the mess where they were told about their new schedules from then on. Morning wake up would be at 5am, bed check at 6am, early morning training until 8am, followed by breakfast, then came gruelling physical training, running, weights, anything and everything. Lunch. Followed by specialisation practice, things like handling specialist equipment like the 3 Dimensional Movement Gear and cable swords, hand to hand combat, marskmanship, followed by dinner and then personal time. Weekends were dedicated to learning the more theoretical side of things, lessons in tactics, strategy, signal, usage, repairing and maintaining specialist equipment, and Titan study. Everything that they knew and theorised about their enemy was condensed into that class. It happened once a month. Everything could be taught within one session, and every session there after students were expected to present a new theory about Titans or a new angle on an already known piece of information. They would be taken to the Scouts who would attempt to verify that information. If it was proven, or debunked, the students would be informed in the next lesson.

After lunch, they were shown to their cabins and ordered to sort out their personal affects and fight amongst themselves over who got what bunk after that, they would be returning to the mess for equipment assignment.

The rooms were simple, they slept in very large raised platforms, small ladders leading up with a single shelf each for personals and a box to store under their sections of the bed for clothing and extra blankets as it was cold enough to snow in this area. There was a woodburner at the back of the room that looked like it could kick out enough heat and a large bench table in the middle of the dorm.

There were fifty six boys all in all, only nineteen girls, and all of them roomed separately. The girls had one cabin to themselves as there were under twenty of them, the boys had to spread out across two due to their numbers. However, judging by the number of cabins there were... the corps could effectively house and train upwards of three hundred recruits of either gender at a time. Six hundred total.

Shi grunted as almost all of the boys in his cabin shouldered past him, all rushing in and starting to fight over who slept where, the top bunks seemed to be the most sought after. Grimacing, the boy rubbed his shoulder and watched them wrestle and fight like animals, shouting and yelping and insulting one another. All too soon he realised he wasn't alone and there was a familiar face at his elbow.

He jolted and stared, "It's... you," he realised, staring at the stoic boy he met three years ago, the one who slit that kidnapper's throat without hesitation or remorse. For a second, he didn't have the faintest idea of what to say, then, embarrassingly, "How's your shoulder?" he blurted and almost immediately flushed in embarrassment. His shoulder would have been fine! It had been three years and the Corps would have taken him to a Doctor in the Rose District if they weren't sure of who's son he was, all he had to do was stay quiet and they would have HAD to have gotten him seen to properly.

"Fine. You're staying with me," the boy declared firmly grabbing the somewhat smaller boy's shoulder and steering him around the wrestling barbarians to a pair of bottom rung beds, not right next to the woodburner, but rather, right in the middle of the room. "This spot will be the warmest," he declared bluntly. It was then that Shi realised, that voice, it was the same unimpressed voice from earlier when the Instructor was shouting at him.

That meant the boy's name was Levi Rivaille.


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