"Could we just try to keep this as civilized as possible?" Emma asked, walking to him. "Please sign these papers so I can go home."

"What do you know from home?" Killian turned back to her and asked, looking at her, frowning.

"Hell, I bet your folks don't even know you're in town."

"That's my business."

"Sweetheart, those people are the only family you got." He tries to reason.

"Don't you "sweetheart" me, sweetheart!" Emma exclaimed pointing her index finger at him.

"Get your butt back in that car, you drive over and see 'em, and then maybe we'll talk." Killian warns slamming the front screen door of his house.

"Killian! You dumb, stubborn, pirate hick!" Emma yells at him, kicking the wheel of her rented car. And then running to the houses front door. She looks through the window. Killian is at the other side of it.

"The only reason you won't sign these papers is 'cause I want you to!"

"Wrong! The only reason I ain't signin' is 'cause you've turned into some hoity-toity Yankee bitch" Killian snaps at her angrily, trying to close the windows bali blind curtain without success. "and I'd like nothin' better right now than to piss you off!" he shouts taking the damn curtain off.

Emma grumbles. "What are you doin' with the Jolly Roger on the docks anyhow?!"

"That's my business!"

" Fine!"

" Fine!" Emma then starts to walk away. Killian reading her like an open book, remembers that the backdoor is open and Emma is going to try to get through it. But no! he is not allowing it. He runs to the door, jumping trough the sofa to get there faster, and locks it quickly. He nods his head in satisfaction and grabs a beer from the fidge.

"Pff, Divorce, my ass." He says to himself and starts drinking it.

"Hey, genius..." Emma calls and Killian turns around groaning. She is standing with her right hand on her hips and in her left hand it's the spare key.

He sighs

"Next time you lock somebody out, make sure they don't know where the spare key's hidden." Emma smirks

"Well, see, that's the thing about Hide-A-Keys - it'd be nice if your WIFE told you where it was!" he grumbles

"I'm not your wife, Killian". She sighs defeated. "I'm just the first girl who climbed in the back of your ship." A sad look on her face. Her walls crumbling in front of him.

"But you're right - I have changed. I don't even know that girl anymore".

"Well, then... allow me to remind you." He walks to the phone and disconnects it, turning to his bedroom and closing the door behind him.

Emma waits in the living room annoyed


"Born into one of the wealthiest families of Greenville, Alabama, her daddy's in cotton and all that implies." The Mayor, Regina Mills reads in a magazine.

"There's no listing for a David Swan in Storybrooke" her assistant S. Glass tells her, as he walks into the maor`s office.

"How about her local high school?"

"No record of a Emma Swan attending...ever."

"Jesus!" the mayor exclaims throwing the magazine on her desk. "Whatever happened to responsible journalism? Something`s wrong here. Why would my son do this to me?"

"Maybe he, um, loves her". Sydney Glass suggests

"Oh, please!" she answers rolling her eyes."This is classic rebound. He's still wounded from - who was his last girlfriend?"

"Tamara Green, lawyer, San Francisco."

"Yeah, well, there was a match made in Heaven society, political family, California,all those electoral votes."

"Get Neal on the phone."

"You make clothes, right?" Killian asks Emma walking out of his room, wearing a playful smirk.

"I design them. There's a big difference." Emma answers getting up from the couch and crossing her arms in front of her.

"Did you design anything with stripes?"

Emma is about to answer, when she hears the police sirens.

"You called the sheriff?!" Emma asks uneasily "You know that old bastard hates me! "

"Well, for good reason!"

"Well, well, if it ain't Emma Dilemma". A familiar very familiar voice to Emma say.

"Graham!" Emma screams excited while she turns around to see him.

"Hot damn, girl, do we miss you around here! Hey, I think I saw poor, old Fuzz just the other day"

"Oh, God, you had to bring that up." Emma slaps his shoulder and hugs him, while Killian smiles fondly at the scene.

Then Emma takes a few steps back to get a clear view of her old-time friend "I can't believe you're the sheriff! "

"Yep, I get to frisk pretty little things like you all day and get paid for it."

Killian at the word "sheriff" remembers why Graham is here and stops smiling, then says "Graham, can you try and be a little more professional? We got us a crime suspect here."

"Now, Emma , you can't just go breaking into people's houses". Graham says, getting into his role.

"I didn't break in, Graham. I used a key - my key." Emma shows him the key.

"Well, it still ain't your house, darling`" Graham crosses his arms "I'm gonna have to escort you out."

"Use the cuffs, Graham, please?" Emma turns at Killian and narrow his eyes

"If you get him to sign these, I'll let you run me out-of-town." Says Emma, trying to negotiate as she walks to the table to hand Graham the divorce papers.

"Now, that's none of your concern." Says Killian trying to snatch the papers out of Emma`s hand…without success

"Well, what do we got here?" Graham examines them.

"A bill of divorce?" he asks "Mm-hmm". Emma answers nodding

"Hell, boy, I thought you said you took care of this." He looks up at Killian

"And I thought I had." The blue-eyed man defends himself scratching the back of his neck.

"Obviously not." Emma accuses

"Well, if you two are still married, it's her house, too. This here ain't nothin' but a domestic dispute."

"He didn't hit you, did he?" Graham asks trying to make sure, but he knows Killian wouldn`t be capable of such thing. "If he took a swing at you, I'll take him in right now". He adds joking but serious at the same time "We take that stuff pretty serious nowadays."

Emma at this looks at Killian, wondering if she should lie, make him pay-back. Killian gives her a "I can't believe you, are you serious" look. She realizes it's a serious thing so changes her mind.

"No, Graham, Killian`s never hit me."

"You know what? I don't have a single childhood memory that doesn't have you two in it." Graham says dreamily.

"And that includes the night I lit my ass on fire. Remember?"

"Graham..." Killian warns "Memory Lane is closed."

"Ah, boy, you two got a whole lot of catchin' up to do... so I'm just gonna leave you to it."

"Man, I set you up with your wife. You owe me one!" Killian reminds him desperately.

"Why won't you just sign the papers?!" Emma shouts

"Hey, there is nothin' I can do." Graham defends himself,raising his arms in surrender, not wanting to get caught in the middle. "The law is the law, and she has done nothin' wrong."

"I suppose shoplifting steaks at market`s okay."

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Emma follows Killian as he tries to stop Graham from leaving "I took 'em back, and you know it!"

"You remember the vandalism of the Storybrooke sign? Totally her!" Killian points at Emma looking at Graham

"Hmm...isn't there some outstanding warrant for whoever dumped your mama's tractor in the fish pond?" Killian says, knowing he hit a button

Graham stops walking and gasps soundly.

Emma sighs deeply, knowing she is in trouble and Killian smiles triumphantly at her.