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Loren: "What are you doing here?!"

Person: "That's no way to talk to your father!"

Loren: "You, are not my father Trent."

Trent: "I am your father! You will show me some respect!"

Eddie: "So he's your father?" Loren nodded while looking down "Then why is it hard for you to talk about him?"

Loren: "He hasn't been in my life for the past fourteen years."

Eddie: "Why?"

Loren: "You wanna tell him why, Trent?"

Trent: "Her mom took her and left me when she was four, she took my daughter away from me."


Eddie: "What's going on?"

Loren: "When I was four, he went to get a pack of cigarettes, never came back. You know, it's funny when you think about it, 'cause he didn't even smoke."

Trent: "I am still you father Loren."

Loren: "No, you have no right to call yourself my father after you left us fourteen years ago."

Eddie: "I think you need to leave."

Trent: "And I think you need to mind your own business. I'll leave when I feel like it! Why don't you go back to your mom. Whoops."

Eddie got really mad, he started punching Trent, Trent tried to fight back, but he didn't have enough time, he was already on the floor being punched by a maniac. He soon blacked out, some doctors heard Loren screaming so they came into her room and saw a blacked out Trent on the floor and an out of breath Eddie sitting on a plastic chair and a scared Loren lying on the bed shaking, they took Trent so they could help him and left a security guard outside her room to see if there's anymore trouble, Loren was staring at Eddie shocked, scared and bit grateful. Eddie noticed her staring and knew he had to explain what happened, so he started to speak.

Eddie: "I'm sorry, I just hate it when they make jokes about my mom being dead, the subject of her is off limits."

Loren: "They? You mean more people make fun of her death?"

Eddie: "Yeah, they think I will have a mental breakdown and start to sob, but instead, I hit them to the part that if I go on, they're gonna be in a full body cast."

Loren just stared at Eddie and said: "Thank you."

Eddie smiled: "For what?"

Loren: "For defending me, for sticking by my side, for standing up to Trent and for the flowers."

Eddie chuckled and said: "Who is Loren Tate?"

Loren: "A boring eighteen year old that is a senior in high school, and studying law starting the fall. She writes songs as a hobby and her best friends are her mom, Mel, Adam and, well, you, once I get to know you ofcourse. Your turn, who is Eddie Duran?"

Eddie: "A guy that plays video games with he's best fiend, writes songs and, I guess that's it, I don't do much, I have a pretty boring life."

Loren smiled and looked at the ceiling, Eddie got up and went closer to her and then remembered Chloe/Cynthia and that he needed to visit her, so he said.

Eddie: "I have to go, I haven't seen or talked to my girlfriend in days."

Loren still looking at the ceiling: "Have fun."

Eddie: "I doubt it."

Loren now looking at him: "Why? Is something wrong? What happened?"

Eddie opened his mouth to speak, but then Loren cut him off by her freaking out.

Loren: "Oh my gosh, that's so not my place to ask, I'm so sorry." She then pulled the blanket over her face.

Eddie smiled and went up to her, he pulled the blanket down to see Loren covering her face with her hands, he kissed the top of her head and while heading out, he said.

Eddie: "Bye Loren." He heard her yell back 'bye'. He smiled while walking to his car.

Meanwhile, Don showed up at Nora's doorstep and he knocked on the door, he had to get Nora to not press charges, but Adrianna did commit the crime, so now she has to do the time, a few seconds later the door opened, Nora was surprised and confused to see Don there, she stepped aside so he could come in, but he shook his head and said.

Don: "This'll only take a minute, I swear."

Nora just nodded so he could continue on why he was there.

Don: "I just need to know, are you pressing charges against Adrianna?"

Nora looked confused, why would she be pressing charges on Adrianna, what did she do to make her want to press charges Nora thought to herself before asking.

Nora: "Why would I press charges on Adrianna?" Nora asked confused.

Don's eyes widened and he also felt bad that his daughter tried to kill her daugher. The hospital didn't bother to tell her 'Why didn't they tell her, maybe they were afraid that she would press charges on the hospital instead of Adrianna for not having a good enough security system' was what Don was thinking while still standing in front a confused Nora, she asked again.

Nora: "Don? Why would I press charges on your daughter?"

Sanders' House:

Phil was walking down the stairs, he kept on calling Adrianna, but she wouldn't answer, he was starting to get worried, either she is still mad at him about what happened the other night, or something happened to her, he saw Mel drinking orange juice and sitting on the couch of the living room, he went up to her and said.

Phil: "Hey Mel, have you seen Aid?"

Mel: "Why? I thought you two broke up."

Phil ignored her and said: "Well, if you see her, can you tell her I'm worried about her, and for her to call me."

Mel: "Sure, I'll bring it up in our daily game of dress-up." Mel said sarcastically.

Phil: "Really, Mel?"

Mel: "Sorry, I'm just so happy for Loren."

Phil: "I know, I know." He hugged Mel. "Me too, me too, I happy too Mel." He pulled away from the hug and took a couple of steps back. "I'm just worried about Aid, she didn't reply to any of my calls of texts, not even to tell me to back off, this is not like her."

Mel: "Go to her house and see if she's there, and if she's not, Dr. doom might know where she is."

Phil: "Thanks Mel." He grabbed his keys and sped to Adrianna's house.

Mel: "No problem." She said, even though he was gone, she got bored and her parents weren't home, she really wanted to see how Loren was doing, so she grabbed her keys and was on her way to the hospital.

Chloe's Apartment:

Eddie got to Chloe's apartment and didn't bother to knock, he opened the door with his spare key, he went inside and didn't find Chloe anywhere, and he checked the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, he got a little worried then thought maybe she was out with her friends, he then thought of Loren, and thought to himself 'Chloe can wait, Loren can't' he then went back to his car and was on his way back to the hospital, but first made a pit stop. Chloe opened the closet door slightly to check if Eddie was gone, she came out in a bra and under wear, then pulled out Osborne Silver that was only in his boxers, and she started kissing him and they went back to what they were doing before they got interrupted by Eddie.

Eddie's Car:

Eddie was on his way to the hospital, but stopped first to get a box of chocolates in the shape of a heart with a card written on it 'Get well soon' he smiled and went back to his car and was on his way to the hospital.


Eddie had just got to the hospital, he went up to Loren's room and saw her leg without a cast, she looked at him and said.

Loren: "The liar is finally here." She said in a serious tone

Eddie: "Why am I a liar?" He asked confused

Loren: "You promised me you would stay here when they removed the cast."

Eddie: "Loren, I'm so sorry, I thought I would be back sooner but…

He didn't finish and Loren started laughing uncontrollably, he looked at he confused, but at the same time he was thinking 'She has an amazing laugh'. He then wanted to know why she was laughing, so he asked.

Eddie: "What's so funny?"

Loren: "I can't believe you took that seriously." She stopped laughing and said "But it's really sweet that you care."

Eddie wanted to change the subject so he said.

Eddie: "I got you these" He gave here the chocolates.

Loren: "Chocolates?"

Eddie: "Yeah."

Loren: "I'm allergic to chocolates."

Eddie's eyes widened and he started apologizing: "I'm so sorry I had no idea, I-I…

Loren started laughing again, Eddie was confused at first but then realized what's going and so he said.

Eddie: "Your not allergic to Chocolates?"

Loren stopped laughing but smiled and shook her head.

Eddie: "You just wanted to mess with me again?"

Loren, still smiling, nodded and said.

Loren: "You're not mad at me?"

Eddie: "No, not at all."

Loren gave him a look.

Eddie: "Maybe a little at myself for falling for that twice in less than thirty minutes, but, I think it's great that you are joking at this state of condition, if I were you I would probably just yell at everyone that talks to me, and try to get out of this hospital.

Loren: "Yeah, well, I try not to think about it very much, but it's hard, since I'm laying in a hospital bed. But, thank you, I really appreciate what you're doing for me, especially since we barley know each other."

Eddie: "I think we know each other well enough to be friends."

Loren: "Yeah, I do too."

Just then, and officer walked through the door and stood a couple of steps away from Eddie, Loren stared at him confused, Eddie turned to see what she was staring at and stood up when he saw the officer, so he said.

Eddie: "Good evening officer, how may we help you?"

Officer: "Eddie Duran, you're under arrest."

Eddie's eyes widened so did Loren's, they looked at each other the back to the officer standing in front of them. Mel walked in right after that, and she heard what the officer said, she felt sorry for Eddie and confused to why he is being arrested in the first place.

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