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Synopsis - A plot twist to the Bloody Roar II storyline: two years after the Zoanthrope Liberation Front started up and the leader had slain Yugo Ohgami, Hajime Busuzima and his henchmen reign in the present day. A small band of zoanthropes resist the terrorist attacks, including Alan Gado, his wife Jenny, their daughter Shina (Jane), her beau Long Shin, and Yugo's former lover, Alice Nonomura. But their task will not prove easy, as all the members of the ZLF, along with two skilled assassins, stand in their way, and one is about to get close to a certain family member of the renegade bunch.

Bloody Roar II: A Killer's Seduction

By Tiger5913


"Errrauuugh…! …Uhhh…"

The shrill scream pierced the air, shattering the previous tranquility that had settled over the dark night, and yet no attention became alert at the sudden outburst, as there were few bystanders around to witness such atrocity. A tortured groan noised painfully, but the only other person nearby merely threw the victim a cool glance, and calmly arose to softly padded feet covered with tabi shoes, erecting to a tall stance that emitted confident superiority. Blank, bitterly nonchalant emotion flickered upon an expressionless face upon viewing the suffering, and in fact, merely almost smirked when the man writhing on the floor reached a partially mangled hand up, seeking unanswered help. All he received was a sneer in verbal response and a swift kick to his side, which caused him to elicit a wheezed gasp as his eyes bulged in emphasis of discomfort and the additional pain that he was enduring at the moment.

The figure standing next to him merely expressed a cold smirk and offered no assistance or displayed any remorse at the agony that the poor individual was currently suffering, acted as if this was a normal, everyday occurrence. He admittedly looked like quite a mess with one of his arms twisted at a sickening angle, bones obviously broken and battered from force, and thick wetness coating strands of his hair; dark stains streaked down his face, making him appear gruesome. Clothes were shredded to ribbon strips, baring certain portions of his body, with those remaining intact just barely covering his private regions, shielding them from the public eye, even though none were present in the currently-mentioned situation. His eyes showed terror and repulsion, further indicating the victim's agony, which of course fed the ever-growing fire of his murderer's confident and glee, and upon startled realization, he struggled to suppress the emotions, but it was difficult due to his condition.

"H-he…help… m-me…" he pleaded, succumbing to his body's own agonized cry for help, his weakly wheezing chest heaving with effort as he coughed sharply, and he blinked dazedly when darkness threatened to consume his vision. His arm tried to twist out of its former horrendous position and reach up, his hand clawing around to clutch at the vicious open wound on his neck, wet and sticky fingers quivering as they were soaked with his own thick, crimson blood.

"You are worthless." His slayer remarked blatantly, light-shaded eyes glowing with a fierce fire of unfulfilled bloodlust as harsh laughter was released upon noticing that dark-colored fur had started to sprout from the man's bare arms and his bodily features twisted into distortion. "If you were smart and truly desired to extend your pathetic withering life, then you would know that will not help your condition, so save your strength, or else you shall perish sooner."


"Hah, label me as you wish, foolish coward. Do you not see the rightfulness of our cause? A choice was given to you; join our group, or walk away, and how truly unfortunate for you that your choice happened to be the latter. You are either on our side, or you are the enemy. Become the aforementioned adversary, and…" A casual shrug and a quick, arrogant jerk of the chin ensued at the words. "Well, all opponents must be eliminated, each and every single last one, no matter the effort, or how much time the entire task will exhaust."

The dying being offered no verbal reply to that statement, knowing nothing could be said to change the harsh reality, and instead, shifted so he could face his entity, and just displayed a look of utter confusion mingling with underlying hatred. The two stared at each in silence for endless moments, and finally, a weak inkling of fear and acceptance dimmed his eyes, turning them utterly bleak and soulless as one last breath heaved out of his lungs before the man collapsed into stillness. The figure that still possessed livelihood remained in a standing position even post the victim's death, snorting apathetically and then briskly turned around as a chilled set of lips curved into a malicious, eagerly anticipating smile. This assignment had been far too simple and literally short-lived; hopefully, the next one would provide more amusement, and the prey in question was stronger in will rather than mere physicality, to not fall as easily as this pathetic and feeble individual.

A flat hand whipped through the air with blurring speed, signaling readiness to leave this gruesome scene that was sadistically familiar, and a quick blink of light consumed the assassin, fading after a moment with only shredded green remains left behind as evidence.

Chapter 1

The New Assignment


The crisp sound of the door shutting jolted the youth to awareness, shaking a serene mint out of its formerly peaceful slumber and corresponding blurred brown eyes blinked several times before staring in the direction of the noise to discover its source. A slumped figure slowly pulled off ivory white boots before trudging drooping feet along the beige, fuzzed carpet covering the surface of the floor, periodically heaving sighs of effort that were only evident prior to entering the new vicinity. Crimson irises fought to focus on the scenery presented, fatigue fairly obvious in the dark shades as slender fingers slowly ascended along a smooth cheek to listlessly brush aside dangling strands of dark blue hair, just craving an action to perform. The person formerly sleeping on the couch immediately sprung up to a standing position upon the entrance and offered a cheerful smile while enthusiastically approaching the newcomer, vibrating with an overabundance of life that was oddly usual in this particular personality.

"Sister, hiya! Gee, how did it go-"

"Not well…" came the tired, harassed-sounding tone of voice, followed by a deeply disappointed sigh as the speaker threw up both arms into the air to signify a fair amount of aggravation despite the figure's typical warm and endlessly patient exterior. "Things were all right after we first penetrated their hideout and managed to sneak in, but when we were discovered, a fight ensued, and unfortunately, Mr. Gado was quickly knocked unconscious when he got flung into a steel wall by one of our opponents, and the rest of us had to protect him while fighting off the others at the same time. Huh… It's a really bad disadvantage to have such a weakness exposed in the heat of battle, you know?"

"Hey Alice, come on, have a seat!" The young protagonist insisted, ushering the emotionally-exhausted woman over to the comfortable one-person seat and then quickly darted into one of the other rooms to retrieve something that would offer better physical and perhaps even spiritual comfort. "I'll make you some Jasmine tea that Master Long left us the last time he and Shina came by here…"

"Oh, thanks a bunch, I really need it…" The soft-hearted Alice Nonomura smiled at the concern being shown toward her person and then curled her legs up onto the tan cushion before resting her elbows onto the armrest for the purpose of laying her head atop the junction. The sympathetic nurse of twenty-four years old closed her droopy eyes and willed the tension in her muscles to leave while inhaling slow breaths to help calm herself down, wanting to leave all previous un-pleasantries behind to concentrate on the present situation at hand. Hope had to live within their small resistance group no matter what happened, as the fate of their kind and the innocent humans lingered on the edge, threatening to crash to a horrible death if not hastily saved. She could feel her mind slowly relaxing as it eased into a hazy rest, brought on by her consumed energy from enduring her previously mentioned tasks, and she willingly succumbed to the soothing darkness inhibiting her consciousness.

The air of the environment had toned down to match the serenity of the slumbering female, yet the tension was still thick, clinging to the drops of perspiration dotting her brows as she could not afford to forget the pessimistic thoughts trying to force their way into her head. Unfortunately for the young woman, no one could feel or share her pain; she had to endure everything by herself without a significant other to ease the hurt, and even in sleep, a frown marred her expression while her teeth were chewing on her lower lip. A sudden flash of a reassuring smile flickering briefly in her mind accompanied with whispered sweet words of yesterday soothed her temporarily and she retained a tranquil look, one that was pleasant and would not be alarming to other watchers. A few minutes later, when she was already well into sleep, her younger sister walked back into the living room carrying a steaming cup of hot tea in both hands and presented it to the weary figure without realizing how silent the room had become while she was gone.

"Here, sister, drink up now…" the teenager urged, nudging her sibling with her elbow, but when she received no reply or reaction, she peered to look down at a peaceful face, acknowledging that Alice had indeed fallen asleep and smiled faintly in understanding. Shrugging casually, she returned the china to the kitchen and washed out the contents, thinking it a shameful waste, but nonetheless, she completed the task and vowed to keep the discard a secret from her friends, who were the ones that had brought the tea. She left the current room and strolled through the house to retrieve a thin blanket from the hallway closet and went back to the living room, draping the wide material over the older female's sleeping body, tucking the edges into the sides of the chair. Casting one last look at the slumbering woman, the youth released a small sigh as she ventured down the dark hall, heading for the staircase to head up to her own quarters and escape from the reality of a harsher life that should never have been bestowed upon such a young girl.

I feel bad for leaving Sis at a time like this… the dark-haired teenager thought as she ascended to the second level of her house. But even if I tried to stay and help out, Alice wouldn't let me 'cause she doesn't like me getting involved in all the fighting. Gee, I wonder if that's why she's so darn insistent that I go on the camping trip… Well, not that I mind going, but… I just hope she'll be okay while I'm gone.


"Good job, boy, a very well-done job! Uwehehehe…" a scratchy voice cackled, pleased with the enthusiasm to start a new task that was being displayed by the thoroughly dedicated killer. "You eager to go on your next assignment already, hmmm?"

"Yes, master."

"Haha, and a moment not too soon! Those damn renegade losers infiltrated one of our private hideout bases this evening… We had better move to a different location tonight and temporarily abandon our main headquarters to avoid being found from those brats, so I'm not sure if you should get a new assignment right now." Those words were spoken in a dubious, yet provoking tone.

"I beg of you, master. This boredom will grow and consume me should I stay idle for too long; I swear that after completing my assignment, I will retreat to the remote cabin in the woods and stay there until it is safe to return to this present location, only when you instruct me so."

"Hmmm… well then, if ya are that eager…" Loud, amused laughter of approval accompanied the rather provocative lingering statement. "All right! But this is no ordinary task - let me tell you a story, boy. Several years ago, I had a special specimen in my vicinity, one that willingly joined me, of course… I enhanced the specimen's zoanthrope abilities and received a powerful fighter in return for my genius, but then catastrophe of all catastrophes, my glorious prized possession was snatched away from me during a raid from one of those damned zoanthrope rebel groups!" The speaker clenched a tight fist in anger.

"I am truly sorry for your past misfortune, master. Allow me to agree with you that those individuals are troublesome indeed and deserve to be punished with the harshest of reprisals. For the time being, would you like me to correct this matter in some way?"

"Yes, yes… you catch on very quickly, boy, that's good… Now, two years ago, our ZLF leader, Shenlong, slain one of the responsible for stealing my precious subject from me – you should recall that incident as we all were triumphant, of course - but unfortunately, my precious specimen still roams around freely. Your assignment is to find this specimen for me and securely confine your victim in the cottage, using any means necessary to get cooperation, and come back to this headquarters when it's safe for us all to return so that I can continue my experimentation. This is a very special zoanthrope, so don't inflict any harm on a single hair, got it?"

An obeying nod ensued. "It will be done, master. Upon my leave, I shall retrieve this specimen of yours quickly and bring him to you the second that you request it."

"Him?! Uwahahahaha! Boy, you make me laugh! Him, hehehehehehe, oh dear!"

"…What ails you, master?"

"It's a girl, young one, a she, not a he, hahahahaha…!"

"…A female? Oh. I… see."

"Ya hesitate now, hmmm? What's the matter, boy? Don't think you can tame a little girl, eh? Hehehehe…!"

A firm shake of denial was hastily shown as denial to that question from the young male. "No, master, I assure you the gender has no significance to me. I will still retrieve your specimen and bring her back to you as ordered."

"Good, good…" Large gawky hands clapped together in hearty approval, and then ghosted over to retrieve a folder. "You've improved very much since the start of this organization, boy… You're doing a fine job; just don't ever lose your head now, ya hear?"

"Of course not, master." The obedient bystander bowed respectfully from the waist, and then raised eagerly glistering eyes up to meet the said master; a crooked smile curved icy lips to demonstrate his steadfast loyalty, as no intentions of betrayal lingered anywhere. Receiving the thin manila file from the other bystander, one flap was quickly pushed open to reveal his next target: it happened to be a stunning teenage girl with a wide grin in her brightly-lit brown eyes that matched the overall expression on her face. Her lusciously-curved hips were pushed to the side and her upper body to the opposite; it was a rather provocative pose to those innocent of a discreet emotion and she flowered even more with that effect due to the pursed invitation of her lips. The observer blinked once at the slender figure in the picture, absorbing everything into view to be securely locked in his memory, though for more reasons than just the obvious, and then he hastily swung roaming eyes away to avoid staring too long and drawing suspicion. "If I may be dismissed now, master, I shall begin my assignment."

"Yeah, yeah, go on with ya now!" A wave of dismissal flashed through the air. "Just don't forget to keep an eye out for those bloody rebel zoanthropes, boy… They strike outta nowhere and they might get to ya if you're not careful enough."

"I will not fail." The assassin hissed the words insistently, leaving no room for arguments or hesitation and spun around to leave the room; but not a single step ensued as he suddenly turned back halfway, inquiring curiously, "…Master, might I ask of my assignment's name? Just in case I need to confirm which target to retrieve for you." He wanted to have a name to place on the vision of loveliness captured in the small photograph, as it would be the only way to confirm the subject when he would seek her out, though his own mind suspected that he wanted an alias for personal reasons as well.

His master winked slyly and elicited a low chuckle. "Interested? Uwehehe… All right, have it your way, boy. And, as an added bonus aside from your reward for your efficiency, you can break her in before giving her back to me if you want to, hahaha… Just be sure to bring her in one piece when you're done with… Uriko Nonomura."

"…Break her in?" Hrmp, forget it, that is irrelevant. All I must remember is… Uriko Nonomura. "Understood," his servant complied, and then proceeded to disappear out the door, his mind actively working on a strategy for the forced encounter between predator and prey.

This will be most intriguing to watch, ehehehehe… The sole figure left behind in the vicinity cackled aloud, truly amused in wondering how the events would unfold over the next few weeks and rubbed a bristly chin in amusement, tapping thick fingertips over the tiny stubs. "Be sure to have fun and enjoy her, boy…"


Several changes of clothes, soap, shampoo, hairbrush… I feel like I'm missing something… "Sis, I can't find my travel-size toothbrush!" A slightly distressed voice called out, as noises of shuffled items moving around sounded into the air, soon followed by a muffled question, "Do you know where it is??"

"Try one of the outer pockets of your suitcase!"

The female youth bent down to the level of her large navy bag and unzipped the aforementioned, then stuck her hand inside and groping until her fingers enclosed a slim tube, indeed locating the hygiene item that she had been searching for so long. She grinned slightly at her own foolishness and dropped it back into the slot before proceeding to finish packing her suitcase, stuffing in the final ingredients that were necessary for the camping trip she would soon embark on, making sure nothing important was left behind. A quick glance at the clock told her that she only had fifteen minutes to arrive at her school before the bus left and she let out a shriek, afraid that she did not have enough time to make it and would have to make her sister dole out a ride. The brunette grabbed the twin straps of the item holding her belongings within and checked herself in the mirror for any strange appearances that happened to escape her awareness, and when satisfied, she darted away from her room, breezing through the hallway to descend the stairs.

"See you in a couple of months, Alice!" came the farewell cry as twin feet speedily thundered down a path despite the figure's lightweight body and the front door opened and slammed shut mere seconds later.

Seated in the kitchen wearing her nurse uniform, the older sister shook her head slightly as she continued enjoying her breakfast before she would leave the house for work, taking advantage of the leisure time to heal twinges of soreness in her muscles. Her eyes misted over a bit at the thought of being alone for a full fortnight and along with it, brought the ghostly memory of a warm smile that had always lifted her spirits in the past, emitting kind feelings comforting to even the most depressed of pessimists. But forced to live in the present day, she was fully aware that she would never see that expression again, or the person that put it on display and the wetness in her dark red irises flickered as she tried to blink the tears and harsh reminder away. Hunching her shoulders in a rare show of defeat, the young woman sighed heavily and stared off in the direction that her sibling had disappeared to, allowing a partial grin to grace her lips as she tried to think of the innocent happiness that the teenager would soon be engaged in.

"Have fun on your trip, little sister…" she whispered to the empty room.


Hello there…

His assignment had been found, walking about the public area in plain sight on the way to a destination that he was uninformed of but could not have cared less to know; he smiled in satisfaction upon realizing that she was going to make everything so easy for him. She admittedly looked quite striking; this young female with her innocent yet equally provocative features, and it was her outfit that had first caught his eye, especially the thin straps of her tank top that revealed much of her smooth, doe-like skin. There was not a hint of artificial make up tainting her face, proving that she was not absorbed in vanity as many others were, but it did absolutely nothing to hamper her attractiveness and she briefly closed her eyes to inhale a breath of the fresh morning air. Pale blue jean shorts covered her lower body, ending at mid-thigh, the denim tightness leaving much to a mind's overactive and hormone-drive imagination and her white sneakers squeaked a bit as she increased her pace, easing into a slow jog.

The girl hummed softly as her bag bounced against her side while she was casually strolling down the sidewalk, a wide grin of obvious pleasure spreading out her lips despite the hurry that seemed to linger about her form, suggesting she needed to arrive somewhere soon. Sunlight streaked bright gleams upon her hair, making the long brown tresses shimmer, and further enhancing her appearance, making her watcher grimace reluctantly in an effort to glance elsewhere and avoid being trapped in her feeble power. She flipped her lengthy auburn braid back over her shoulder and spun around in a full circle to emphasize her elation, her long legs flashing in a quick whirl with the motion, almost blinding him because of the naked beauty that was being flaunted. The action made her observer growl in disdain at her joyous mood, as he resented creatures exhibiting such delight when there was nothing in the world to smile at, and a clenched fist shook with intolerance, but went away with a new, soothing thought.

Break her in…

His master's words hung in his mind, and although he felt a little confused by the statement that was made earlier and wondered if there was a second meaning underlying the tone, he thought it simply meant that he could break the girl's spirit. That would be an easy task to complete for the skilled and experienced assassin, as he had much experience in toying with his victim's head to the brink of death, but then he remembered a little bitterly that he could not have the pleasure of killing her. Then again, even if he could not practice their sadistic extents on this girl, then at least his sadistic and carefully planned tactics would be saved for the next unfortunate bystander that he would be assigned to decimate in the future. It was a shame though, since he had never been ordered to slay a female before, despite his past encounters with them, and now he would have to wait longer still, until goodness knew how many more days before he would finally be able to.

No mercy would be spared for this subject just because she was a girl, although it was a bit unnerving to think of inflicting harm on a lady as opposed to his past assignments, the majority of them being male and consistently braving through everything with masculinity. This would be one of the rare occasions that he battled a female and he recalled fighting very few of them, except for the special period a little over three years ago, near the beginning of the ZLF's birth when many more opponents had arisen as challengers. He growled at the conflicts battling inside him, gruffly shaking away the agitating effects so he could concentrate on his assignment, retrieving this particular teenager for his master, who supposedly possessed special powers within her. But as he watched her prance about the place with that infuriating smile on her face, he had to wonder what in the world was she so happy about - being a zoanthrope, he would assume that she was disturbed by the terrorizing incidents that were happening lately.

Unless she is nothing more than clueless individual that cares only about herself, and is completely oblivious to her surroundings…

The slender youth paused just then, right next to the flourishing flowerbed of a resident in the neighborhood and bent to her knees, reaching out a hand to delicately stroke the petals of a budding rose in its earlier stages of development. The dark blue bag that she had been carrying all the time slid off her arm, and plopped to the concrete ground, sitting idly by as her attention was willingly averted, her rush forgotten for the time being, shoved aside by other pleasantries. She was content with her current environment if her blissful sigh was any indication of such bloody aggravating elation, and that knowledge invoked a stormy sensation in him, making his eyes narrow to thin slits in great annoyance. He loathed seeing jubilant people always outwardly displaying their eternal optimistic attitude, oblivious to the real pains and reality of the world while everyone else in question doubtlessly suffered, and this girl was most certainly no special exception to the rule.

Unbidden came the image of dried tears streaking across her face, a pleading look in her frightened pupils as she realized there would be no more freedom for her after this day and had little other choice than to submit to his command. Distracted by that train of thought, he almost chuckled, a bit tickled with such delicious sensations of dominating this young girl, but he quickly covered his mouth to avoid letting out any indications of his presence, as he had to have the element of surprise. Glancing back at his prey, his jaw fell open a bit when he caught a glimpse of bare skin from the shifting of her top as she slowly rose up to a standing position. He clamped it shut while the auburn-haired teenager adjusted her bag straps, making sure they rested on her shoulder once more before brushing the residue off of her palms and started simpering down the sidewalk again, her hips swaying slightly.

As the assassin quickly shook away those provocative thoughts, he placed himself in position to strike, a malicious grin on his features; he was almost quivering from the eagerness to wipe that happy expression off of her face.

Let us see if you are still smiling when I am through with you…