This is an Sweet Home Alabama movie adaption. I do not own the OUAT characters or the story. I apologise for my spelling mistakes. English is not my first language.

Thunders and lightning's took place on the sky, the lightning's staining on the sand every few seconds, it was a great scary thunderstorm and the sea was wild; but it didn't stopped Killian and Emma from running right into it. They were fighting over a silly thing; well…no so silly. Killian had ask her to marry him. Emma stunned began running, Killian took after her, but she soon realized that she needed to get home soon because of the thunderstorm, her parents were going to kill her.

"Hurry up, Killian!" Emma screams, still running ahead of him "Emma, wait!"

"I gotta get home. My mom's gonna kill me." she answers turning back with her eyes wide open.

Suddenly a lightning crashes the ground.

"Wow, did you see that?"

"Yeah, well, answer the question!" he says already frustrated " No! "

"No, you won't answer, or no, you won't marry me?"

"Killian Jones, I'm 10 years old."

"I got too much to live for". He says smiling and looking her pointedly with those big ocean blue eyes of his.

A Lightning crashes again "Ahh!" Emma screams, covers her ears and starts to head back to the woods.

"Not that way, you dolt! Come on!" Killian grabs her arm and leads her to where the lightning crashed

" Wow!, Cool!" says Emma amazed crouching down to where a weird liquid is on the spot, attempting to touch it.

"It's hot. Don't touch it." Killian grabs Emma`s hand quickly putting it far from the liquid.

"We'll be safe here." He says standing up at the same time as Emma.

"Says who?"putting both hands on the hip and raising an eyebrow.

"Everybody" he exclaims "Lightning never strikes the same place twice, it's common knowledge."

"Why would you want to marry me for anyhow?"she asks ignoring his comment. At this Killian smirks and looks down at her. (He is taller)

"So I can kiss you any time I want." And leans down looking at her mouth. Emma is just hypnotized by his beautiful eyes, and bewitched she start leaning too; until she presses her lips to his.

While kissing a thunder rumbles near them and they both fall to the sand.