Let's see, I wrote three fanfic and three in one omakes for Skip Beat! so..hmm, what if another fanfic for other manga?

Do you guys know Crimson Hero? Then, let's see what I can do for it.

Nobara was walking from the supermarket to the dorm. She's very tired from the practice and she still has cooking to do.

She sighed. Those guys doesn't need me. They could just ask Haibuki to cook for them. Gosh, she's too selfish. She knew that they had a rough practice too and that all of them need her support.

She opened the front door and walk in to the kitchen. "Sumiyoshi-san, no food yet?" Naoto Tsuchiya demanded.

"Hmmp, you guys went home earlier than me, why don't you cook food for yourself?" she countered.

"That isn't fair, Nobara-chan," Tomonori Ichiba said. "We were very tired from practice when we got home every afternoon."

She leered at them, "Then what about me? My practice ends this late and I even need to cook food for you when I get home. Who's more tired between us?"

"Stop complaining already!" Yushiin Kumagai said. "Just finished cooking it already. And where is my pudding?" He looked at the other guys.

"Not me"

"Not here"

"Didn't saw it." They all denied.

"Grr." He scowled before going to his room. The guys left laughed.

"So how's the practice going?" Haibuki asked.

"Hmm? You mean the girls' practice?" she asked, he nodded. "Well, it's doing good. Rena-chan's doing great lately along with Goto-san. While Tomoyo-senpai and Mochida-san were practicing their strikes and settings."

"Really?" Tsuchiya chuckled. "We were so shocked when your team won six games straight. Then what about that Noda? Uhmm Kanako Noda, right?"

"Hmmm," she smirked, her eyes twinkling.

"Oh no, no, no, no." he hurriedly said. " I know what you were thinking. And no, I didn't ask about her 'cause I like her or something. It's just 'cause you left her out in your explanation."

"Coach Shima's working on her. I mean, she's great now. She can block so high too. And she strike real hard. But you know, Shima-san doesn't take any chances. Kanako is awesome and she and Shima-san were helping Yae-chan in her volleyball."

"Yae?" Ichiba asked.

"Ah yeah, you haven't seen her play huh?" she said. "Well, she's kind of new. Coach Shima is afraid that one of us were to face accident or something that's why she registered our three cheerleaders in the competition."

"Three cheerleaders?" Yushiin asked, already back in the dining room.

"Yeah," she nodded. " Yae, Mikakyo, and Jun."

"Are they even good at it?" he asked.

"They were part of the basketball team in middle school, same as Kanako before," she said defensively.

"Well, volleyball is not a basketball so I wonder if they could do just fine," he bantered.

"Of course, I know that. But they have hard training too and not only that they were trying their best." she said.

"Trying your best. Well that's good then," he said. Yushiin really like hard-working people, that's why he doesn't care if it's a newbie or what, he wants it to try harder.

She look at everyone. Ichiba and Tsuchiya were looking and muttering something about what they saw in the magazine that they were reading. Haibuki is listening to his iPod with the earphone in his ears. Yushiin, who she thought talked too much, is eating a pudding that she doesn't know where he got.

"Dinner's ready," she said, putting the dishes and chopsticks in the table. She get the food and settled it in the middle of the table. When no one seems to hear her, she said louder, "We're going to eat."

"If you want them to listen to you, shout at their ear," Yushiin chuckled.

She glared at him, " Why don't you do it?"

"It's your job," he shrugged.

"It's not my job to dragged you in front of the food," she sit down and get food. "Go and get starved to death."

"Don't be like that, Nobara-san," Ichiba said.

"Yeah, sorry we didn't hear you at first," Tsuchiya apologized, a silly grin curved in his mouth.

"Whatever," she said.

"Haibuki, let's eat," Ichiba touched Haibuki's arm.

"Hu- huh?" he said, confused. He took off his earphone.

"We. Are. Going. To. Eat," he repeated.

"Oh, s-sorry," he stood and went to his chair.

"Itadakimau~" They began to eat in silence. After they eat their food. Yushiin and the others went in the bathroom to brush their teeth. Haibuki helped her in washing the dishes. He always do. She smiled.

"Well, then, good night," she said.

"Good night," he answered.

In the morning, all the guys already went school. Nobara checked their gate and rushed to the school.

I'm going to be late!" she panicked. Why did they not wake me? She's really pissed. She arrived at school barely late. Thank God, she made it. The class passed by very smoothly. After class, she went in the gym and saw that everyone is already there except for her.

"Hi, Nobara-san," Rena ran to her immediately. Coach Shima smack her with the clip board in the back of the head because of this.

"Go back to your practice!" she roared. Rena scratch the part where it hit.

"Ouch," she moaned. "Coach, you're so mean."

"At least she didn't make you practice to death," Kanako said.

"You too, Kaeru," Shima poited at Kanako.

The girls laughed. "Why are you late, Nobara?"

"It's my time to clean," she reasoned.

"Hmm," she murmured. "Well go on and practice."

The girls' volleyball practice for half an hour when coach Shima called them.

"We are going to play volleyball tomorrow," she said.


"Against who?"


"Do we have a competition?"

"Is it against each other?"

They asked her all at once. "Wait! Wait! One at a time." They subdued their voices.

"We are going to play against the guys," she started.

"Ehh?" they said again. "B-but."

"Let me finished first okay?" she said, annoyed. They went silent.

"The boys' volleyball's coach and I agreed to let our teams to joined in the practice game for three days," she looked at the girls who were listening intently. "Of course it's not a girls vs. boys game. We are going to shuffle our team players then create two teams containing both genders."

"So, you mean, half of us were going to be part of half of the boys as a new team?" Tomo asked.

"Maybe," she shrugged.


"I mean, it's a shuffle. The other team could have two guys and four girls, or the other way around," she explained.

"Why is that?" they asked, confused.

"It's a shuffle. You are lucky if you formed a team with the greatest player, but not fortunate enough if you went with the weak," she grinned. "So you need to pick your balls very carefully."

She turned her back and walk. Then she halted and stopped when she reached the door, she turned around and said, "We are going to the new gym to set the team and to have you guys talk to your new team."

"Waahh!" Kanako shouted. "This game will be exciting." They chuckled.

"I wish I can play with Haibuki," Tomo said.

"Ayiiee," Mochida teased her. She blushed.

"But what if things turned out like this," Nobara said. Then began drawing pictures in the white board. All girls looked at what she was doing.

The picture contained all the numbers then the girls picked all the same number and they were going to play together against the guys.

"Yes, that's another possibility," Mochida nodded.

"W-what if we cannot defeat them, if that will happen?" Goto said.

"Don't worry, we girls won't let them win," Nobara assured her.

"Come on." They went to the mew gym. The guys were all waiting for them. Apparently, they already hear about it from their coach.

The girls all lined up in the corner. Someone snickered. Goto and Rena shuddered, Tomo and Nobara glared. Kanako and Mochida cracked their knuckles.

"Stop that guys," Coach Shima said.

"They started it," Mochida complained. Shima shut her up with her sharp eyes. "Hmmp."

"Well, it's like this. There are two colors for this papers, one is red and the other is white. You were going to pick for the paper and open it, the number inside is your number and the color is your team color. There were 12 papers and each of them has number 1-6 in every color."

"It means that the red color has 1-6 numbers and the white has 1-6 numbers," they explained.

"Uhmm, how could we not see if it is red or white so that we wouldn't pick the color we want?" Tsuchiya asked.

"The pen we use to write the numbers in the indicator. They were all white papers but ther red team's number was written in red and the white team's number is written in black, so you could see your number clearly."

"Okay then, girls, line up and pick. Don't tell what your team color and number is yet," Shima said.

Nobara- red, four

Tomo- white, six

Goto- white, two

Rena- red, six

Kanako- red, three

Mochida- white, one

"Okay guys, pick," the other coach said.

Yushiin- white, four

Haibuki- red, two

Tsuchiya- red, five

Tomonori- white, three

Kazuya- red, one

Tachibana- white, five

"Okay we should start. Red members lined up to the left, and White to the right, Shima and coach #2 said.

Nobara, Rena, and Kanako lined up to the left, while Tomo, Goto, and Mochida lined to the right. The guys who saw this think:

"Yes, I'm with Nobara-san," Haibuki.

"Ugh, why did I picked white?" Yushiin.

"Lucky, it's Nobara-san" Tsuchiya.

"I'm with Mochida-san," Tomonori.

"Where's my girlfriend, wish she's playing," Kazuya.

"Woah, I'm with the famous setter," Tachibana.

All of the guys went to their respective team too, and some of the girls were very upset, like Tomo, she really want to play with Haibuki like Nobara want to play with Yushiin. Oh well.

Game practice # 1 will continue in the next chapter. Please look forward to it. And also, a cool, splashing game for three days. Love part in this story will be in the omakes after each chapter.