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The next practice, both red teams and white teams are very enthusiastic and energetic. The game lasted until five in the afternoon and the white team won.. of course, they need to celebrate which means free food, drinks, and party-party!

"Whew," Yushiin sigh. "And why are in the dorm? Where are the girls?"

"They are with Nobara," Haibuki said. "It seems that they are very tired and coach allowed them to bunk here tonight."

"Do they know that Nobara is staying here with us?"

"No," Tsuchiya said. "Even the coaches except Nobara's aunt, doesn't know that she's staying here."

"Hmm, well, I don't know if that's good," Yushiin said. "Come on, let's sleep too, half of the guys are dead in the living room already."

Late at night... The girls sneak to see how the guys are faring.. They chuckled softly when they saw the sleeping faces of the boys. They taught of getting pictures of them but they don't want the guys to caught them admiring the view saw they just stare.

They heard something in the kitchen and they run to their room, the guys who were "sleeping" smiled slowly and opened one of their eyes. They began to laugh as they know that the girls are checking them out.

Omake 5

"Nobara," Yushiin called out to her.

"Huh," she said, then turned to look at him.

"When will you start learning to hide your underwe-"

Yushiin didn't finished his sentenced because Nobara slip and struggle on four, her skirt went up and Yushiin saw her underwear.

"Ouch," she moaned. "What are you saying again?" She asked as she stand and fix her skirt.

"Um.. nothing," he said. "Bye"


"Ouch," he whispered, very embarrassed and blushing hard.