"Let's rest here for a few minutes."

Kisame arched a brow, "Why? It isn't safe here, especially since you caught one of them. That tribe could already be after us."

The miser snorted but sat down anyway, leaning against a tree with the woman on his lap grumbling, "If they were we would've already heard them. In the daylight they sound their drums when going into battle but at night is when we really need to be concerned."

Madara nodded, "They're very stealth and are merciless to outsiders at night, mostly of the opposite gender obviously. I do have my doubts however they will come."

Kisame chugged some water from his canteen and muttered, "Why do you say that?" The raven grinned at the girl, "I've never heard or seen a woman from that tribe to be so…..docile. She's probably a misfit that won't be missed."

The woman bit her lip and glanced at the man dubiously. No. They wouldn't leave me behind, he's lying!

The brute saw her pained expression but merely adjusted her position, taking note of how lovely her scent was….like flowers instead of wilderness filth.

The woman had the same observation; the man's smell was….different. It must be some sort of aftershave but she wasn't sure; it was still nice though.

Furrowing her brows she couldn't help but wonder: I thought men were supposed to smell revolting? There must be a mistake…but what if the elders told us that to keep us away from them? I don't understand.

Kakuzu stood up and startled the woman from her thoughts, arching a brow as those bright blue eyes gazed up into his own, lingering for quite some time before coming to her senses and quickly averting eye contact.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say she was checking me out.

He actually smirked at the thought as they trudged further to the edge of the jungle where their camp was.

*The teen panted hard as she entered through the tribe's secret entrance through the thick vinery, instantly going straight to the head elders' large tent.

The three women frowned in disapproval upon her rude entry, the tallest woman with long dirty blonde hair murmuring, "How dare you enter in here so uncouthly Lexy! You know how to approach us."

The brunette muttered, "I'm sorry but this is an emergency. One of us has been captured by men!"

The bustiest elder growled in anger, "No wonder you're so riled up so this intrusion will be forgiven." The last female nodded, "Who was taken so we may plan an attack on these disgusting creatures."

"Olivia. We were bathing but one of them must have anticipated our movements and caught her, I would've stayed to fight them once I found out but I was unsure how many there were."

"You were wise not to, never underestimate your enemy though I'm sure you could've handled them all."

They all grunted in agreement but none moved an inch except give each other silent messages as the brunette impatiently stomped her foot, "What are you waiting for!?"

The ginger flung her braid behind her shoulder muttering, "We apologize Lexy, but as unfortunate as your news is, we're not going to assist."

The teen's mouth went ajar, "What!? Why!? She's one of us!"

The ebony haired female slightly rolled her eyes, "That very well may be, but her loss won't affect our tribe's survival. Her absence won't be missed."

Lexy snapped, "Isn't the other main rule here to NEVER leave a fellow female behind!"

The blonde snapped right back, "She was the weakest link in this tribe and we knew it was only a matter of time before this happened! The wench was caught too easily and doesn't deserve to be saved! You know that rule; survival of the fittest."


The ginger replied bitterly, "You're letting your pity for the girl cloud your judgment Lexy. Even with the training she was still weak and useless, but as our duty we kept her here just like you and many others because you're females and were left with nothing as children."

The brunette clenched her fists tightly, causing her knuckles to crack as she growled in anger, "I do not pity her. I love Angel."

"She was just a phase, you're still young." The busty raven sighed, "In time you will learn to accept her loss and get a real mate to satisfy your needs."

The teen snorted, "Never."

The four women fumed in silence until the teen spoke up, "If you won't fucking help me I'll bring her back myself."

"No you will not! We forbid it." "We're not having our best warrior be at risk being caught!"

Lexy snorted and stomped off muttering under her breath, "Just try and stop me you fucking bitches."

*Upon arrival at the camp, the woman was beyond petrified. There were many men and once they saw her…their intent stares made her skin crawl.

Kisame and Madara, including Kakuzu made sure to keep the others at a distance; but when they came to their own private area the miser went to a cage.

It was large enough for at least three people, but the woman now resisted even more as to not be locked up.

The brute growled in annoyance but mostly in surprise because she merely kept clinging to his shirt instead of trying to hit him.

"Enough woman!" His baritone voice made her instantly stop for some reason, but she dismally let him place her inside, having to step in himself to shackle her wrists to the iron bars after cautiously removing the other restraints.

He sighed when he bolted the door shut, watching her tug on the chains feebly with a frown before going inside his tent.

He wanted to bathe and get into some clean clothes but that plan was shortly lived when he heard the woman crying out in terror.

Growling he stomped out and instantly shouted at two men, "Get lost!" They merely turned their noses up at him and continued to reach inside the cage trying to touch the girl with her barely able to get out of their reach due to the short link of the chains.

Kakuzu snarled bitterly and barged over before kicking their asses into the ground, like hell he was doing to deal with this bullshit until the ship arrived to return them home.

He chuckled in amusement watching them run off with their tails between their legs before asking the woman, "Are you alright?"

She glanced at him but shakily nodded, hugging her small frame with a few tears falling once more.

He felt a bit sorry for her but went back to his business, he was only in this for the money and she would fetch a pretty price indeed. He couldn't afford to get attached; especially since she was to his preference in the appearance department.

*The rest of the day went by slowly, no more incidents yet with the captive, but it was soon going to without a doubt.

As the three men sat around their campfire eating their supper, Kakuzu kept looking at the woman. Kisame noticed and smirked, but didn't want to anger the miser since he'll deny it anyway.

Madara however, didn't care. "She's very beautiful isn't she? The girl actually looks so innocent." Kisame nodded, "She does, but I can't help but feel sorry for her."

"Don't be, it's probably an act to make us let our guard down." Kakuzu snorted, "Absurd. If that were the case she would've already made a move when I untied her. At any rate, I'll be right back."

He took a bottle of water and some bread to give the woman as Kisame mused, "Try not to get tempted Kakuzu~" "Shut up."

The miser cleared his throat to get her attention, handing the food to her through the bar rails but she didn't budge an inch, all she did was meekly sit there and looked down at her hands.

"It's not poisoned so take it." She shook her head as he leaned against the bars asking, "Can you speak?"

She only nodded, "Then why won't you answer me?" She opened her mouth like she was going to but sighed instead. "I'm not leaving until you answer me woman."

"I'm not hungry."

He arched a brow at how nice her voice was, so very soft and gentle so he replied, "You need to eat." "Just let me go." "I'm afraid I can't."

She gave him such a sad face and asked, "Why?" "You're going to be sold." "What'll happen to me after that?" "I don't know."

The woman about started crying again, "I've heard of the women from my tribe who got captured and sold but, they never came back. Will I be killed like they say?"

"Like who said?" "The elders of my tribe." He shrugged, "I don't have an answer for you because even I don't know. It just depends on who gets you."

She sighed and shifted her position before murmuring out of the blue, "You smell nice." "Pardon?" "You smell nice….it baffles me."

Kakuzu found her words awkward but it wasn't too bad, "Why are you surprised?" "I've always been told men smelled of something foul and were evil but…..you're not like that. Why is that?"

Kakuzu was very intrigued with this woman now, it seemed like she was much too sheltered to know anything about men.

He handed her the bread and water again, this time the girl taking it with a murmur of thanks when he muttered, "Apparently these elders you speak of told quite a bit of lies about us men to make sure you keep away from and loathe us. Yes, there are many evil men in the world, but there are good ones too; no different than women."

The woman was confused but believed his words, she didn't like quite a few of the women in her tribe because they were cruel and mean by nature.

"I never knew. Not hard to believe since I never met a man before I guess."

"You haven't? What about your father?" The girl smiled at him sadly, "Both my parents drowned during a ship wreck when I was little; I was the only one to survive. I don't remember their faces anymore after all these years on this island."

Kakuzu frowned, "My condolences. Are you cold?" She nodded and watched the brute fetch her a blanket, her heart was fluttering for an odd reason when she was near him but already was quite fond of him.

He didn't remotely resemble the horrible images she's seen of a male, in appearance nor demeanor, but was saddened even more now.

This meant that she would never see him again once she was sold off…..or Lexy.

I wonder when she'll get here? Knowing her she already raised hell with the elders.

*Lexy was forced to wait until the nightfall to make a move, the elders instructed some of the women to keep a watch on her to make sure she didn't disobey orders but that wouldn't stop the teen; she was too determined to get Olivia back.

The teen was smart, slipping a few sleeping herbs into her watchers water bucket before she grinned evilly once they conked off.

Silently leaving the village, she grabbed her weapons and traveled as quickly and quietly as she could to locate her lover.

The moon was high in the sky, which gave her light to see her surroundings better when she came upon a campsite.

There were many different huddles of groups of tents, spread out a good distance too but she squatted low on a limb to scan the entire area.

They probably are separated for their own interests, sharing a profit between few members to gain more for themselves.

Her keen eyes suddenly saw a small bundle in a cage, the teen was angry as hell that she was locked up but smiled happily none the less' she didn't look injured so that was good.

Skillfully swinging down and traveling on foot, she cautiously went out into the open and darted for the prison to hide next to it once she got there.

Figuring the coast was clear she peered inside to see it was her lover fast asleep, curled up with a rather large comfy blanket to keep warm.

Lexy sighed and leaned against the bars, gazing lovingly from how cute Olivia looked before gently shaking her awake.

The woman groaned a bit before blinking around sleepily until she heard her lover's whispering, "Angel baby~ I'm here."

The woman instantly smiled and quietly sat up, going to the rear of the cage and reaching out to hug the teen and kissing her like mad since she was able because that's where her confinements began.

The brunette moaned softly from the soft lips molding against her own, eagerly gliding her tongue inside the moist cavern before very reluctantly pulling back with a curse since she wanted to continue so badly.

"Kitten~ I knew you'd come for me." "Of course I would." "You or the others won't kill them will you?"

Lexy tried her best not to look so upset, she didn't want her lover to know their tribe was going to abandon her; it would kill her if she found out.

Keeping her emotions in check she shook her head, "No, there will be no bloodshed. I rather not cause a scene right now. Why do you ask?"

The woman blushed a bit, "Well, the one that caught me isn't evil. He's been kind to me." Lexy arched a brow in shock, but didn't doubt her lover's words.

"Ok, we'll discuss this later. I need to figure out how to unlock this damn door." She went to the other side of the cage and tried to pick the lock but to no avail.

If I try to cut it I'll attract attention with the noise, I could fight them but her wrists are still shackled too. What's the best way to handle this?

She suddenly heard a noise, crouching low to the ground to see a man with long hair coming out of a tent. The teen instantly darted back into the bushes with such skill, watching him like a hawk as he went to the woman's cage.

It was obviously the one that tried to touch her from before when she saw him unlocking the cage, Olivia scooting further back when the raven chuckled and licked his lips.

What he did next made the teen lose all sense of reality; he jumped the woman and gagged her before quickly hooking something to her chains to keep her wrists above her head; then hastily untying her top and tossing it to the side before grabbing the bountiful breasts.

It happened so fast, Lexy had a delayed reaction before her rage took over. Leaping out of the bushes with a shrill battle cry and determined to destroy the bastard that dare to touch her lover!

All hell is going to break loose, even more so since she woke the other men.

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