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Three years later

Emma sits in front of the mirror and finishes applying her make-up, then glances at the clock on the wall and realizes that she's got less than ten minutes to reach her place on the stage; it's the opening night of the ballet Killian had written for her, and she can't remember ever being this nervous before a show, not even before her very first one.

She knows it's because this show matters most, since it's so close to her heart; it's hers and Killian's entire history in the form of a ballet, their defeats and victories, and all she wants is for the audience to like it.

"Do you need help with your dress?" Killian asks her from the doorway and slips inside, a faint smile dancing on his lips because he knows she remembers the last time they were like this, when she had just found out she was pregnant and he was the first person she told.

"I was waiting for you", Emma tells him and turns her back on him so he can lace her up, and even though it takes him a little longer than the last time, his touch still sends a shiver down her spine; when he's done, he presses a kiss against her shoulder and sneaks his hand around her waist, laying his palm on top of her stomach.

"Anything you want to tell me this time?" He whispers against her ear and Emma smiles because they had talked about having another baby and she's as excited about it as he is. He unclasps her necklace where his engagement ring is still hanging and puts it in his pocket where it's going to stay until the end of the show.

"Not yet", Emma says softly and turns around, glances at the clock and kisses Killian quickly before she tugs him out of her dressing room and down the hallway toward the stage.

It's time for them to share their hearts with the world.

Emma dances, Killian plays, and the audience is completely spellbound; women cry and sniffle and men nod to themselves, but Emma only has eyes for Killian.

Time has been good to him, and any trace of uncertainty he used to have about his hand is gone; he's focused only on the music, but then he looks up and their eyes meet, and as Emma's partner twirls her around it feels like Killian's arms are around her.

Logan is sitting in the first row with his babysitter, solemn and quiet in his little tuxedo that resembles Killian's; there's a bow-tie around his neck that's actually Killian's, but their stubborn little boy wouldn't let them leave him with the nanny until Killian took it off and tied it around his neck.

When it's time for Emma's solo, Killian removes his fingers from the keys and just watches her because this is the only piece of music in the entire ballet he can't play; "Emma Variation" had been written for two hands, and even though she had suggested that he should adapt it for just the right, he adamantly refused. As she dances, Emma thinks that he was right, that this is better because this way he gets to see every step she makes as another pianist down in the orchestra pit takes over.

She's dancing this particular dance only for Killian anyway.

The last scene in the ballet is Emma and her dance partner standing above a cot watching their baby sleep, and when the curtain falls there's an almost deafening applause that makes Emma unbelievably happy; she had always believed that this ballet could be something special because it was so personal and so real, but she had never expected anything like this. The moment is a little overwhelming, but then she goes to take a bow and Killian joins her, and as soon as his hand slips into hers she's okay, she's more than okay, she's on top of the world.

This time, she's not there alone.

After the show Emma goes back to her dressing room and starts pulling pins out of her hair and wiping all the theatre make-up off. Killian reaches her before Logan and his nanny do and she melts against him, his kiss sending shivers down her spine and making her skin sing.

"They really liked it", Killian murmurs against her lips and he seems a little stunned so Emma pulls back to look him in the eyes before she speaks.

"Not liked; they loved it", she tells him and smiles when he smiles, and she can't even find the words to tell him how proud she is of him, because if there wasn't for his music, there wouldn't be the ballet either. She makes a mental note to send a fruit basket to the company director, because he's another person who made this possible; she still remembers how worried and nervous she was when she told him about her idea for the ballet and the fact that Killian is already writing music for it, and how her director jumped on the opportunity even though there was no proof the two of them can do it.

He's probably rubbing his hands now because a new ballet hadn't had a standing ovation since the seventies.


"Yes, Killian?"

"Will you marry me?" Killian asks and holds up her necklace, and Emma's eyes dart to the engagement ring before she meets his blue gaze and tells him that she will.

She'd been waiting for him to do this, and this entire week she had a feeling he'd do it tonight; it's like he doesn't know how to let her down.

Killian's hand is shaking and Emma covers it with hers, helps him undo the clasp on the necklace and watches as the ring slides down in his palm. She holds out her hand and he slips it on her finger, and she's not even a little surprised that it fits her perfectly.

"Took you long enough to ask", Emma tells him and Killian gives her that beautiful smile that's only reserved for her and Logan, his hand taking hers and laying it against his heart.

"I was just waiting for the right song", he says and Emma steps closer, rests her head against his shoulder and they start dancing to the music only the two of them can hear.

The door opens and Logan runs into the room yelling "daddy" on top of his lungs, and Emma realizes she's never going to get tired of hearing him say that; Killian picks him up and Logan rests his head against his father's shoulder, looking at Emma with a grin that is so like Killian's she could cry.

"You were really pretty, mommy", he tells her and Emma smiles because lately that's the highest of compliments for him; Killian's bedtime stories are pretty, pancakes are pretty, and when they go to the zoo, everything is pretty.

"What about me?" Killian asks and Logan beams up at him, wraps his arms tighter around Killian's neck and gives him a big wet kiss.

"I love you daddy, but mommy was pretty", Logan says and Killian chuckles, then looks at Emma and tilts his head toward their son.

"He loves me but you're pretty", he says and Emma rubs her hand up and down Logan's back.

"You were pretty too, daddy", Emma tells him and smiles when his arm tightens around her waist.

"You were bloody gorgeous", he whispers against her ear and they lose themselves in the moment, dancing around the dressing room with their son laughing between them.

It's not even nine a.m. yet but there's already the sound of music coming from the living room. Emma lies in bed for a minute longer, smiling when Logan takes over from Killian, his enthusiasm as adorable as ever. Emma throws off the covers and sneaks down the hallway, then leans against the doorway and just watches them, marveling at the fact that just a few years ago Logan was a baby sitting in his carrier on top of the piano, kicking his tiny feet in time with the music Killian was playing.

She finds that time goes ridiculously fast when you're happy.

Logan is sitting on Killian's knee, his father's arm around him to keep him from falling off in his excitement, and every time Emma sees them like this, her heart jumps in her chest because Killian is so patient with him, he encourages him and makes learning fun, and if Logan could have his way he'd never do anything else but play.

"Mommy, listen", Logan exclaims when he notices her and Emma comes closer, leaning her hip against the side of the piano and watching the look of deep concentration on Logan's face as he plays a simple melody, and it's only when she glances at Killian and sees his melancholy smile that she realizes that for the first time Logan is playing with two hands.

"Well done, laddie", Killian tells him when he's done and Emma covertly wipes away her tears and kisses Logan's cheek, telling him that she's so very, very proud of him.

"I'm gonna play it again", Logan says to nobody in particular and Emma sits down next to Killian, entwines her fingers with his and looks at him until her turns his head and kisses her, the music their son is playing resonating around the room.

Emma thinks that she's only allowed to live this charmed life because she'd been alone for so long, both growing up without parents and being with Neal, and realizes that it's more than a fair trade; she'd rather have Killian and Logan than anything else.

She didn't used to believe that true love is the most important thing you can have in life, but now that she's got it, she knows it is.

It's amazing how many people want to be your friend when you're either rich or successful; Emma and Killian keep receiving invitations to parties held by people who didn't even bother to call them when they were both down, and neither of them feels inclined to go.

They know that they could fill any ballroom with guests for their wedding, but they decide to keep it private, just the two of them, Logan, Victor as Killian's best man and Emma's ballet teacher, Mary Margaret as her maid of honor. It's funny, but Emma feels closer to her than she had ever felt to any of her ballerina friends; despite the fact that Mary Margaret is old enough to be her mother, they just clicked the first day Emma met her, and they had only gotten closer during the time they worked together on Coppelia.

Mary Margaret is Emma's best friend, but under certain light she thinks that they kind of have the same chin, but she never brings it up, and Mary Margaret doesn't either; they might talk about it someday, but for now, they are both content with what they have.

Logan is a little disappointed that Emma doesn't wear a "proper princess dress", but Killian is more than happy with the dress she had chosen instead; it's beige, long and made of layered lace with a ribbon around the waist that matches Killian's blue tie, the same tie he had worn the first time they kissed, the one she was looking for on their four months anniversary and discovered it wrapped around an engagement ring.

Today, that engagement ring is joined with a fine band of gold that Killian slips on her finger, his eyes never leaving hers; he promises to never leave her and always love her, and even though she knows better than anyone how fast everything can change, Emma can't help but believe him.

"I will always hold your hands and kiss you goodnight every night, and I won't ever stop loving you", Emma says, her voice shaking as bad as her hand; Mary Margaret sniffles and Logan is looking up at them with his mouth hanging open, his arm wrapped around Killian's leg.

Emma finally manages to put Killian's ring on and he gives her a brilliant smile, cups her face in his hands and kisses her so thoroughly her head spins.

Victor chuckles and Logan claps loudly, Emma and Killian sign their names on the dotted line, and then they are finally pronounced husband and wife.

Killian picks up Logan and their son gives them both a kiss, then leans down and caresses Emma's baby bump, laughing when his sister kicks back.

Emma looks at Killian and he runs his knuckles over her cheek, wiping away her tears, and they walk out into the sunlight holding hands.