I do not own anything from the 'Lost Boys' and unfortunately never will but either way I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Laura POV

I walked through the raging crowds fighting for just a small amount of space enough to breath. I have just moved to Santa Carla with my mother and two brothers. My parents got divorced a few weeks ago and all because my dad was a moron. He had dated a woman from his work. Sarah her name was and what's worse she was once of my old best friends. My dad brought her over stating she was his new assistant, she was but she was more. And because he got the house my mother and we had to go to our grandfathers.

I walked along the boardwalk next to the railing looking at the ocean before heading down the first set of steps to the beach I came across. I sat on the warm sand looking into the calm crisp sky thinking of the freedom I could have in just two years. I was sixteen and I had to stay at home until I was eighteen unless I ran away in which case I would need money to survive.

I sat there for about half an hour before a bunch of surf nazis came strolling by laughing and obviously drunk.

"hey baby, how's about you and my buddies have a little party?" the leader slurred while falling over next to me while trying to wrap his arm around my shoulder before I pulled away quickly. There were seven of them and five of those were men, the leader was tan with a green mohawk and his mates all looked the same except different hair colours. The two girls were plastered hanging of the two biggest men there and both were wearing next to nothing.

"um no sorry I have to go..." I trailed of still pulling away from his grabby hands he tried to stroke my back. I stood abruptly and started to walk back to the stairs hearing them start to call for the 'hot girl' to come back.

I started to walk faster up the stairs hearing them start to follow, I walked a little faster to where Michael parked his bike to see that it wasn't there anymore. And neither was mums car. They had left me. Shit.

I cursed before heading back around the boardwalk to a more public area. Hoping maybe to lose them as they were still following me. I walked a little faster as one started to pace along next to me trying to grab my hand. After dodging his hand and edging away he managed to grab my left arm. Hard. I yelped quietly as he started dragging me back to the beach where his friends were hooting and laughing at the fact I was struggling. I gulped before slamming my left foot onto his right foot. He grunted and loosened his grip but not enough to get away, I swung my right side round elbowing him in the back he groaned as I hit his spine and since his arm had been twisted at a dodgy angle he released my arm.

I sprinted of towards the rollercoaster, hoping to hide in the crowds surrounding. I turned when I was a good distance away to see him and his four mates looking angry with their eyes trained on me. I started to run. I glanced back to see them running after me. While I was running I banged into somebody and started to fall to the floor before two arms grabbed my waist to prevent me falling I glanced back around quickly scared one had got ahead of me. I saw a group of four guys but they were more bikers.

There was a tall blonde wearing a black t-shirt leather jacket and black jeans. He had a mullet and the iciest blue eyes I'd ever seen. He had a straight face before smirking at me.

A light brunette who's hair curled down to his shoulders. He wore a multi coloured patch work jacked with a white t-shirt and blue jeans. He had amazing honey coloured eyes smiling at me.

The one holding me was Indian/American; he was slightly tanned with a strong jaw and was only wearing black leather trousers and a long black leather duster. He had a stone expression but his eyes almost cried curiosity.

The last guy was pale blonde with green eyes filled with humour and he was grinning like a Cheshire cat. He wore a white vest with a black fishnet top over the top; he wore dark blue almost black jeans and a leather coat.

I gazed up into the tans eyes apologizing as time seemed to freeze. I shook my head before regaining my balance and glanced back again not realising they had almost reached me. I yelped before taking of around them dodging the questions they threw at me of who I was, if I was ok ect. I just yelled bye before thanking them as I was running.

I headed to the deck not realising. I came to an abrupt halt as I reached the end. I cursed again before turning quickly to see if there was a chance to get away. I grimaced seeing the leader almost grinning like a shark. The other four smirking behind him. The leader staggered over he was about an arm's length away when I shot my foot out kicking his family jewels before swinging my fist to his face.

He fell back one hand on his face and his other grasping his 'damaged goods'. He was grunting as one of his mates came over with a predatory look in his eyes. He had a huge mohawk and it was electric blue, he was darker toned with black eyes he was well muscled and was very intimidating he stood around six inches taller than my five ft. And his left arm shot out grabbing my shoulder pulling me into his hard bare chest. He wore tight leather trousers and huge steel two boots.

His other hand wrapped around my other arm and he started dragging me to the edge of the water. I started to panic and where he lifted me up to throw me over into the water I shoved my feet against the highest board blocking the deck of and pushed my weight back sending him back of balanced he let go.

I fell on my back wincing at where my shoulder hit the wooden deck. I scrambled up seeing him lunge at me, I could practically taste the anger coming of him I dodged his hands and leaped to my left and his right. I sprang forward only for him to swing round and grab me. I yelped at his grip before flinging my head back colliding with his jaw. Cursing he shoved me forward where I hit his jaw so hard it had hurt my head to the point of I could see little sparks dodging around my vision. Blinking I stood again and leaped away into another's arms.

I felt iron arms grip around my waist I glanced back to see the four men I ran into earlier. Shaking my head against the pounding I looked to see the leader starting to stand with the help of one of his bald headed friends they stood and glared at the men who were behind me. I was in the pale blonde's arms as he hugged me from behind and grinned before resting his chin on the crook of my neck.

The bleach blonde one with the mullet came toe to toe with the leader and grinned predatory

"you have a problem?" he said sounding extremely calm but I could hear the faintest amount of humour with each word.

The leader smirked and glared before walking around the group with his 'friends' in tow. They walked back to the boardwalk and the leader looked back to me as we had all turned watching them go. He smirked looking me in the eyes and shouted "later" with promises filling that one word.

I shivered under his gaze as he followed his mates.

After a moment I turned and looked at the guys who were all watching the nazis surfers go except the one with shoulder length caramel coloured hair he was watching me smiling still. When the nazis the other's followed his gaze and all watched me, the tall brunette was smiling the slightest with his eyes laughing. The blonde with the mullet was smirking and smiling at the same time with his arms crossed leaning on the small fence keeping people from the ocean. The tall pale haired blonde was still grinning while hugging me from behind still making me a little nervous, before the curly haired one gave him a pointed look and then he pulled away with a slight pout and stood next to the one who had started to stare again.

"Hey we're the lost boys" the bleach head smirked before introducing people.

"I'm David, this is Dwayne, Marko and Paul" he said gesturing to the said people.

"Nice to meet you all, thank you by the way I'm Laura" I said shyly waving blushing from Marko's gaze.

They all nodded smiling and David was grinning before looking to Dwayne and motioned for me to follow them as he and Dwayne lead back to the boardwalk while Paul jumped next to me almost hopping along the whole way and Marko walked calmly next to me smiling.

When we reached the board walk they headed to a small pub in the corner behind the carousel and went and sat in the corner. Paul pouted and got drinks after David's request (what really sounded like an order) when he came back he was holding a tray of shots. My eyebrows rose to my hairline and looked at the others to see them grinning at me.

Rolling my eyes I relaxed as we spoke about anything and everything. I declined each offer for the shots they pushed towards me. I glanced at the wall clock and saw it was just coming up to 3 am I cursed and stood saying I had to go home they all looked at each other before smiling and standing as well.

They walked out after asking to meet tomorrow on the boardwalk entrance I said that would be fine and they walked away I headed to the exit and started home when I noticed Marko was smiling walking next to me. I smiled and asked if he was ok he nodded and offered me a lift home I thought a moment.

"only if you're ok with doing so" I smiled shyly again the whole night he had been smiling at me and staring but for once it made me feel safe and protected knowing he was watching me, as my brothers and I never got along it was nice for somebody to be there and understand me and I felt safe, understood and accepted around the boys they felt like family more so then my blood relations.

He told me to wait and returned on a motorbike grinning.

"OH MY GOD! That is a friggin awesome ride" I squealed jumping up and down like a kid at Christmas I grinned and took his offered hand as he helped me on the back. Grasping my arms around his chest and held tight laughing as he went a little faster and I felt the air protesting to our speed pushing my dark brown hair around my shoulders as it curled into the wind.

When we got to the house quickly I almost moaned missing the speed but smiled thanked him and went around the side of the house climbing slowly up the oak tree that spurred hundreds of branches some looked like they were reaching to grab the house. As creepy as it was it made sneaking in the house easier as one branch came across to my bedroom window. I quietly unlocked it and jumped in landing on my queen size bed. I leaned across and switched on my lamp sitting on my bed I looked around my light green room.

My white bedside table matched my wardrobe, dressing table and bed frame. My light beach wood floorboards made my room look much lighter and I got of my brown bed covers and took my black military boots of placing them next to my dressing table under the little wicker chair pulled up to it and I walked over to my wardrobe stripping my clothes of and dumping them into the white wicker laundry basket next to my wardrobe which was next to the door leading to my joining bathroom and then next to my dresser was the door leading to the hallway, opposite the door and dresser was the bed and above that was a huge window covered in white netted curtains, next to the bed was a bedside table and on the other side was a floor lamp.

I changed into a huge black t-shirt and snuggled under my cool crisp sheets and drifted off into a light sleep.