Buffy was sitting in her 1st period class wanting it to get over with as soon as possible. The past week had been hard on her; her boyfriend had turned evil and had killed Jenny. She felt responsible about what happened because her Angel had turned evil because she decided to have sex with him, but she didn't know about the curse. That was what her friends told her to comfort her. In the middle of her thoughts she heard the bell ring, and got up to leave class.

She left class and heading toward the library. The whole gang was in their talking with one another. "Hey Guys," Buffy said greeting all of her friends as she entered their presence. The all said hello in return and they made plans to go to the mall after school.

After school the group got into Cordy's convertible and headed towards the mall. Cordy was driving and Xander was in the passenger seat, Willow was in the middle of Buffy and Oz. They were all talking about stuff except Buffy. Willow noticed Buffy's behavior but didn't say anything because she knew what she was thinking about. She knew that Buffy was thinking about Angel. She felt bad for her.

The group had a fun time at the mall. After Cordy dropped Willow and Oz at their houses, her and Xander headed to take Buffy to the familiar house on Revello Drive. Buffy jumped out as they reached her house and said good- bye to her two friends in the car and made her way to the door.

Joyce greeted Buffy in the kitchen. Buffy talked with her mother for a while before heading to her room to 'go to bed' as she told her mother, but Buffy got dressed in clothes for slaying. Buffy headed towards the cemetery.

Once Buffy had killed a fledgling vampire she walked through the rest of the cemetery and on her way out she saw Angelus. Angelus noticed Buffy right away and thought that this night couldn't get better.

"Hello Lover," Angelus said with a smirk. "I'm glad I ran into you I was thinking about you."

"Oh you were thinking about dying again?" Buffy retorted.

"Now, now why do you have to be that way Buff?" Angelus asked using his nickname that he knew she hated.

"Unless you want to be a big pile of dust I suppose you leave." Buffy said hoping that he would leave.

Angelus replied with a punch to her face. Buffy was caught off guard, but quickly recovered. The fight lasted a while with punches and kicks traded between the two; they seemed on equal pages until out of nowhere Angelus picked Buffy up and threw her. As Buffy fell to the ground her head landed on a rock and the last thing she saw was a slight smirk on Angelus' face.

When Buffy awakened she felt out of place, she didn't know where she was. But she had a thirst for something, she didn't know what. She heard footsteps coming down some stairs. She saw Angelus coming down with something in a glass. "Glad to see you have awaking, Lover."

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