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Padme did her best to keep her mind focused on the situation at hand, not the young Jedi who was on his way to see her.

It had been ten years since she had laid eyes on Anakin Skywalker, but this was not the first time he had crossed her mind. Nor was it the first time that he had at exactly the wrong moment.

No, Padme had thought a lot about the young pilot over the past decade. Something about him... it shook her to the core. It had from the moment he'd asked if she were an angel. And whatever he had envoked inside of her that day had remained with her.

She could now hear Jar Jar speaking, greeting the two Jedi men. She did her best to listen to the captain as he spoke to her, but it was by far a harder task, even just to pretend, than it should have been.

Taking a deep breath, Padme mentally scolded herself and told herself to stay focused here.

Padme smiled as she greeted Obi-Wan. He looked different these days, but felt as warm and as safe as always. If not more. Even in a brief second or two with him.

Then there was the young man with him.

Padme felt her heart skip as he glanced his way. How could that be little Anankin Skywalker?

She tried to keep calm, taking him in. The young boy who had turned very much into a handsome young man. She felt a stirring deep inside that she tried her best to ignore, to wish away.

Anakin spoke to her, stumbling over compliments, and she blushed. He spoke of her being in his dreams, but she did not explore that further. She had enough problems with her own constantly involving him, she did not need to know it was mutual.

Shaking the lust-filled craving towards the younger Jedi protector, Padme began walking, explaining and discussing the situation.

It did not go unnoticed by the former Queen that there was a beautiful friendship there between the Jedi, a lot of history and stories for sure. It also did not go unnoticed that Anakin was willing to defy orders for her. That he was still willing to go that extra mile for her.

And that is what sparked an idea. One that she had snuck away to discuss with him when Obi-Wan had gone off to get more details.

Later, she began to question making such a decision. Not due to any threats of danger. No, she dealt with those day in and day out. No, this was the all because of the man on the other side of the door, watching her, trying to sense everything about her.

She wondered exactly how deep that skill of theirs could go.

That, along with so many other things, made it almost impossible to fall asleep.

When she finally did, she dreamt of him. No longer with the face of the boy ten years ago, but the one she had seen for the first time just today. She thought of him, of her with him, of all the things her heart wanted to desire but she knew better about.

And the next thing she knew, Padme was back away, her heart racing. Her eyes opened, coming to stare into those crystal pools of Anakin's. Not unlike her dream. He was in her bed, not unlike her dream also.

The situation however was very much not even close to the same.

Obi-Wan flew out of the window, and Anakin was soon running off as well. Padme stayed in bed for a few good minutes, still reeling from her dreams.

When she could finally shake it, she jumped up, pushing him out of her mind once more. Knowing he'd be back in soon enough.