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#One Night, Part 2

When we wake, we leave the world of our subconscious to step back into reality. Usually, that reality is a familiar one, one of mornings and coffee, of pressing shirts in a hurry, and deciding which shoes to wear. When Dahlia awoke to the sound of her private comm ripping into the silence, she found herself having to force recollection of where she was, and that she wasn't actually still dreaming.

She was alone. The loss of Spock's body next to hers was so pronounced that she physically ached. She groaned into her pillow and sighed. Well, it had been good while it lasted. However, when she rolled over onto her side, she was surprised to find that she wasn't so alone after all. Spock was no longer in bed with her, but he hadn't left either. He had dressed, and was reading over a data PADD at his desk. He turned his head when he realized that she was awake, his gaze steady on her. There was an extended pause.

"Your silence does not seem to suggest a comprehension of what has occurred. Do you remember what has transpired between us?" He asked slowly, his eyes swept over her form before they rested solely on her eyes.

"Of course I do. I wasn't the one drunk," she said after a moment, her lips morphing into a teasing smile. His grip on the device hardened, his knuckles turning considerably pale.

"I apologize for my inappropriate state. After returning from my prior engagement, I was solicited by Jim when he had offered a deceitful drink." He set his PADD to the side, his hands resting rigidly on his knees.

She snorted in laughter. "Oh, so Jim did know of your state? That bastard was the one who got you plastered somehow? I should've known."

"Furthermore, I had not been fully aware of my actions and thus - "

"Don't you dare take what happen between us back and say it was a mistake." She pursed her lips and crossed her arms, uncaring as the bed sheet exposed her chest. She smirked, conscious of how his eyes refused to acknowledge the action. "I'm not sorry."

"I have not asked you to be," Spock countered evenly.

"Well good because I'm not and I think you suck."

"Acknowledged," Spock tersely replied.

"So now let's talk, Spock because I'm tired of you leaving every time and I'm tired of letting you go. Why do you keep pushing me away?" She asked quietly, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear.

He paused. "I did not believe you would consider consorting with someone like me. Why would you choose me over dozen of other worthy men you have encountered? It is reasonable thought - logical for you to choose someone who will be able to ...give you everything you need."

"Is this your way of saying you don't want me? That it's not me but you?"

An unmistakable feeling of panic swelled in her chest then, and if possible, her heart pounded against her chest rapidly. The fast, upbeat cadence of her heart had made everything seem almost surreal. She gazed toward him. It does not display on his features, but she saw the way his fingers tightened around his knee.

"Not at all, Dahlia," he answered promptly with some sort of conviction, "I am just stating with sincerity of what I can provide to you as a romantic partner and I am aware of what human qualities I am lacking to be a sufficient one for you." He's sincere, he's breathtakingly sincere, and she's shaken by it. "Dahlia, do not ever doubt my affections for you. You are deeply essential to me. More so than you can comprehend." His expression doesn't falter, but his eyes betrayed him. She saw it there, unwavering. It's the most human thing he's ever said, and he's completely unaware of it.

Their eyes locked as she stood, and for a moment, his eyes exposed his falter in his restraint as they always do with her. When she slipped into her dress, he was quiet, his eyes darted away to give her a sense of privacy. Once her boots were in place, she stood near his door. It caused him to stand and it's obvious to her that he was most likely thinking that she will depart. His manners do not allow her to exit without him rising from his chair. Her eyes locked with his again and she began to waver under his deep, human eyes.

He seemed resigned into accepting her abandonment. Instead of exiting though, she threw herself at him, arms locking around his neck. It takes him a moment but his own strong arms hold her, his hands grasping her back and hair.

She pulled away slightly, her eyes searching his. "Jeez, Spock. You sure know how to play the romantic," she said, hand sweeping over the curve of his chin, "I can never be with anyone else, Spock. It has been and will always be you. And with that said ...I want what you want. I know I'm still young but ...I can't see myself with anyone else."

"Dahlia ...would I be correct in assuming that you would be interested in .." Spock trailed off, his eyes avoiding hers. There is a slight shift in his stoic features.

"Getting married? Vulcan ceremony, whatever it's call?" she asked, tilting her head a little and giving him a huge grin. He gave a sharp, confirming nod. "Yes, of course. I have never been more sure in my life. But we're still having sex regardless, right?"

Spock's eyes were warm, and wondering, and he pressed her against him. He paused for a moment. Then he rested his hand against her cheek, leaned in, and pressed their lips softly together.

"I am amenable."

As they carressed each other wordlessly, their lips meeting every so often, they parted when Dahlia insisted in using his shower. As she walked toward the bathroom, her back to him, she asked, "So what kind of drink did Jim give you?"

"It is best for the unknown substance to remain a mystery concerning the fact that you will use it consistently in an effort to provoke me."

She gave out a breathless sigh. "Oh, Spock," she began as she looked passed her shoulder toward him, her eyes narrowing playfully. "You know me too well."



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